Summer Street Carnival SVG Kit

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SVG Kit Description

It wouldn't be Summer without visiting the festivals and carnivals that come to town! Create a fun, playful birthday party or set the scene for Summer at your house with our super fun Ferris Wheel, Funhouse Birthday Card, Carnival Tent Box, versatile Cupcake Wrapper and Scrapbook Page!  The Ferris Wheel really does spin (gently of course) and is mostly meant to be a decorative party centerpiece, but if you're careful you can put little baggies of lightweight gumdrops or cotton candy in each basket. Use some paper "grass" from the craft store to bulk up the candy without adding weight.


The Carnival Tent Box measures 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5" (not including the flag).  The Cupcake Wrapper fits standard-sized cupcakes and can be resized to accomodate larger or smaller cupcakes. The Ferris Wheel stands about 14" tall and uses 20" of .25" thick wooden dowel (cut into eight 2" pieces and one 4" piece).  Small craft hand saw recommended (Michaels sells them next to the wooden dowels and with a 40% off coupon, they are less than five dollars).  The long wooden dowels at Michaels cost about fifty cents (you'll just need one). The Funhouse Birthday Card is 5.5 x 6.75" and the Scrapbook Page is 12x12 and uses three 4x6" photos.


Assembly Tutorial


SCAL2, SCAL3, ECAL, MTC, etc.  Sorry 12x6 mat users, most of these projects have pieces that are just too large to fit on your mat.  12x6 mat users can only create the raffle tickets and the Cupcake Wrapper.

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