Doggie House Gift Box by Thienly Azim

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How fun would it be to give some puppy treats inside a doggie house box? It would even make perfect favour boxes if you’re ever holding a birthday party for your dog! I’ll show you how you can make an adorable doghouse using Gingerbread Chalet SVG files!

SVG Collections Used

Gingerbread Chalet Village SVG Kit
Doggie Pals Part 1 SVG Collection
Doggie Pals Part 2 SVG Collection
Easter Morning Egg Hunt SVG Collection

Supplies Used

AC Cardstock
Patterned Paper (I used Echo Park This & That Charming papers)
Foam tape
Double sided adhesive
Scotch Quick dry glue
Cuttlebug Embossing folder – distressed stripes
Ink for distressing


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to the dimensions shown below. If chart only indicated width OR height, Use "Keep Properties" or "Aspect Lock" to size files.

Gingerbread Chalet Village SVG Kit
Gingerbread Chalet 3
frosting.svg 14.0" wide (break apart, and cut only the window frame)
gingerbread1.svg 15.0" wide wood patterned paper
gingerbread2.svg 15.0" wide wood patterned paper
trim.svg 15.0" wide light brown patterned paper
Gingerbread Chalet 1
door.svg 19.0" wide (blackout) (this piece gets cut out from the gingerbread1.svg)
Doggie Pals Part 1 SVG Collection
woof.svg 1.178" wide black
balltop.svg 0.60" wide yellow
ballbot.svg 0.60" wide white
leashbot.svg 3.26" wide black
leashtop.svg 3.26" wide red
teddytop.svg 1.35" wide light brown
teddymid1.svg 1.35" wide dark brown
teddymid2.svg 1.35" wide cream
teddybot.svg 1.35" wide beige
shoetop.svg 1.54" wide grey
shoebot.svg 1.54" wide aqua
collarbot.svg 1.00" wide grey
collartop.svg 1.00" wide black
tugtop.svg 1.75" wide orange
tugbot.svg 1.75" wide light orange
Doggie Pals Part 2 SVG Collection
beagletop.svg 2.80" wide dark brown
beaglemid.svg 2.80" wide medium brown
beaglebot.svg 2.80" wide cream
newpapertop.svg 2.00" wide (delete border) dark blue
dishtop.svg 1.25" wide light grey
dishbot.svg 1.25" wide dark grey
firehydtop.svg 0.92" wide dark red
firehydbot.svg 0.92" wide light red
bone1.svg 2.58" wide light beige
Easter Morning Egg Hunt SVG Collection
Strips - grass2.svg 8.00" wide (cut 3) green patterned paper
SCAL Basic Shapes
horizontal rectangle (newspaper) 2.5" wide by 1.75" high (cut 2) text patterned paper
horizontal rectangle (shingles) 1.00" wide by 0.50" high (cut as many as you need - I used about 160) dark brown
horizontal rectangle (top roof strip) 4.20" wide by 0.70" high dark brown


  1. Open gingerbread1.svg. Break apart, and delete all the small circles, windows and the door. Regroup each pieces separately and repeat for gingerbread2.svg.
  2. Open frosting.svg, break apart, and regroup the window only (delete all the other files) Cut. Place this window on the back panel of the gingerbread2.svg in the center. Break apart and delete the border to leave 4 rectangles.
  3. Open door.svg from Gingerbread Chalet 1 (break apart and delete the middle opening), and place this in the front bottom middle of gingerbread2.svg. Cut all pieces.
  4. Assemble the bottom part of the house. Cut shingles by using horizontal rectangle from SCAL Basic Shapes. You can Copy, and use Auto Fill function under Edit to easily place many rectangles on a page. Cut.
  5. Take the roof cut-outs and starting from the bottom, adhere a strip of double sided tape along the bottom. Place shingles in a layer, overlapping them a bit. If some of the pieces hang out, don’t worry – just trim them off at the end.
  6. Repeat by placing another strip of double-side tape and stagger the tiles. Repeat until you have covered the whole roof piece. (It’s okay to have a bit of uncovered area at the top as the top roof strip will be covering it. Trim off the any sides that are hanging out. Repeat for the other roof piece as well.
  7. Assemble the roof, and place the top roof strip
  8. For the newspaper, cut two pieces of rectangle, and fold each piece in half without being perfect. Place one inside the other and you may use foam tape to add ‘thickness’ to the newspaper.
  9. Cut rest of the pieces and embellish the box. (For the collar, you will need to cut a slit in the back to place around the dog’s neck.)

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  1. How cute would it be to personalize this gift box? You can choose your ‘dog’ from various files available in Doggie Pals Part 1 and Part 2 SVG Collection. You can also cut out the doggie’s name to add onto the bone.
  2. You may add texture to the roof shingles using an embossing machine. I used Cuttlebug Distressed Stripes folder. You may also curl each of the ends or ink each piece as well, to give a different look.
  3. To add dimension to the grass, you may ‘pleat’ the strip, or fold randomly to add to the fun. I used foam tape to adhere to the house. You may curl or ink some of the grass to further add dimension.
  4. Rather than using a bag inside to hold treats, you may also seal the open window and the door by adding acetate from behind.
  5. You may also add extra embellishments, such as butterflies, flowers and bugs. Have fun with it!

This is a simple project but it’s sure to capture the hearts of doggie lovers. You may also use this box to hold some memorable keepsake items of your dog, or alter the back window into a photo frame to hold that special picture of your pal. Even if you don’t have dogs, my kids were ecstatic to play with this, so I hope that you give it a try!


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