Old Fashioned Ice Cream Cart By Thienly Azim

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Are you thinking of having an ice cream party? Perhaps thinking of a fun way to spend a summer afternoon with the kids? This ice cream cart is sure to get any kids (or even adults) excited! It can even hold toppings at the top and cones at the bottom!

SVG Collections Used

 Attic Treasures SVG Kit
 Bundle of Joy SVG Kit
 Camp Smore SVG Kit
 September Afternoon SVG Collection
 Cheryl’s Sweet Treats Mini SVG Collection
 Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit
 Santa’s North Pole Workshop SVG Kit
 Birthday Elements SVG Collection
 Summer Street Carnival SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • Patterned Paper – Carta Bella Cool Summer Collection
  • AC Cardstock
  • Acetate
  • Wooden dowel (0.25” diameter by 11” long)
  • Silver washi tape
  • Silver metallic accents
  • Button
  • Tim Holtz Ideology – Display Trims Loops and Hooks (door handle)
  • Embossing folder: Sizzix Diamonds Textured
  • Ink for distressing
  • Scotch Quick-dry glue
  • Heat glue gun
  • Optional: Chalkboard Cardstock – Canvas Corp
  • White pigment ink
  • White Gel Pen
  • Chalk
  • Unity Stamp Company stamps


Attic Treasures SVG Kit
Curio Shelf
shelf_interiors.svg 7.40" wide silver
shelf_exteriors.svg 7.40" wide blue patterned paper
Bundle of Joy SVG Kit
hood.svg (*) 5.15" wide silver, acetate
Camp Smore SVG Kit
Smores Box
box1.svg 7.60" wide dark brown cardstock
box2.svg 7.60" wide dark brown cardstock
September Afternoon SVG Collection
wagon_wheel.svg 2.80" wide (cut 10) tan cardstock
Cheryl's Sweet Treats Mini SVG Collection
banner.svg 5.25" wide yellow paper
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit
crate_board1.svg 3.50" wide tan cardstock
Santa's North Pole Workshop SVG Kit
hammer_top.svg 1.35" wide (cut 4) tan cardstock
Birthday Elements SVG Collection
cone1.svg 1.50" wide tan cardstock
scoop1.svg 1.50" wide white paper
Carnival Tent Box
lid.svg 11.0" wide dot patterned paper
lid_panels.svg 11.0" wide (delete flag panels, replace with regular) light green, yellow, pink
lid_rim.svg 11.0" wide white paper
trim_and_liner.svg 11.0" wide (delete liner) blue paper
Basic Shapes Library
circle1 (umbrella opening) 0.25" wide
circle2 (back wheel) 1.00" wide (cut 8) chestnut brown
circle3 (back wheel accent) 0.70" wide (cut 2) silver
rectangle 1 (front and back panel) 5.35" wide by 3.25" high (cut 2) various patterned paper
rectangle2 (back door) 2.60" wide by 3.0" high chevron patterned paper
Ice Cream Font - Arial Bold 0.60" high blue paper


  1. Open Curio Shelf files, resize, cut and assemble.
  2. Open hood.svg, resize, and break apart. Cut the two sides (two of each), and delete. Regroup the last element, and resize HEIGHT only of the last hood piece to 6.18”. You may now want to break apart again, and delete the score lines as it will have a cleaner look with acetate. Cut.
  3. Diagram

    Assemble the hood, and attach the hood sides on the inner and outer hood piece. Attach this onto the curio shelf by adhering the hood sides. Silver washi tape was used to ‘accent’ the top of the hood panel.

  4. Open box1.svg, and cut. Open box2.svg and break apart to delete the window opening for the box. Regroup. Place (circle1) onto box2.svg as shown in the diagram. Cut and assemble.
  5. Cut (circle2) and (circle3). Adhere 4 of the (circle2) together, and attach (circle3) at the top. Repeat with the other circles. Cut (rectangle1) and (rectange2).
  6. Cut wagon_wheel.svg, and use 5 glued together to form one wheel.
  7. Adhere the small wheel onto sides of the box (rougly leaving 1/2” hanging from the cart) and making sure that the umbrella opening is at the top. These wheels will go onto the side closer to the opening.
  8. Adhere (rectangle1) to both front and back, and (rectangle2) at the back. Finally attach the wheel, again leaving ½” to hang from the cart. Before the glue dries, make sure that these 4 wheels balance the cart equally.
  9. Cut crate_board1.svg and hammer_top.svg. Glue two hammer_top.svg pieces together, assemble the crate board and attach the hammer_top.svg on both sides. Attach this onto the cart.
  10. Cut banner.svg, ice cream (letters and graphic) and adhere onto the cart.
  11. Cut all parts needed from the Carnival Tent Box and assemble. The lid panels with flags were replaced with the regular panels. Insert the wooden dowel (covered it with silver washi tape) and secure onto the bottom of the ice cream cart using hot glue. Attach the ‘umbrella’ to the top also using hot glue.
  12. Embellish as needed.

Optional Chalkboard Embellishment

  1. Smear chalk all over the chalkboard cardstock, and smudge.
  2. Stamp and write as needed with white pigment ink and white gel pen.

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Try to find paper collections/patterns/colors that work together. I really actually wanted to do this with the new collection coming out from Authentique ‘sweetness’ – that would be the ultimate collection for this project! (I would love to see someone make it with these papers)
  • Inking the edges would certainly add to the vintage look.
  • You are probably thinking, this is A LOT of collections and kits. You certainly DON’T need them all. For example, many collections have ‘ice cream cone’, or a ‘banner’. Get creative and add your own twist!
  • If you are up to a challenge – you may replace the ‘umbrella’ with an ‘awning roof’. Would be so cute!
  • If you are up to even more of a challenge – it would be adorable to have ‘real’ wheels that actually turn! (You will need to make a hole in the box, and use wooden dowels to support the wheels)

This is a simple project using various elements from different collections all combined together in a new way. I would LOVE to see your take on this cart – and perhaps if you are adventurous enough – you can even turn this into a hot dog stand! Have fun crafting!

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