My Grandfather's Clock By Thienly Azim

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Looking to give your father (grandfather) a handmade, yet a practical gift for Father’s Day? Look no further! It’s a grandfather clock – it’s very classy and realistic looking! This is made up from 3 major components – a jukebox file, 3D letter ‘I’ and a nutcracker base!

SVG Collections Used

Rockin and Rollin SVG Kit
Christmas Gift Boxes and Bags SVG Kit
Maison de Madeleine SVG Kit
French Quarter Ironwork SVG Collection
3D Letters SVG Kit
Picnic in the Park SVG Kit
B for Birthday SVG Kit
Clara’s Christmas Eve SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • Paper (I used Bo Bunny Back to Basics Collection)
  • Clock Movement Kit (used ArtMinds for use on 3/8 in (0.9 cm) size)
  • Wire (3 x 3.5” long) (thicker is better)
  • Buttons
  • Pearl Beads (to hang from the weights)
  • Tiny Adhesive Pearls
  • Scotch Quick-dry Glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Foam Tape (optional – I used to adhere the acetate onto the windows)
  • Double sided adhesive (optional – I used to adhere the acetate to the panels)


Anything marked with (*) - please refer to instructions before cutting. Size to specified width and height. If only width is provided, size using "keep proportions" or aspect lock.

Rockin and Rollin SVG Kit
Jukebox - 3D
woodfront.svg (*) 5.0" w dark brown
woodback.svg 5.0" w dark brown
woodsides1.svg 11.50" w x 4.265" h dark brown
woodsides2.svg 11.50" w x 4.265" h dark brown
Christmas Gift Boxes and Bags SVG Kit
Lacey Box with Bow
box_bottom.svg 7.0" w tan
box_sides1.svg 7.0" w tan
box_sides2.svg 7.0" w tan
Maison de Madeleine SVG Kit
Small Wall Clock
center_bottom.svg (*) 2.18" w tan dotted pattern
face_bottom.svg (*) 4.0" w tan dotted pattern
face_top.svg (*) 4.0" w beige
numbers.svg 2.18" w dark brown
French Quarter Ironwork SVG Collection
arch.svg 3.45" w x 1.758" h tan
3D Letters SVG Kit - Letter I
I1.svg (*) 28.0" w x 11.50" h (this is correct) dark brown
Picnic in the Park SVG Kit
Gatefold Card
raffle_ticket_bottom.svg (*) 1. 6.0" w x 2.7" h tan
raffle_ticket_bottom.svg (*) 2. 6.0" w x 2.35" h dark brown
raffle_ticket_bottom.svg (*) 3. 6.0" w x 2.35" h dark brown
raffle_ticket_bottom.svg (*) 4. 6.5" w x 2.7" h dark brown
raffle_ticket_bottom.svg (*) 5. 6.0" w x 2.7" h dark brown
raffle_ticket_bottom.svg (*) 6. 6.5" w x 3.1" h dark brown
B for Birthday SVG Kit
Birthday Cake Slice Box
candle.svg (*) 3.4" w beige
Clara's Christmas Eve SVG Kit
base.svg 7.20" w dark brown
Basic Shapes Library
1. Jukebox window 3.76" w not an actual cut (placed within a jukebox wood_face.svg_)
2. Jukebox window 4.25" w acetate
Vertical Rectangle
3. Clock front border (*) 7.10" w x 3.60" h tan
4. Clock front window 4.0" w x 7.30" h acetate
5. Clock side window 3.10" w x 6.70" h (cut 2) acetate
6. Middle section decorative back 4.30" w x 7.80" h dark dotted pattern
7. Middle section decorative bottom 4.30" w x 3.32" h dark brown
8. Top/Bottom panels for middle section 4.35" w x 3.30" h (cut 2) dark brown
9. Pendulum 0.25" w x 7.0" h (cut 5) dark brown
10. Pendulum ball 1.75" w (cut 3) tan


Top Section (Clock)

  1. Open jukebox wood_front.svg and delete all the inner shapes. Place (square 1) in the middle using horizontal align and manually aligning vertically. (Diagram 1) Cut.
  2. Cut (square 2) in acetate, and adhere this to the back of the wood_front.svg window.
  3. Cut wood_back.svg and resized wood_sides1 and 2.svg. (Keep width the same, change height only) Wood_back.svg has an opening which is perfect for changing time and battery!
  4. Open box_sides1 and 2.svg, resize and cut. Open box_bottom.svg and place a 0.32” w circle in the center and cut. (Diagram 2) You will need to score, and assemble this half box.
  5. For the clock pieces, resize the file, and then break apart to change the inner circle ONLY on center_bottom.svg, face_bottom and top.svg to 0.32” w. (Make sure that they are all centered) Cut.
  6. Assemble the clock onto the half box assembled in step 4, with the clock being on the outer side of the box. Embellish if desired (I added buttons)
  7. Build the ‘jukebox’ (you WILL NEED to trim a bit of the flaps at the front to prevent some showing through the window) and BEFORE you adhere the wood_back.svg – insert the clock box assembled in step 6 and adhere to the bottom inside. Finally, glue the wood_back.svg to the back.
  8. Cut the arch.svg and adhere to the front.

