Beach Bum Surf Van By Tamara Tripodi

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Time to grab those surfboards and hit the waves, summer’s here! Take the SVG Cuts ice cream truck and create your very own surf van!

SVG Collections Used

Beach Bum II SVG Collection
Beach Bum III SVG Collection
Buckles SVG Collection
Ice Cream Birthday SVG Kit
Ryan’s Play Date SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • Carta Bella Beach Boardwalk Pattern and Solid Paper
  • Echo Park This & That Woodgrain Pattern Paper
  • Clear Acetate for Windows
  • Wood Buttons
  • Greay Jute Cord
  • Epiphany Crafts Shape Tools and Epoxy Stickers. Sizes 14 and 25
  • Adhesive
  • Scoring Board
  • Poking tool
  • Toothpicks (2)


Ice Cream Birthday SVG Kit (Ice Cream Truck)
truck1.svg 10.00"w cream
truck2.svg 10.00"w light blue and orange pattern
tires.svg 6.00"w dark grey
side2.svg 5.50"w wave pattern
awning.svg 4.75"w x 3.00"h yellow pattern
patterned_panels.svg 10.00"w polka dot
trim.svg 10.00"w light blue
roof_panels.svg 4.00"w wood pattern
Buckles SVG Collection
rectangle2.svg 2.00"w dark grey (cut 4)
Ryan's Play Dat SVG Kit (Truck Box)
windows.svg (SEE INSTRUCTIONS)
Beach Bum III SVG Collection
seag_top.svg 1.00"h dark grey
seag_bot.svg 1.00"h white
Beach Bum II SVG Collection
strip.svg 6.652w navy blue
sb_bot.svg 3.75"h wood pattern (cut 3)
sb1.svg 3.75"h multiple
Basic Shapes
rounded square 1.40"w x 0.952h (2) SEE INSTRUCTIONS
rectangle 6.652"w x 1.00"h orange


  1. Open truck1.svg and break apart to remove all windows except the large front window. Open up windows.svg from Ryan’s Play Date SVG Kit and break apart. Take the window and add it to the ice cream truck. Do NOT ’weld’ anything. You want these to cut out. For the rounded windows, select the rounded square shape (from your shapes library in your cutting software) and size it to 1.40” w and .952”h. Put your windows in place and cut. To help you place the windows, please see the screen shot photo.
  2. Now you’ll layer the windows in the correct spot on the side2.svg file. Break the file apart and remove the current windows. Layer this file over your truck1.svg file. Line it up just right as if you were adhering it onto the actual paper. (see diagram below). Once you have it lined up just right, delete the truck1.svg file. All that should be left is side2.svg and the windows. Cut, then FLIP and cut one for the other side.
  3. Open truck2.svg, resize and cut. The panel that goes on the back will be cut in an orange patterned pattern. The others will be cut in light blue paper.
  4. Open patterned_panels.svg, break apart and cut the rectangle with the small circles only. Be sure to size before breaking file apart. Cut with polka dot pattern paper. Adhere to the front of the van. Use 2 Epiphany Crafts size 14 round shapes for the headlights. Next cut your roof_panels.svg in wood grain pattern paper. Adhere. I only used 3 but you can use all 4 if you prefer.
  5. Open the awning.svg file and uncheck ’keep proportions’. Resize to 3.00h and 4.745”w. Using a scoring board, score fold lines every 1/4”. Using a small poking tool, poke holes about 3/4” from the edge of the awning on the SECOND fold line. Cut a piece of grey jute cord about 6” long and string through the holes. The edges of the string will be ’loose’, that’s fine. Adhere the awning onto the van. Once it’s set, pull the awning out all the way so it’s ’open’. Adhere the jute cord in place (the loose edges). I used a small dab of hot glue right where the awning meets the van. Then you’ll just adhere two wooden buttons and trim excess string if needed. When you pull the awning up, to keep it in place, simply tie a knot with the loose string under the awning. It will be ’loose’ once you start pulling it up. When the awning is ’open’ just prop it up with a couple wooden tooth picks. They hold in place all by themselves.
  6. Now you’ll cut the hibiscus border. Also cut a rectangle at the same width (6.652w) and 1.00” high in orange. This goes behind the border and then adhered to the van. You’ll have to trim the excess off around the front of the van.
  7. Cut 4 of the rectangle2.svg buckle in dark grey sized to 2.00” w. Adhere these on top of each other and then adhere to the top of the van. This is a surf board ’rack’. Cut two surfboards and adhere to the rack. Bend up the edges slightly to resemble a real board! Add the little seagull ’standing’ on the surfboard with a small dab of hot glue.
  8. Cut another surfboard for the side of the van. Wrap some grey jute cord around the board and adhere with adhesive foam for dimension.
  9. Cut the tires in dark grey. Layer two for each tire. With the epoxy shapes over the tires, they are more than sturdy enough! Make five tires, adhere one to the back with adhesive foam. I used Epiphany Crafts round 25 and round 14 shape tools to create ’hub caps’ for the wheels. Adhere all wheels to your van.
  10. Now you’ll finish with the front window. Open the trim.svg file and size to 10.00”w. Remove ALL trims except the one for the front window (which is the largest rounded rectangle). Cut TWO of these in light blue. Adhere one to the van. You will NOT place acetate behind this trim. For the second trim, adhere your acetate. To get the window to look popped up, just use a VERY thin line of adhesive right at the edge then hold in place until dry.

Design Tips

Tamara Tripodi - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Ink some of your edges for a vintage or worn look. I love using grey ink! Plus inked edges help add dimension, too.
  • Make this girly! I’d LOVE to see this done up all in hot pink, orange, lime green, etc for a girl. I think it would look awesome! You can really change the feel of this just by changing the papers.
  • As always, keep the patterns vs. solid cardstock well balanced. If this had too many crazy patterns it would all just kinda ’mush’ together.
  • You can REALLY go all out with this. Check out the various summer cut files SVG Cuts offers and get your wheels turning to make it your own.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my project! I hope you’ve been insired and excited about SUMMER as much as I am! Surf’s up, duuuude! Be sure to share your version of this project on the SVG Cuts Facebook wall if you give it a shot! We’d love to see!

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