Wheelbarrow Gift Package By Brigit Mann

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Need a gift idea for the gardener in the family or maybe a close friend? This cute wheelbarrow full of seed packs, chocolates and flavored tea would definitely put a smile on somebody’s face.

SVG Collections Used

Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit
The Green Room SVG Kit
September Afternoon SVG Collection
Veggie Garden SVG Collection Part 1
Veggie Garden SVG Collection Part 2

Supplies Used

  • Cardstock
  • Pattern Paper
  • Hot Glue
  • Adhesive
  • Pop Dots
  • Burlap
  • Markers
  • Ink
  • Stickles
  • Trendy Twine Cranberry
  • Button
  • Paper Play Studio Flair
  • Unity Stamp
  • Sandpaper


Size to specified width and height. If only width is provided, size using "keep proportions" or aspect lock.

The Green Room (Pool)
wood1.svg (2) cue stick only 10.605w" x 3.675h" wood patten
Caramel Apple Pie (Crate)
crate_board1.svg (6) 7.410w" wood pattern
crate_face1.svg 7.410w" wood pattern
crate_face2.svg 7.410w" wood pattern
crate_bottom1.svg 7.410w" wood pattern
crate_bottom2.svg 7.410w" wood pattern
crate_optional.svg (6) 5.805w" x .800h" (break apart) wood pattern
background_bottom.svg (2) 3.260w" x 3.385h" wood pattern
September Afternoon
wagon_wheel.svg (8) 3w" x 3h" wood pattern
Veggie Garden I
daisy_bottom.svg .960w" white
daisy_middle.svg .960w" white
daisy_top.svg .960w" yellow
Veggie Garden II
ladybug_bottom.svg (2) 0.575w" black
ladybug_top.svg (2) 0.575w" red
morn_glories_bottom.svg (2) 2.305w" green
morn_glories_middle.svg (2) 2.305w" light purple
morn_glories_top.svg (2) 2.305w" dark purple
farmers_mkt_bottom.svg 3.0w" gray/blue
farmers_mkt_top.svg 3.0w" pattern/red
Basic Shape
rectangle.svg (3) 2.5w" x 2.25h" (score on 2.5 side .5", 1", 1.5", 2")
square.svg 1.25w" x 1.25h"


  1. Cut all the crate pieces and assemble according to directions except for adding two more boards on either side, stacked with no spaces.
  2. The crate optional pieces are a little longer I applied after the crate was assembled and used sandpaper to trim them down and inked all sides. Set the crate aside for now.
  3. Cut 8 wheels and glue together.
  4. Cut pool sticks and glue together.
  5. Take the square basic shape and roll it tight into a round shaft so it will fit into the hole in the wheel, glue it together and slide it into the wheel, it should fit tightly.
  6. Hot glue the smaller end of the pool sticks to both ends of the wheel shaft, make sure they are straight, (prop it up to make it easier.)
  7. Take the 3 rectangle basic shapes and score each one on the 2 ½” side at ½”, 1”, 1 ½”, 2” and glue together, this forms the two legs and a brace between the two pool sticks.
  8. Take the brace piece and glue it between the pool sticks about 2 ¼” down from the larger end with hot glue. (Make sure your crate with cover it you don’t want it to stick out beyond the crate.)
  9. Hot glue the two legs to the pool sticks where you added the brace piece.
  10. Now you can hot glue the crate on top of the frame you just created.
  11. Cut out the rest of the embellishments and decorate, or create your own and have fun!

Design Tips

Brigit - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • I used some stickles on the star piece of the morning glories to give a little sparkle.
  • Hot glue really holds the wheelbarrow together securely, I highly recommend it.
  • For a finished look I cut little squares of pattern paper and glue to the ends of the pool sticks.
  • A piece of burlap adds a little rustic texture to your project.
  • Twine, buttons and flairs are nice easy embellishments that add interest to your project.

This project was so much fun to make and the wood pattern paper really makes it look like a miniature wooden wheelbarrow. Fill it with some flowers, soaps, or any kind of treats for Mother’s Day or a Birthday!



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