Love Bot by Thienly Azim

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Here’s your chance to bring out the scientist in you! By combining boxes from various collections – you can create a LOVE-bot! It’s super easy, totally cute and so fun to make!

SVG Collections Used

Ryan’s Playdate SVG Kit
Playful Parlour SVG Kit
Bundle of Joy SVG Kit
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit
One-Piece Boxes SVG Kit
Cliff’s Clubhouse Cards SVG Collection
Santa’s North Pole Workshop SVG Collection
A Day at the Carnival SVG Collection
Love Robot Gears - Click Here To Download

Supplies Used

  • Carta Bella ‘Devoted’ paper collection
  • Metallic papers (silver, bronze)
  • Wire (silver, bronze)
  • Buttons
  • Bottle caps (Maya Road)
  • Mini Wooden Spools (Maya Road)
  • Game Spinner (Tim Holtz Ideology)
  • Hitch Fasteners (Tim Holtz Idea-ology)
  • Brads (Recollections)
  • Candy Dots (Pebbles)
  • Foam Tape
  • Scotch Quick dry-glue
  • Hot Glue
  • Ink (Grey)
  • Rice/Beans for weight


For items maked with (*) - please read instructions before cutting.

Ryan's Play Date SVG Kit - Name Decor
tall_box.svg (head) * 13.5" wide (you will need to resize height for the strip before cutting) love' patterned paper
tall_box.svg (body) * 21.0" wide (you will need to resize height for the strip before cutting, and will need to add two 0.20" wide by 0.85" high vertical_rectangle.svg openings) dotted patterned paper
Playful Parlour SVG Kit - Playful Gift Bag
wooden_tiles.svg (ears) 5.0" wide (cut 2 of 4 tiles) light pink
Bundle of Joy SVG Kit - Baby Block Box
box_top.svg (shoulders) 4.5" wide (cut 2) heart patterned paper
box_bottom.svg (shoulders) * 4.5" wide (cut 2) (with 0.1" circle.svg opening) heart patterned paper
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit - Crate
crate_board.svg (legs) 5.7" wide (cut 2) stripe patterned paper
One Piece Boxes SVG Kit - Box 1
box.svg (feet) * 5.0" wide (cut 2) (with 0.20" wide by 0.85" high vertical_rectangle.svg opening) dotted patterned paper
Cliff's Clubhouse Cards SVG Kit - Workshop Card
tools2.svg 4.0" wide (then, delete all elements except for double-sided wrench) silver
board_top.svg 2.9" wide beige
board_bottom.svg 2.9" wide dark brown
Santa's North Pole Workshop SVG Collection - Tools
screwdriver_top.svg 0.493" wide silver
screwdriver_bottom.svg 0.436" wide dark brown
spring.svg 0.75" wide bronze
A Day at the Carnival SVG Collection
funhouse_gates.svg (mouth) 4.20" wide (resize, then delete all elements except for one small gate), cut another as blackout silver, dark brown
Love Robot Gears
gears1.svg 1.5" wide metallic black
gears3.svg 1.3" wide bronze
gears4_top.svg 1.1" wide silver
gears4_bottom.svg 1.1" wide metallic black
Basic Shapes
vertical_rectangle.svg (refer to body and feet measurements above)
circle.svg (refer to shoulders/body measurement above)
square_rounded.svg 0.6" wide dark grey
heart_2.svg 0.6" wide dark red
triangle.svg (nose) 0.28" wide by 0.7" high metallic black
semi_circle 1.3" wide white
Basic Shapes - Weather
moon.svg (hands) 0.8" wide (cut 8) light pink


