Candy Cherub Bear Box By Brigit Mann

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Need a quick and easy Valentine Day box to display that special gift? This clear box is perfect for some candies, tickets, or even a gift card with some room for extra treats.

SVG Collections Used

Candy Cherub Bears SVG Collection
December Gifts SVG Kit
Crush On You Boxes SVG Kit
Happy Trails SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • Pattern Paper (Carta Bella Devoted)
  • Acetate (Transparency)
  • Buttons
  • Trendy Twine (Valentine Cherry Cupcake)
  • SVG Cuts Stamp by Unity (All You Need Is Love)
  • Ink
  • Glue Gun
  • Quick Dry Glue
  • White shredded crinkle paper


Size each SVG file to the dimensions indicated using "keep proportions" or aspect lock

Candy Cherub Bears SVG Collection (Clementine)
balloon bottom.svg (2) 3.65h pattern paper
balloon_top.svg (2) 3.65h pattern paper
nose.svg (2) 3.65h black
orange1.svg (2) 3.65h pattern paper
orange2.svg (2) 3.65h pattern paper
white.svg (2) 3.65h pattern paper
Candy Cherub Bears SVG Collection (Lime)
cloud.svg (2) 4.1h pattern paper
December Gifts SVG Kit (Tall Cylinder)
bottom.svg 11.4w clear acetate (transparency)
top.svg (2) 11.4w pattern paper
Crush On You Boxes SVG Kit (Take Out Box)
circle.svg 2.005w grey or white
scalloped_circle.svg 2.205w gold
heart_flourish.svg 1.765w black
Happy Trails SVG Kit (Desktop Jar)
lid_handle.svg 9.645w white


  1. I assembled the bear and cloud in my application, created a white shadow layer and did a print n cut, but if you don’t want or can’t do a pnc just cutout all the pieces and assemble.
  2. I duplicated the bear and did a mirror image so if you turn the box around the bear is on the back also.
  3. On the tall cylinder you don’t need the flaps on the bottom; either in your program or with a paper trimmer cut them off. Also Disregard the two circle pieces, you don’t need them. Glue together to form your cylinder.
  4. You need two top pieces, (a lid and bottom), ungroup and break to get rid of the cutout in the middle, they should be solid. They also need to be cut down, height should be ¾” assembled, so either in your program or with a paper trimmer cut off the remainder to shorten.
  5. You can now glue your cylinder into your bottom piece.
  6. Cutout and assemble the lid_handle piece from Happy Trails, this is what the bear gets glued to, (I cut some off, with the print n cut you could see through a little.)
  7. Put your lid on, cut out front label and decorate.

Design Tips

Brigit - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • I love stitching but don’t always have the time to pull out my sewing machine, use a gel pen or marker. For those with print n cut abilities add a shadow inset to your piece and change the lines to dashes, perfect stitches!
  • I use my glue gun or sticky glue strip for the acetate; it’s less noticeable and holds very securely.
  • Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and Make The Cut both have a knife tool but for eCal I use a thin rectangle and stretch along what I want cutoff and select both go to path, front minus back, break apart and delete the piece I don’t want.

This project can be used for any occasion or season. Add some balloons on top for a birthday with a cupcake inside or a snowman with some marshmallows and cocoa. How about a little bunny with some chocolate for Easter? So many cute ideas, have fun!

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