Forest Friends Greeting Card By Brigit Mann

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I just love taking seasonal cards and changing them up. A color switch, some added elements and you have a brand new card to give to that special someone. I took the Maple Forest Card from the September Scenes Stand-Up Cards SVG Kit and gave it a delightful summer twist.

SVG Collections Used

September Scenes Stand-Up Cards SVG Kit
Mothers Garden SVG Kit
Christmas Morning SVG Collection
Easter Morning Egg Hunt SVG Collection
Veggie Garden SVG Collection Part 2
Freebie Blustery Owl (Click To Download)

Supplies Used

Patterned and Solid Papers
Embossing Folder
Sentiment Stamp


September Scenes Stand-Up Cards SVG Kit - Maple Forest Card
dark brown.svg 9.17 x 5.501 h dark brown
rear_background.svg 4.25 x 5.500 h sky pattern paper
light_sage.svg 4.25 x 2.824 h green pattern paper
dark_sage.svg 4.249 x 2.265 h green glitter paper
dark_red.svg 8.501 x 2.427 h green glitter paper
red.svg 4.251 x 1.419 h green glitter paper
med_brown.svg 2.830 x 4.388 h dark brown
Christmas Morning SVG Collection - Rudolph
brown_dark.svg 1.626 x 2.790 h tan
brown_light 1.625 x 2.781 h light tan
tan.svg 1.625 x 1.104 h white
red.svg 1.628 x 0.202 h black
hooves.svg 1.624 x 0.181 h black
cream.svg 1.626 x 0.633 h white
Mothers Garden SVG Kit - Glove Box
brown.svg 1.003 x 0.537 h pattern paper
Easter Morning Egg Hunt SVG Collection - Bunnies
sitting.svg 0.857 x 1.390 h white
Veggie Garden SVG Collection Part 2
morn_glories_middle.svg 1.513 x 0.649 h pink
morn_glories_middle.svg 1.861 x 0.798 h pink
Blustery Owl (Free SVG)
brown.svg 1.195 x 0.639 h tan
yellow.svg 1.192 x 0.198 h yellow
dark_brown.svg 1.191 x 0.736 h dark brown


  1. For the hole in the tree create a 0.623 x 0.888 (uncheck keep proportions) oval using a circle from basic shapes. Place the oval over the medium_brown.svg, (tree) select both, go to path and do a back minus front or join.
  2. Make another copy of the red.svg, (leaves), I used ten total.
  3. Make a copy of the sitting.svg, (bunny) and change its appearance to blackout.
  4. Cut all your pieces out.
  5. Assemble the owl first, he has to go in between the layers of the tree peeking out of the hole that was created.
  6. Follow the directions that came with the card to assemble. I didn’t use all the pieces but you surely can.
  7. Assemble the deer and bunny and glue to card.
  8. Stamp any sentiment that will fit inside.
  9. I cut the flowers in two sizes and placed around the card in the desired spots.
  10. Do the same with the leaves.
  11. Put gems on butterfly and attach to front.

Design Tips

Brigit - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Emboss both tree layers, it will make them stand out a little more.
  • Ink all or some of your edges, this will really make them pop.
  • When dealing with small pieces I cut them on white cardstock and color them with markers. I use ProMarkers, they blend quite nicely and I love how the pieces look.
  • I also use markers to add dimension. You can see in this card how I used them on the owl, trees and flowers.

I hope you get a chance to create my Forest Friends or go through your seasonal cards and projects and see how you can change them up!! -Brigit


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