Tiered Cupcake Stand By Thienly Azim

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How amazing would it be have a tiered stand to match your occasion? How fun would it be to make this, fill it with some treats and have a little tea party with your girl friends? This tiered stand has a very sturdy construction and is almost 14” tall and 8” wide – a size big enough to fit 6 mini cupcakes on the bottom tier.

SVG Collections Used

Happy Birthday To You SVG Kit
Rosie’s Ribbon Strips SVG Collection
Stars and Stripes SVG Kit
3D Numbers Party SVG Kit
Tea for You and Me SVG Kit (Optional Props)

Supplies Used

  • Circle Styrofoam (I bought from Michaels – size 15/16” in x 7 7/8” in (23mm x 200 mm)
  • Wooden Rods
  • 1 x size 7/16” in x 12” in (1.10 cm x 30.48 cm) – middle support
  • 1 x size 1/8” x 6” in (cut into two, such that they are 2.5” and 3.5” lengths) – for embellishment (‘birthday’ ribbon)
  • Cardboard (cutting out from any box will do!)
  • Patterned Paper – October Afternoon – Cakewalk collection
  • Cardstock – American Crafts
  • Buttons
  • Trims (Ribbons and twine)
  • Ink Pads (for distressing)
  • Quick dry glue
  • Foam Tape
  • Heat Glue Gun


Tiered Stand

Happy Birthday to You SVG Kit (Three-Tier Cake Boxes) Read Instructions Before Cutting
Bottom Box
bottom_box_lid2.svg 14.1" wide patterned paper, cream
Middle Box
middle_box_lid.svg 13.25" wide patterned paper, cream
Small Box
top_box_lid.svg 11.5" wide patterned paper, cream
Rosie's Ribbon Strips SVG Collection pink polka dot patterned paper
9.svg 11.7" wide
Stars and Stripes SVG Kit (Firecracker) Read Instructions Before Cutting
bottom.svg 6.00" wide star patterned paper
Basic Shapes
circle.svg 0.4375" wide (to be placed in cut files as a dowel hole)
rectangle.svg 11.70" wide by 0.50" high (to be welded to the ribbon strip)


Happy Birthday to You SVG Kit
Party Hat
party_hat.svg 6.00" wide confetti patterned paper
3D_flower_petals.svg 3.56" wide yellow
3D _flower_stems.svg 3.56" wide moss green
hpy_bday_bot1.svg 6.00" wide striped patterned paper
hpy_bday_mid1.svg 6.00" wide pink patterned paper
hpy_bday_top.svg 6.00" wide pink patterned paper, light blue
3D Numbers Party SVG Kit
party_pennant.svg 1.25" wide by 2.50" high (cut 12) various patterned paper
3D Bow - 02.25.12 (Click To Download)
bow.svg 4.50" wide various patterned paper
Borders - 03.24.12 (Click To Download)
wavy_grid_bottom.svg 11.00" wide cream lined paper
ATC Mailer - 06.28.11 (Click To Download)
atc_mailer_box.svg 3.00" wide various patterned paper
Jazz Cat - 02.24.11 (Click To Download)
cat.svg 2.73" wide tan
notes.svg 0.697" wide dark grey
trumpet.svg 1.014" wide light orange
nose.svg 0.219" wide pink
eyebrow.svg 0.614" wide dark grey

Extra Props

Tea for You and Me SVG Kit
Teacup all files sized to 9.0" wide various patterned paper, cream
Spoon 3.77" wide cream, tan
Teapot all files sized to 10.0" wide various patterned paper, cream


