A Home For Your Elf On The Shelf By Amy McCabe

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I decided to make this little “home” for our Elf. This elf comes with many rules. After the elf mysteriously appears under your tree you have to name the elf and the kids are not allowed to touch it. The elf watches the kids and reports back to Santa on their behavior. At night, the elf hops down from the shelf and gets into mischief or hides somewhere in the house. Last night he got into the Hershey Kisses and put wrappers all over the counter! I told my boys we needed this special home for the elf so he can hang out during the day time – that way we can keep track of him (and Mom & Dad can keep track too).

SVG Collections Used

3D Letters SVG Kit
Christmas Morning SVG Collection
Rockin Around The Christmas Tree SVG Collection
Freebie from 12/8/11 (click here to download)

Supplies Used

  • Adhesive
  • Glue
  • Patterned and Solid Papers
  • Foam Tape
  • Ink Pads
  • Buttons (optional)
  • Twine (optional)
  • Hot Glue Gun


3D Letters SVG Kit
e1.svg 8.190" w x 7.980" h green
e2.svg 8.190" w x 6.477" h green
e_face.svg 8.190" w x 4.679" h patterned paper
l1.svg 8.190" w x 8.190" h green
l_face.svg 8.190" w x 4.642" h patterned paper
f1.svg 8.190" w x 6.119" h green
f2.svg 8.190" w x 4.422" h green
f_face.svg 8.190" w x 4.679" h patterned paper
Christmas Morning SVG Collection
base.svg 2.385" w x 2.031" h brown dot
points.svg 2.384" w x 1.602" h green stripe
rims.svg 2.385" w x 2.175" h red stripe
sticks.svg 2.385" w x 0.633" h silver dot
bottom.svg 1.329" w x 1.329" h brown dot
top.svg 1.330" w x 0.701" h green stripe
jack.svg - Cut 2 and stack 1.400" w x 1.004" h silver dot
handlebars.svg 3.001" w x 0.441" h silver dot
red.svg - Cut 2 and stack 3.004" w x 2.773" h red
tires.svg 3.000" w x 1.590" h brown dot
Rockin Around The Christmas Tree SVG Collection
airmail_green.svg 3.409" w x 1.970" h green stripe
airmail_red.svg 3.409" w x 1.970" h red
airmail_white.svg 3.409" w x 1.970" h silver dot
Freebie from 12/8/11 - Words Only
to_santa_bottom.svg 3.000" w x 1.482" h green stripe
to_santa_top.svg 3.019" w x 1.266" h white


  1. Cut and assemble all the 3 D Letters to sizes indicated on the chart. No curves on these letters so super easy to assemble.
  2. Cut and ink the face of the letters. I used foam tape under them to pop them off and add dimension.
  3. Cut, ink and assemble all the embellishments. In some cases to make them more durable I cut multiple times and stacked them. All details are on the chart.
  4. Hot glue the letters to each other to make the piece stable, after all it has to hold the mischievous elf. Add the embellishment cuts. I used foam tape.
  5. Add your buttons and twine to the letter and the face of the E. I hot glued them in place.
  6. Add a piece of foam core or even a fold piece of paper behind the To Santa letter to give it some depth so you can hot glue to the top of the E. See image in gallery above.

Design Tips

Amy McCabe - SVGCuts Design Team Member

  • I used all the same colored paper for my solids. I then purchased a 6×6 paper pad for the other papers from Target (Merrymint from American Crafts). I always wondered why you would need to buy in the 6×6 format – it has smaller print/designs which do work perfect for smaller projects like this one.
  • On some of the pieces I used a silver ink (the jacks for example) and on others a light brown was used.
  • Another option rather doing the multiple cuts is cutting chip board. I have used cereal boxes in the past.

If you decide to make a home for the Elf on the Shelf please share on the SVG Cuts FB Page. Have fun with your Elf on the Shelf!

- Amy

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