  1. Making the head – Open the tall_box.svg. Resize to 13.5” wide, and break apart. You will need to delete the middle box from one of the rectangles, and need to regroup the strip with the score lines as one. The strip by itself should measure 8.913” wide. Uncheck ‘keep proportions’ tab, and resize height only of the strip to 2.25” high. (Diagram 1) Cut and assemble.
  2. Making the body – Open the tall_box.svg and repeat the steps above. You will need to resize to 21.0” wide and once you regroup the strip by itself, it should measure 14.459” wide. Resize the strip height only to 3.00” high. Place two vertical rectangles (Basic Shape library) onto the strip – with each measuring 0.20” wide and 0.85” high. You can use the V-Align in the Position/Size tab to make sure the rectangles are centered on the strip, and make sure that these rectangles are spaced far enough apart so there’s enough space for two feet boxes to fit. Place 0.1” wide circles onto the body panel sides, as you will need these holes to join the shoulders. These small circles are approximately located 0.8” down from the ’top’ of the box (Refer to Diagram 2) Then, you will need to rotate this strip at an angle to fit onto the mat. Cut and assemble, BUT leave the back panel unglued until you’ve finished the step 5.
  3. Making the shoulders, arms and hands – Open box_bottom.svg and resize to 4.5” wide. Place circle.svg (0.1” wide) onto the middle of the square of the flap, as shown in Diagram 3. Cut, and assemble. Attach this onto the body by using a brad through that hole and into the body. Cut box_top.svg as well, and assemble. For the arms, you will need to make wire loops. The easiest way to make this is to twist around a thick pen/rod, and then cut at your desired length. Insert one end of the wire through one of the side panels of the assembled box_top.svg. before placing it over the box_bottom.svg. You may also place a brad though the box_top.svg like how I placed a brad on the sides of the shoulders. For the hands, you will need to adhere onto the other end of the arm wire by adhering one onto the front and one at the back. Glue another moon.svg on both sides to ‘hide’ the wire bump on the paper.
  4. Making the feet – Open box.svg and resize. Rotate the file so it’s placed vertically on the mat. You will then use H-Align function to make the file line up at the middle. Open vertical rectangle.svg and resize to 0.20” wide by 0.85” high, and also use the H-Align function to place this on the top flap of the box. (see Diagram 4) Cut and assemble.
  5. Cut ears and legs per dimensions on the chart. You will only require two of the four tiles for the ears. For the ears, assemble and adhere to the sides of the head, also adding wire loop antennae if desired. For the legs, assemble and insert them into the body, and insert the other end into the feet box. Adhere the leg to the bottom on the feet by hot glue, and fill up the rest of that box with rice/beans (to add weight) and glue the panel sides so it will be closed. Adjust the body to your desired height. Using hot glue gun, adhere the legs to the body from the inside. Once the body is secured into place, adhere the last panel onto the body.
  6. Cut all other elements and embellish.

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Stick to a few colors for the body, as you want the little details of the robot to stand out. You can choose plain colors only, which will be just fine once you add in details. If you choose to go for patterned papers, you may want to pick a paper collection that has colors that will go together.
  • Your choice of papers can also change the theme of the robot. You can use metallic papers for creating realistic robots, or fun whimsical papers if you want to create one for a robot themed birthday party.
  • Inking the edges with ink will add to the ‘vintage-worn’ look of the robot. I chose grey ink as there were some grey elements to the paper, but if you see more brown tones, pick brown ink. If you’re using grey papers, you may perhaps want to use black ink.
  • Experiment with various boxes! You do not need to stick to the same boxes I used for your robot. For example, you may want to use a ‘pail’ upside-down from Wet N Wild SVG Kit or a round containers from December Gifts SVG Kit for a head, even a body! You can even use Betty’s Bags and Boxes II pyramid box for feet! Get creative and create one-of-a-kind robot!
  • All the details are UP TO YOU! Don’t feel like you need to get all the supplies I listed above. You can easily recreate some of the details by cutting extra SVG parts, or even using some items you find in your home! Go through a tool box and see what fun parts you may find – add some real nuts and bolts for an extra fun look!

Not one robot should look alike. Don’t be afraid to give your robot some personality, and bring him to life! Have fun, experiment, and please do share it on the SVG Cuts FB page if you are inspired to make one! I bet my robot would love to know he’s got a friend!

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