Pirate Easel Birthday Card and Ship Cupcake Stand by Thienly Azim

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Ahoy Me Hearties! Ye planning a pirate party soon? Any kid would feel so special and cool to have their own custom made pirate ship! Better yet – there’s even enough space to place a birthday cupcake! The card is designed like an easel – which means that it can be displayed in their room standing up!

SVG Collections Used


Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit
Pirate Birthday Party SVG Kit
Lil Peeps SVG Collection
Trick or Treat Lil Peeps SVG Collection


Spring Birdhouses SVG Kit
Acorn Autumn SVG Kit
Wet N’ Wild SVG Kit
High Skies SVG Kit
Pirate Birthday Party SVG Kit
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • AC Cardstock
  • Canvas Corp papers
  • Silver/gold papers
  • Brown glassine paper (Tim Holtz) (for the map)
  • Canvas fabric (Canvas Corp)
  • 2 – 0.25” Wooden Dowels (11” and 12” long)
  • 3 – 1/8” x 6” Wooden Dowels
  • Scotch quick-dry glue
  • Heat Glue Gun
  • Black wire (securing the wooden dowels together)
  • Corded Rope (wrap around the anchor)
  • Black Jute twine (for the card)
  • Washi tape (used around the ship)
  • Unity Stamp Company stamp – Pirate Madness
  • Brads (to secure the label onto the card)


Easel Card

Anything marked with (*) - please refer to instructions before cutting. Size to specified width and height. If only width is provided, size using "keep proportions" or aspect lock.

Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit
Easel Card
card_base1.svg 5.20" wide kraft
card_base2.svg 5.20" wide black
frame3.svg 5.20" wide canvas fabric
label_bottom.svg 5.20" wide black
label_top.svg 5.20" wide kraft
ruffle3.svg 5.20" wide red & kraft stripe
Pirate Birthday Party SVG Kit
map_top.svg 2.75" wide brown glassine
map_bottom.svg 2.75" wide black
Skull Tag
tag_top.svg 1.21" wide (break apart, delete tag hole)silver grey
tag_bottom.svg 1.21" wide (break apart, delete tag hole) black
Lil Peeps SVG Collection
Outfits - Pirate
bandana.svg 2.50" wide red
beads.svg 2.50" wide gold
blouse.svg 2.50" wide white
boots.svg 2.50" wide light brown
pants.svg 2.50" wide dark brown
sash.svg 2.50" wide light brown
sword.svg 2.50" wide black, silver
eyes_black.svg 2.50" wide black
eyes_color.svg 2.50" wide blue
hair_chris.svg 2.50" wide dark brown
body.svg 2.50" wide tan
Trick or Treat Lil Peeps SVG Collection
Outfit - Pirate
black.svg 2.50" wide (break apart, delete everything except flag) black
white.svg 2.50" wide (break apart, delete shirt) white

Pirate Ship Cupcake Stand

Spring Birdhouses SVG Kit
Large Milk Carton
part1.svg (*) 7.00" wide by 11.5" high any heavy weight paper (can't see this)
part2.svg 7.00" wide by 11.5" high any heavy weight paper (can't see this)
Acorn Autumn SVG Kit
bottom_panels.svg (*) 10.41" wide by 5.42" high (break apart, delete everything except one) (see instructions)
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit
crate_board1.svg 3.75" wide dark brown
Wet N' Wild SVG Kit
Beach Pail
pail.svg 4.50" wide black, kraft
High Skies SVG Kit
Anchor Card
anchor_middle.svg 2.00" wide (cut 2 and glue together for stability) silver
Pirate Birthday Party SVG Kit
sails.svg 5.75" and 6.50" wide (break apart, delete the sails, cut only flag) black
Cupcake Topper
Jolly_Roger.svg 2.38" and 2.63" wide black
sail.svg 4.80" and 5.30" wide canvas fabric
Freebie - Porthole (click here to download)
top_ring.svg 1.00" wide (cut 10 - 5 per side) cream
bottom.svg 0.972" wide (cut 10 - 5 per side) black
SCAL Basic Shapes
vertical rectangle (*) 3.153" wide by 6.125" high (see instructions)
circle (*) 0.25" wide (see instructions)

Cupcake Wrapper/Topper

Pirate Birthday Party SVG Kit
wrapper.svg 8.00" wide black
Jolly_Roger.svg 1.89" wide black
mast_frame.svg 2.40" wide kraft, black
sail.svg 2.40" wide canvas fabric


