Christmas Sled Decor By Thienly Azim

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The other day when we had our first snowfall of the year, my kids were so excited to go tobogganing. It was that moment which inspired me to create this latest project! Looking to make some Christmas décor or handmade gifts? Here’s a fun easy project for you! It’s a sled!

SVG Collections Used

Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit
Gingerbread Chalet SVG Kit
Big Christmas Gift Bags SVG Kit
Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection
Rockin Around the Christmas Tree SVG Collection
3D Wintergreens SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • AC Cardstock
  • Echo Park Paper – wood paper (Ornament paper) from This & That Christmas
  • Metallic Round circles (used Imaginisce i-rock)
  • Jute twine (thin and thick)
  • Crinkle ribbon (cream)
  • Stamp – Unity Stamp Company (Snowflakes Fall from Heaven)
  • Ink for distressing (brown)
  • Glitter (snowflake)
  • Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive
  • Foam tape
  • Heat Glue Gun


Sled Body

Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit (Crate)
crate_board1.svg 7.25" wide (cut 3) brown
crate_board1.svg 4.50" wide (cut 2) brown
Gingerbread Chalet SVG Kit (Baking Card)
white.svg 17.30" wide by 10.30" high (cut 16) brown
white.svg 17.30" wide by 10.30" high (cut 2) wood pattern paper
white.svg 17.30" wide by 10.30" high and FLIP(cut 2) wood pattern paper
Big Christmas Gift Bags SVG Kit (Santa Bag)
lip.svg 20.60" wide (cut 10) brown
lip.svg 20.60" wide (cut 1) wood pattern paper
SCAL/eCAL Basic Shapes Library
vertical rectangle 1.00" wide by 5.90" high (cut 3) wood pattern paper


Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection
card_yellow.svg 2.556" wide yellow
card_black.svg 2.556" wide dark brown
card_red.svg 2.64" wide deep red
scalloped_top.svg 2.30" wide dark beige
scalloped_bottom.svg 2.30" wide light beige
snowflake.svg 1.10" wide light blue
snowflk_white.svg 1.10" wide light blue
Rockin Around the Christmas Tree SVG Collection
holly_flourish.svg 3.00" wide moss green
ice_skates_top.svg 2.00" wide silver
ice_skates_bottom.svg 2.00" wide cream
3D Wintergreens SVG Kit
boxwood.svg 9.50" wide metallic moss green
evergreen_ferny.svg 3.30" wide moss green
evergreen_long.svg 8.50" wide sage green


  1. Open crate_board1.svg and cut all pieces. Assemble.
  2. Cut vertical rectangle from Basic Shapes library and adhere them onto 3 big assembled crate boards.
  3. Open white.svg from Baking Card and resize. Break apart, delete all the elements, leaving only the candy cane. Cut 16. Glue 8 layers of candy cane on top of each other, making sure they line up perfectly. Make two of these. Cut the outer layers (wood pattern paper) and adhere them onto all sides. (Note that you’ll need 4 of the outer layers, and 2 need to be a mirror-image as indicated on the dimension sheet)
  4. Open lip.svg from Santa Bag and resize. Cut 10, glue on top of each other, and top with one cut using wood pattern paper.
  5. Assembling the sled (Hot Glue Gun is recommended!):  a) Place 3 big boards spaced apart vertically on the table. b) Take the 2 small boards and adhere them horizontally onto the three big boards, ensuring that the width of the small board matches the spacing of the big boards. The two boards are roughly placed 1.00” from the top and from the bottom, respectively. c) Adhere the candy cane runner onto the two smaller boards, making sure that there’s enough space at the top for the lip.svg. d) Adhere the lip.svg onto the sled – which also helps to make the sled sturdy.
  6. Embellish as needed.

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • You can add as many layers for the lip.svg and the runner (candy cane). The more layers there are, the sturdier it gets!
  • Try to match the inner layered cardstock with the outer layer colors of the sled. (I matched the brown cardstock to the wood pattern paper)
  • Try to focus on your colors. Same colors come in many tones, and it’s that little difference that makes all the difference. If you want the vintage look, don’t settle for bright colors, go with muted colors and distress the edges with ink. The colors play a MAJOR role in how the project looks when finished, if you pick colors that go well together, not only the project will look uniform, but creates a certain mood.
  • Add foam tape behind some embellishments, it gives dimension and interest.
  • Add some interest onto your cuts. I stitched the skates with thin jute twine, I added some glitter onto the snowflakes, and I used red metallic round dots as holly, and shiny bronze circles as a ‘nail’ on a sled. They all add to the real feel.

Instead of using embellishments that I used, you can make it cozy by adding in some mitts, cup of hot chocolate and cookies. Perhaps, you want to have this decor lay flat,  then you can add presents or even a snowman on it! You can also size this down and make it as an ornament for your tree! Possibilities are endless – get creative, and have fun crafting!

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