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Many of you may get excited when SVGCuts creates a kit that includes 3-D items. Well don’t get me wrong, I have not met a kit I haven’t liked but I love the collections even more. I love seeing all those goodies layed out on one page just screaming for a scrapbook layout to be done! Well that is what happened when I saw the Wild Child SVG Collection. On a recent trip to the Zoo and Aviary, I let the boys take their ipods to snap the photos. They had a blast and could not wait to come home and download the images. Here is the layout I created.

SVG Collections Used

Carmel Apple Pie SVG Kit
Wild Child SVG Collection
My Day With Dad SVG Kit
Summer Blockbuster SVG Kit

Supplies Used

Patterned and Solid Papers
Foam Tape
Ribbon (optional)
Twine (optional)


Carmel Apple Pie SVG Kit - Easel Card
frame2.svg 12.631" w x 10.812" h beige dot
frame3.svg 12.625" w x 11.241" h brown
Wild Child SVG Collection
Captions - Explore
explore_bottom.svg 6.293" w x 1.841" h patterned paper
explore_mid1.svg 6.292" w x 1.136" h brown
explore_mid2.svg 6.293" w x 2.041" h brown
explore_top1.svg 6.293" w x 0.844" h light yellow
explore_top2.svg 6.293" w x 0.307" h beige
Tribal Strips
1_top.svg - Cut 2 6.000" w x 0.352" h orange
1_middle.svg - Cut 2 6.000" w x 0.843" h light yellow
1_bottom.svg - Cut 2 6.000" w x 0.972" h brown
4_top.svg 6.000" w x 0.770" h brown
4_middle.svg 6.000" w x 1.136" h beige dot
4_bottom.svg 6.000" w x 1.235" h light yellow
Animals - Zebra
black.svg - Flip 3.501" w x 2.567" h black
white.svg - Flip 3.518" w x 3.098" h beige
gray.svg - Flip 3.502" w x 3.019" h gray
Animals - Cheetah
black.svg 3.502" w x 2.625" h black
orange.svg 3.503" w x 3.347" h light yellow
tan.svg 3.502" w x 2.625" h beige
My Day With Dad SVG Kit - No 1 Dad Lever Card
camera_top.svg 2.285" w x 1.803" h beige
camera_bottom.svg 2.285" w x 1.922" h black
camera_background.svg 2.294" w x 2.190" h orange
Summer Blockbuster SVG Kit - Ind. Elements - Film Strips
single_wavy1_top.svg - Cut 5 2.897" w x 2.834" h black
single_wavy1_top.svg - Seclect Blackout - Cut 5 2.897" w x 2.834" h patterned paper


  1. Start with a 12×12 piece of patterned paper. Cut the background elements and apply. Please see my design tip #1 below before you cut!
  2. Cut, assemble and ink the Explore Title and Tribal Strips. Add some twine to the strip if you like. Adhere to the layout.
  3. Cut, assemble and ink the animals & camera. Apply to the layout. Please note on the zebra I flipped him so he was facing into the layout. See design tip #5 below.
  4. Cut film strips and photos and apply to the layout. For the photos break apart the film strip file and use the inside to cut your photos. I used the method Mary demonstrates on her videos. You cut the shape then use it to crop your photo and cut the photo. Worked perfect.
  5. Finish off with your journaling.

Design Tips

Amy McCabe - SVGCuts Design Team Member

  • If you are cutting a large piece of paper and know a majority will be covered up – utilize the space in the middle and cut images from the area that will be covered up. See Figure 1.
  • When I selected my background animal print paper I carried that theme throughout. For example instead of cutting the traditional white for the zebra I used a beige stock. I thought the white would of stood out too much.
  • Don’t forget to ink your edges and add some ribbon or twine to add texture. Foam tape is always good to make your elements pop off the layout.
  • You can either handwrite or type your journaling. Journaling is very important so you can look back in 10, 20 years and recall exactly what happened.
  • The flow of the elements on the page is something I always look at when doing a layout. Lead the viewer of your layout in on the upper right and let the eye flow. See Figure 2.
  • When placing in the paper piecings and photos make sure you do not have any of the photos leading the eye off the page. For example the rhino worked perfect in the upper left corner because he is facing into the page. Same with the cat photo.
  • I try to fit all the year’s events into one scrapbook – instead of doing a page for the Zoo and one for the Aviary I combined them.

Hope you enjoyed my latest layout. Be on the lookout for the next collection and create a layout!


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