Off To See The Fireworks Gift Set By Brigit Mann

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The 4th of July is always a fun day, family, swimming, fireworks everyone coming together for a great time. How about a cute homemade party invitation or thank you card and goodie bag for your cookout.

SVG Collections Used

Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG Kit
Uncle Sam’s Extravaganza SVG Collection Part 1
Uncle Sam’s Extravaganza SVG Collection Part 2
Made in the USA SVG Kit
Patriotic Parade SVG Kit
Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit
Christmas Gift Bags and Boxes SVG Kit
Vintage Paper Rosettes SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • Cardstock
  • Pattern Paper – LW Patriotic Picnic
  • Trendy Twine Stars & Stripes
  • Stamps – JB Celebrate America
  • Quick Dry Adhesive
  • Pop Dots
  • Markers
  • Ink
  • Buttons



Chamomile Friendship Cards (Picket Fence)
card_back.svg 7.8w" pattern paper
card_front.svg 8.6w" pattern paper
fence.svg 8w" white
Uncle Sam's Extravaganza Part 1
bunting_bot.svg 13.170w" white
bunting_mid.svg 13.170w" blue
bunting_top.svg 13.170w" red
Uncle Sam's Extravaganza Part 2
aw_mid.svg 2.210w" blue
aw_top.svg 2.005w" white
Made In The USA
black.svg 10.325w" black
blue.svg 10.325w" blue
red1.svg 10.325w" red
white.svg 10.325w" pattern paper
red2.svg 10.325w" pattern paper
Patriotic Parade (Extra - Dalmatian)
black.svg 2.5w" black
tongue.svg 2.5w" pink
white.svg 2.5w" white
Crisp Days of Fall (Extra - Girl Wagon)
wagon_accents.svg 8.940w" red
wagon_bottom.svg 8.940w" red
wheels_brown.svg 8.940w" black
wheels_white.svg 8.940w" white


Christmas Gift Bags (Joy Star)
bag.svg 11.3w" pattern paper
Vintage Paper Rosettes (Star-Shaped Box)
box_bottom1.svg 4.535w" red
circle.svg 2.705w" pattern paper
circle.svg 1.40w" white
rosette.svg 8.115w" pattern paper
scalloped_circle.svg 3.315w" pattern paper


1. The bunting pieces are longer then the mat, in your software slice off the two end pieces, you don’t have to be precise you can trim any excess when you place it on the card. You can also rotate it diagonal and cut and trim after.
2. Now cut the rest of your card shapes and assemble.
3. The wagon hangs off the card and needs to be trimmed.
4. For the bag cut and follow the PDF directions.
5. Mary has a video that shows how the rosette goes together.
6. Layer the rest of the rosette and glue on the front of the bag.

Design Tips

Brigit - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • I lightly inked the top pieces of the picket fence to give it some dimension.
  • You can use two pop dots together to make some pieces stick up more.
  • I stick to one paper collection when working on a project.
  • To match some solid colors when working with digital pattern paper I use the select color tool.

This picket fence card looks great decorated for every season, fall pumpkins, Christmas holly and spring flowers so many possibilities. I could see the star bag embellished for Halloween maybe with a witch peeking out, whatever you come up with have fun!


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