Spooky Cuties Candy Dish by Thienly Azim

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How fun would it be to customize the candy dish from Midnight Jamboree SVG Kit? With the step-by-step tutorial that I’ll be covering with you today, you can change that candy dish into pretty much any scene or theme  that you’d like!

SVG Collections Used

Midnight Jamboree SVG Kit
Spooky Cuties SVG Collection

Supplies Used

  • Paper – My Mind’s Eye – Mischievous collection, kraft FUNDAY collection, AC Cardstock
  • Burlap
  • Canvas
  • Jute twine (thin and thick)
  • Button
  • White and black pen
  • Scotch Quick-dry Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun


Midnight Jamboree SVG Kit - Candy Dish
box.svg 11.4" wide black
panels.svg 11.4" wide various patterned papers
Spooky Cuties SVG Collection
white.svg 1.50" wide cream
bat.svg 1.50" wide black
fence.svg 1.50" wide (one to weld onto the box, one to cut) brown
ghost.svg 2.00" wide cream
Haunted House
black.svg 4.50" wide black
bottom_layer.svg 4.50" wide (one to weld onto the box, one to cut) cream
Jack O'Lantern - Small
white.svg 0.75" wide cream
stem.svg 0.75" wide orange patterned paper
pumpkin.svg 0.75" wide cream
Jack O'Lantern - Tall
stem.svg 0.421" wide brown
white.svg 0.210" wide cream
pumpkin.svg 0.746" wide orange patterned paper
black.svg 1.30" wide (cut 2 - one is for the wired bat) black
white.svg 1.30" wide cream
moon.svg 1.30" wide (one to weld onto the box, one to cut) orange striped paper
white.svg 0.296" wide cream
wrappings.svg 1.267" wide cream
tan.svg 1.512" wide beige
bones.svg 1.20" wide cream
bottom_layer.svg 1.20" wide black
BOO' Font - colour me purple (click here to download)
BOO 1.30" text size and shadow 1.0 brown
BOO shadow base line up text, shadow 3.0 and weld cream


  1. Open Candy Dish box.svg, and rotate it 90 degrees counter clockwise. (Diagram 1)
  2. With the file selected, right-click and select "Break Apart".
  3. Select the score lines by dragging a selection box around all of them. (Diagram 2)
  4. Once the score lines are selected, right click and click "Lock"
  5. From SCAL/eCAL basic shapes, take a horizontal rectangle and make it big enough to cover the whole pumpkin and cat image. (Diagram 3)
  6. Select BOTH images (box.svg and rectangle.svg) and right click, choose Path, and select ‘Back Minus Front.’ (Diagram 4)
  7. Place the Haunted House bottom_layer.svg, moon.svg and fence.svg on the box.svg and weld. Click on the preview and it should look like (Diagram 5) Cut.
  8. Cut the rest of the files, and embellish. For the flying bat, cut a piece of wire, wrap around a pen to achieve the coil. Use hot glue to adhere into place. Use black pen to draw in eyes and mouth, use white to add fangs. For the ‘treat bags’ for the two spooky cuties in the back, cut a little piece of canvas into a fish shape, and tie with jute twine. For the one that the ghost is carrying, cut a little circle canvas (about 1” diameter) and bring the sides into center, and tie with twine. I took another short piece to make a little handle, too! The banner that sits behind the word “BOO” is hand cut. It is about 4.75” wide by 0.5” high and cut a ’v’ off of one end to make it into a banner.


Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Do you have a certain type of candy in mind? Do you know exactly what you’d like to place inside the dish? If you do – use coordinating papers to match the treats!
  • I inked the edges here to give it a spooky feel. (Used black ink, except for the Haunted House, I used white ink) If you want more of a vibrant look, avoid inking.
  • Texture and dimension always add to ANY project. Here, I used canvas, burlap, twine, buttons, and wire. It adds interest. You can also add rhinestones, brads, glitter, pretty much anything that you can adhere!
  • You can string through 4 short pieces of twine through the two button holes to create a ‘spider.’ I used the same size eyes that I used for the tall Jack O’Lantern.

By being able to ‘delete’ a portion of an SVG file, you can create pretty much anything! With this one, I just changed it into a different Halloween scene, but you can create a Christmas one by welding on a Christmas tree, etc. You can simply add some hearts or even weld on the word ‘Love’ for Valentine’s Day. Endless Possibilities! Let the fun crafting begin!

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