Middle Section (Pendulum/Weight Box)

  1. Open i1.svg and resize. This may seem LARGE but is correct. Break apart and regroup each shape separately. Place the leftmost piece and the two rectangles to the side.
  2. Make another copy of the second piece and rotate by 180 degrees. One should overlap on top of another, making sure that all corners meet. Weld. The purpose of this step is to create a flap on all sides of this panel. (Diagram 3) Cut.
  3. Open a (rectangle 3) and center it. Then, place raffle_ticket_botttom.svg (1) and center within the rectangle. Group together. Cut. (This is the rectangle border) Rotate by 90 degrees and place this over the front piece (the leftmost piece you left aside) in the middle, and once centered – delete the rectangle. Cut this piece (Diagram 4).
  4. Place a raffle_ticket_bottom.svg (2) on the mat and rotate this by 90 degrees. Place this centered on each the two side rectangle pieces. Cut. (Diagram 5)
  5. Cutting the decorative border of the glass panels: Place raffle_ticket_bottom.svg (3) centered within raffle_ticket_bottom.svg (4) and cut 2 pieces (for each of the sides). Glue this onto the side pieces cut in step 12.
  6. Cut raffle_ticket_bottom.svg (5) centered within raffle_ticket_bottom.svg (6) of the same file and cut (for the front). Adhere this to the rectangle border cut in step 11 and then adhere to the second piece cut in that step. (Diagram 6 for both borders)
  7. Cut acetate for the glass panels (rectangle 4 and 5) and adhere this from the back for all the openings.
  8. Cut inside decorative pieces (rectangle 6 & 7) (to cover the flaps inside) and the two (rectangle 8) that serves as the top and bottom panels. For one of the rectangle 8 – draw a line 1.25” horizontally from the front. Puncture a pinhole in the middle of that line, and also puncture two more holes an inch away from that hole on both sides. (Diagram 7)
  9. Assemble fully, but DO NOT glue the top panel. The flap width will NEED TO BE TRIMMED to accommodate the large window panels. There will be two small portions on the top and bottom that will lack a flap, as a result of alteration of the file. Don’t worry about it – once it’s assembled fully, you will not be able to see this.
  10. Cut 5 of the (rectangle 9) and glue on top of each other. Also cut 3 of the (circle 10) and glue them together. Adhere the circle on top of the bottom portion of the strip (see my project), which will become the pendulum. You may embellish if desired. (I added a button). Glue this on to the middle of the back decorative piece and then adhere this onto the inside back.
  11. Take the bottom decorative panel and adhere to the bottom. (I used foam tape to adhere this – which raised the bottom a bit to ‘cover’ the opening that you may see from the side).
  12. Making ‘weights’. Open candle.svg file and rotate so that it is vertically upright. Use the lines on the mat to align properly. Break apart and regroup each piece separately. Resize the HEIGHT ONLY of the candle to 2.30” h. Cut 3 of these, and 6 of the hexagons. Take a piece of wire and attach to the hexagon by inserting from the outer side, and making a loop/tying a knot or attaching a bead to the inside. Make sure that this wire will not fall out. Repeat with the two more pieces. For the other 3 hexagon, you will do the same, except you will want to hang a bead on it. (If you would like to leave it simple, you can omit the hanging beads) Assemble the ‘weights’. Take the open wire end and insert this through the pinhole opening of the piece you made back in step 15 from inner end. Bend the excess wire and tape or use hot glue at the top to prevent wire from moving. Repeat with the other two and make sure that it is hanging straight and at the length you want it to be. This is important as once you glue the panels together, you will NOT be able to adjust it. Glue this final piecel to the top.

Bottom Section (Base)

  1. Open base.svg and resize to 7.20” w. Cut and assemble.
  2. Glue each of the portions together. Adhere the top jukebox piece onto the middle section, and middle onto the base. The wood_front and back.svg should hang over the top covering a portion of the middle box.
  3. Embellish if desired.


Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • The project itself is already decorative and you don’t want to take away from that – keep your paper choices simple and limit your colors.
  • Adding in inked edges will give it an ‘old, worn look.’ I considered using Tim Holtz Coordinations paper and sanding down some sides for a distressed feel.
  • You can even take this to another level – by adding in glass door to the front, just like the real clock! (You can do so by placing one of the rectangle doors from the Classic Advent Calendar SVG Kit)
  • Be creative! There are many design elements from Mary’s designs. Feel free to add other elements to create your own masterpiece!

I hope that my Grandfather Clock inspired you to make one for your lovely men in your lives (or even for yourself!) If you make this or anything similar – please share it on our Facebook wall – we would love to see it!


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