He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Fleurette F Bloom

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I loved ice cream as a child (I actually still do) and I also had fun playing the game, "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not", while picking the petals off a flower. So I thought it would be fun to create a three-scoop ice cream cone with that theme for Valentine's Day!

Fun fact: This game actually originated in France and was called effeuiller la marguerite – Pluck Daisy, The Decision Of The Flower. Well, if you play the game with this cute 3D, 3 Scoop ice cream cone project, you will always end up with “He Loves Me”!

SVG Collections Used

Ice Cream Birthday SVG Kit
Sweets For My Sweet SVG Kit
Valentines SVG Collection

Supplies Used

  • Card Stock (Valentine Theme)
  • Designer Paper
  • Paper glue
  • Hot Glue gun and glue
  • Tissue (to stack cones)
  • Ribbon – pink and brown
  • Twine or raffia string
  • Buttons


Ice Cream Birthday SVG Kit (Ice Cream Cone) Size Paper Color
lid.svg (cut 3) 10.000"W x 4.350"H Valentine Theme Paper Collection
cone.svg (cut 1) 10.015"W x 5.380 Valentine Theme Paper Collection
lid_panels.svg (cut 3) 10.027"W x 4.979"H Valentine Theme Paper Collection
cone_panels.svg (cut 1) 10.000"W x 1.811"H
cherry.svg (cut 1) 1.740"W x 1.079"H green
Sweets For My Sweet SVG Kit (Cupid Card)
cupid.svg (cut 1) 1.036"W x 1.028"H bright pink
heart_bottom.svg (cut 2) 1.213"W x 1.140"H light pink
heart_top.svg (cut 2) 1.170"W x 1.057"H Blue
SCAL Library - Circle (cut 2) 1.426"W x 1.426"H green
Valentines SVG Collection
bemine.svg (cut 1) 1.129"W x 0.959 pink
benine.svg (shadow blackout) (cut 1) 1.177"W x 1.008"H brown
bemine.svg (showdow blackout) (cut 1) 1.260"W x 1.090"H green


  1. Cut and assemble Ice cream cone (be sure to decide which paper you want for your bottom ice cream scoop to be, as this is the only scoop you will assemble, as per Mary’s instructions)
  2. Cut the top two ice cream scoops, assemble turning up or tucking in the lower layer that would normally fit into the cone and glue. (This will enable you to be able to stack them.
  3. Add some tissue into the top two cones and test to see if it gives you the height between cones that you would like. (See photo for spacing of cones)
  4. Hot glue the tissue inside the cones. (Wait to glue cones together, till you are finished embellishing them, it just makes it easier)
  5. Cut circle from shapes for backdrop of cupid. (See dimensions)
  6. Cut cupid, heart and glue together with circle shape, attach to top cone.
  7. Assemble tag
  8. Hot glue cones together and attach tag

Design Tips

Fleurette - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Using paper collections will insure everything will flow and look fantastic together.
  • I love digital papers, because I can place them on my cutting mat in Ecal or other software exactly where I need to make my cuts. Then print and cut, using very little paper, and no waste! (See photo)
  • For this project I waited to attach my top two scoops, making them much easier to embellish. It also gives you the opportunity to make sure you are happy with everything before it is finished.

Make this sweet treat and fill it with goodies. You are sure to put a smile on someone’s face and warmth in their heart. Be creative and most importantly have fun!

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