  1. Open bottom_box_lid2.svg of the Bottom Box, make sure ‘keep proportions’ is checked and resize to 14.1” wide. Break apart and regroup each element separately. (To ‘regroup’, you will need to select what elements you want together. Click the left button of your mouse and while having it down, drag the dashed rectangle so that all the elements that you want included are within the rectangle. Release the left button, and then right click to ‘group’) Then, select the strips, uncheck the ‘keep proportions’ and change the height to 2.2” high, keeping width the same. You will notice that the strips are longer than 12”, but will fit if you place them diagonally.
  2. On the same mat, open circle.svg from basic shapes. Resize to 0.4375” wide (This is the diameter of your supporting wooden dowel) Center the circle.svg on the mat using H and V Align options on your side bar. Then, center the big circle (lid) on the mat as well. Select both circles and ‘group’. Your mat should look like Diagram 1. Cut all pieces.
  3. Assembling the bottom tier: Take the strips and connect the pieces together. Place the long strip around the foam circle and adhere the ends together. Fold down the flaps, and adhere the circle lid on top.
  4. Open middle_box_lid.svg, and resize to 13.25” wide. Break apart, and regroup each element separately, as in step 1. Take the smaller circle (5.383” wide) of the two and resize to 5.6” wide. Open circle.svg from basic shapes and resize to 0.4375”. Make another copy. Place a circle in the center of the bigger circle and ‘regroup’. Repeat for the other circle. It should look like Diagram 2. Cut. (The strips will be visible from the inside, so keep it simple! I chose cream cardstock, and the smaller circle is the one visible from the top.) Assemble the lid, without adhering the smaller circle insert.
  5. Take the smaller circle insert, trace, including the center circle, onto a cardboard. Cut using scissors. For the center circle – use a piercing tool to puncture the hole to cut the circle out. (I had a big Crop-o-dile punch and worked out great.) Adhere them together, one on top of each other, with the smaller circle insert on top. Take the lid, flip it over, and place the entire piece inside the lid, such that the pretty circle insert rests on top. The middle hole should all align with one another.
  6. Open the top_box_lid.svg. It should open as 11.5” wide. Break apart, and regroup each element separately, as in step 1. Take the smaller circle (3.268” wide) and resize to 3.45” wide. Place 0.4375” circle in the center of these two circles, just like you did in (Step 4). Keeping the width the same, resize the height of the strip to 1.00” high. Cut all pieces. Assemble the lid, without adhering the smaller circle insert.
  7. Repeat what you did in (Step 5) using the smaller circle cut-out from (Step 6).
  8. Open 9.svg of the ribbon strip. Resize to 11.7” wide. (This strip wraps around the top tier.) Open 9.svg, again resizing to 11.7” wide. This time, open a 11.7” wide by 0.50” high, and weld that to the bottom of the strip, and group. Make 4 copies. Should look like Diagram 3. Cut.
  9. Wrap all the ribbon strips around the tiers. Since each strip is not long enough to wrap around the tier, you will need to overlap them. Do your best to align the patterns together.
  10. Open the bottom.svg of the firecracker, and resize to 6.0” wide. Break apart and delete the stars, the little strip between the stars, and the smaller circle. Regroup the barrel piece. Keeping the width the same, resize the barrel piece to 5.0” high. Make a copy of the barrel piece, flip, and weld the pieces together, such that the flaps will be on both sides. Make a copy of the circle (should be 1.804” wide) and place 0.4375” circle in the center, just like you did in the previous steps. See Diagram 4. Cut 2 of these. Assemble the barrels. It helps to curve the barrel cut-outs first, and be patient in adhering the barrel ends together. You will need to hold them together for a bit. (If you have a washi tape that matches with your papers, you can tape it together as well) Adhere the circles to both ends.
  11. Now the fun begins! Insert the thick wooden dowel in the middle of the bottom tier. Use hot glue gun to adhere this in to place. Then, insert one of the barrels down the dowel. Adhere the barrel down to the bottom tier. Insert the middle tier down the dowel. Adhere this to the barrel. Insert another barrel and adhere this to the middle tier. Finish off with adhering the barrel to the top tier. Note: The wooden dowel will stick out at the top. That is okay. I purposely designed it in such way that it does not require using a saw! You can simply cut a party hat to cover it.
  12. Embellish! ATC boxes were used as presents, and a border strip was used as a ‘banner’ for the word ‘birthday’. I wrapped the ends of the strip onto a wooden stick to make it look like a ‘ribbon’. Add buttons, trims… whatever your little heart desires. Have fun!

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • For what occasion or purpose would you want to create this stand? This will determine several things: papers, colors, and embellishments that would fit the stand. Of course, it’s always a classic to make a stand for a birthday party, but it would be gorgeous to make one for a wedding with pretty flowers from 3D Flowers SVG Kit, make it all spooky for Halloween with spiders hanging down the tiers, and add a witch flying in the sky on the top tier. Perhaps, you are inspired to make this for Christmas – and how fun would it be to make this into a tree, and hang down some ornaments from the tiers and place an angel at the top? The possibilities are endless, be creative and have fun embellishing it!
  • Pick colors and patterns that go well together. If you are not sure what goes, choose a collection with smaller print pattern papers, and that should do the trick. If you are a little more confident – go with your ‘style’. Pick out colors and patterns that you envision in your head and make sure that they go together before cutting.
  • If you follow my steps exactly, you will notice that the wooden dowel will stick out of the top. As I mentioned earlier, I designed it to omit having to saw the dowel. If you would like, you can cut the extra portion of the dowel off. Place another circle on top to cover the dowel. This way, you can even use the top tier to add extra treats! or embellishments without having to hide the dowel.
  • 3D Numbers SVG Kit is not necessary. I only used that kit for the pennants, as they have score lines, but feel free to make your own, or use pennants from other SVG kits.
  • If you are feeling adventurous, you can even cut out doilies to be placed on each tier. Remember to cut out a hole in the center so you can insert through the wooden rod when assembling.
  • There are many 3D files available through SVG Cuts that you can add onto this project. For example, I made a teacup and a teapot from Tea for You and Me SVG Kit. In that kit, you’ll find tea boxes as well. It would be so cute to make a matching napkin holder from the recent Football Party SVG Kit, or perhaps, you may want to make matching gift bags and boxes to match with your theme!

This may look a bit intimidating, but it’s actually super simple! (It’s the embellishments that make it a bit more tedious!) You can even create this all in white with no embellishments and would still look very classy! I hope that you give it a try because this stand is sure to be the talk of your next party!

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