Ship Foundation

  1. (Ship Base) Open up file from Acorn Autumn SVG Kit (bottom_panels.svg). Uncheck keep proportions, resize, break apart, and then delete all except for one. Rotate by 180 degrees. Open up vertical rectangle from Basic Shapes Library and resize. Overlap the bottom_panels.svg over the rectangle, so that there’s about 0.05” of overlap and the sides are flush with one another. (Diagram 1) Weld together. Cut 6 of these in any cardstock (you won’t be able to see this) and glue them down on top of each other to form a ‘firm’ base.
  2. (Ship Surface) Take the welded file from step one and H-align (this aligns at the center of the mat). Open a circle from the Basic Shapes Library and resize to 0.25” wide, and H-align. Place this circle at 2.00” from the bottom of the welded shape. Copy another circle and place another at 2.50” inches above the other hole. Make sure that this circle is H-aligned as well. (Diagram 2) Group together and cut 6 of these (cut 5 in any cardstock, 1 in brown as this will be facing the top). Glue them on top of each other, with the top being brown.
  3. (Ship Body) Open part1.svg from large milk carton, uncheck keep proportions and resize. Now, we will need to make 2 holes that align with ship base, for insertion of the wooden dowel. Take the welded shape from step 2 and arrange to send to back. (Right click on the mouse and this option will appear). Place this shape underneath part1.svg. (Diagram 3) Open two more circles, resize to 0.25” wide, and place these exactly over the holes in the ship base. Once you have placed them, select the part1.svg and arrange to send to back. You can now select the base from step 2 and delete it. (Diagram 4) Cut. Open part2.svg, resize and cut.

Ship Assembly

  1. Assemble part1.svg and part 2.svg, leaving the bottom end open. Adhere the base from step 1 to the bottom of the ship body (opposite the sides with the holes). Adhere the base from step 2 to the top of the ship body, making sure that the holes line up.
  2. Insert thick wooden dowels into the two holes of the ship body, and using hot glue gun, adhere to the inside base. You may now glue the ends together.
  3. Cut two 12.0” wide by 3.50” strips, and adhere the strips together by overlapping a bit of one strip end to another strip. Make a fold line where the strips meet. Place the fold at the front tip of the ship, and wrap and adhere the strips around the ship. You will need to adhere the strips to the top and bottom ship base pieces for the front portion of the ship. I added washi tape around the top edge of the strip as a ‘border’. You may also attach a thin black strip of paper instead to also sharpen the look.
  4. Cut sail.svg, trace them onto canvas fabric, cut and make holes using eyelet/hole punch. (If you rather do with paper, it may help you to add the holes before cutting by H-aligning the sail.svg pieces and 0.25” circles from Basic Shapes Library. Place two holes near the ends of the sail, but not too close to the edge) (Diagram 5) Cut Jolly_Roger.svg and adhere onto the sail.
  5. Insert the smaller sail.svg bottom hole through the front wooden dowel, place one thin wooden dowel horizontally and secure that by wrapping wire around it. (This is much easier when done close to the top end of the dowel) Then, place the top hole of the sails.svg through the dowel and lower it to where you desire. Repeat this step twice to attach the larger sail.svg through the other wooden dowel.
  6. Cut crate_boards.svg, assemble and adhere onto the ship leaving about the same crate board width apart.
  7. Cut anchor_middle.svg, wrap a cord around it, and using heat glue gun, attach onto the front of the ship.
  8. Cut portholes and attach them along the sides of the ship.
  9. (Crow's Nest) Open pail.svg, and resize. Break apart the pieces. Move the strip and the two circles and regroup the middle piece to keep the score lines together. H-align and V-align one of the circles, and place a 0.25” diameter circle in the middle (also by H and V-aligning it) from the Basic Shapes Library. Repeat to the other circle. Cut and assemble. Insert this pail through the front rod. Complete the two masts by adhering flags from sails.svg (smaller flag for the front mast, bigger flag for the back mast)

Cupcake Wrapper and Topper

  1. Cut pieces and assemble. You may trace the sail onto a canvas to use instead.


  1. Cut all pieces and assemble. The frame3.svg was also traced onto canvas fabric which is the background piece to the front of the card. By using various thickness of foam tape to adhere the elements, it will give great dimension and interest to the card.

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • What style would you want your project to be? Keep the colors and patterns minimal as there’s already enough elements, otherwise, it looks too busy. As I always mention, if you have a certain paper collection that you like to work with, they usually go together very well.
  • Adding in things other than papers add interest. For example, for my project, I added in twine, rope, canvas, glassine paper, and washi tape. You may also fray the canvas, and ink the edges to ‘roughen’ the look.
  • There are many other elements that you may want to add onto the ship: waves, fishes, girl pirate from Trick or Trick Lil Peeps SVG Collection, map, treasure chest, ladder. It’s all up to you! Pennants would also be cute for birthdays.
  • Not interested in pirates? Well, that’s okay! Feel free to add your originality to this. You can simplify and make it into a sail boat. Perhaps, you may want to build a cruise ship! (That would be amazing!)

Shiver me timbers! It’s a simple project but will sure to impress your mateys! Hope that you’re inspired by my project today and if you ever make one, please share with us! We be on the lookout on the SVG Cuts FB page! Fair winds!

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