Travel Memorabilia Luggage Box by Thienly Azim

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If you’re like me, you love to preserve tickets, brochures, maps and collect little souvenirs from where you have traveled. This project is another way for me to cherish and reminisce my trips. Wouldn’t it be extra special to have a designated box for all your keepsakes? These luggage boxes and camera case make the perfect place to treasure your memories.

SVG Collections Used


3D Letters SVG Kit
Big Boutique and Boxes SVG Kit
Ryan’s Play Date SVG Kit
Buckles SVG Collection
Tags Galore SVG Collecton

Luggage Stickers

Destination London SVG Collection
Amelie’s Accessories SVG Kit
Thanksgiving Dinner SVG Kit
Beach Bum II SVG Collection


Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit
December Gifts SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • Core’dinations cardstock
  • Sewing machine/thread
  • Brads (small and large size)
  • Jute twine
  • Acetate
  • Ink (for distressing)
  • Scotch Quick-dry Adhesive


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to the dimensions shown below. If chart only indicated width OR height, Use "Keep Properties" or "Aspect Lock" to size files.

Rounded Luggage

3D Letters SVG Kit - D
d1.svg 13.3" wide (bottom) and 13.4" wide (lid) light brown
d2.svg 13.3" wide (bottom) and 13.4" wide (lid) light brown
Buckles SVG Collection
oval1.svg 1.04" wide (cut 3) grey
Ryan's Play Date SVG Kit - Playful Box
lid_top.svg 8.30" wide tan, dark brown, grey
handle.svg 4.36" wide

Rectangular Luggage

Big Boutique and Boxes SVG Kit - Rectangle
box_bottom.svg 10.0" wide by 5.5" wide dark brown
lid_top.svg 10.0" wide by 5.6" wide dark brown
box_sides.svg see instructions dark brown
SCAL Basic Shape Library
rectangle.svg (top belt) 0.75" wide by 8.70" high (cut 2) tan
rectangle.svg (bottom belt) 0.75" wide by 9.00" high (cut 2) tan
circle.svg (corner protectors) 1.50" wide (cut 8) light brown
Buckles SVG Collection
rectangle2.svg 0.75" wide grey
Ryan's Play Date SVG Kit - Playful Box
lid_top.svg 8.30" wide dark brown
handle.svg 4.36" wide light brown, dark brown, grey

Luggage Tags

Tags Galore SVG Collection 0.85" wide brown
3.svg 0.90" wide light brown
SCAL Basic Shapes Library (for 3.svg tag) 0.83" wide by 1.13" high with 0.63" wide by 0.93" high rectangle placed in center light brown
rectangle.svg (tag frame) (for 3.svg tag) 0.83" wide by 1.13" high acetate
rectangle.svg (for 12.svg tag) 0.76" wide by 1.16" high with 0.56" wide by 0.96" high rectangle placed in center dark brown
rectangle.svg (tag frame) (for 12.svg tag) 0.76" wide by 1.16" high acetate

Luggage Labels


Destination London SVG Collection
bus_bot.svg 2.00" wide black
bus_mid.svg 2.00" wide grey
but_top.svg 2.00" wide red
Shapes Library: Basic
rectangle.svg 2.45" wide by 1.22" high, 2.45" wide by 1.85" high white and grey
Font - Arial Narrow 0.80" (Text Box Size, shadow 0.3) black


Amelie's Accessories SVG Kit - Eiffel Tower Box - Extras - 1D Eiffel Tower
tower_bottom.svg 1.47" wide grey
tower_top.svg 1.47" wide black
Font - Impact 0.80" (Text Box Size) red
Shapes Library: Basic
rectangle.svg 1.9" wide by 2.6" high white
square.svg 1.75" wide blue


Free SVG - Sunny Florida Caption (03.14.2011)
dark_green.svg 2.62" wide green
leaf_bottom.svg 2.62" wide green
leaf_top.svg 2.62" wide green
oranges.svg 2.62" wide orange and yellow
stem.svg 2.62" wide brown
white.svg 2.62" wide white

Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas Caption - Click To Download
vegas_sign_blue.svg 2.50" wide blue
vegas_sign.svg 2.50" wide red
vegas_sign_white.svg 2.50" wide white
vegas_sign_yellow.svg 2.50" wide yellow


Beach Bum II SVG Collection
sb1.svg 0.70" wide white
sb_bot.svg 0.70" wide red
Shapes Library: Basic
oval.svg 2.60" wide by 1.30" high, 2.80" wide by 1.50" high blue and white
Font - Baveuse 0.80" (Text Box Size) yellow


Thanksgiving Dinner SVG Kit - Plate Leaf 1.50" wide
Shapes Library: Basic 1.95" wide black
square.svg 0.80" (Text Box Size, shadow 0.1) white
Font - Blue Highway


Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit - Matchbox
inner_box.svg 10.0" wide black
outer_box.svg 10.0" wide black
December Gifts SVG Kit - Short Cylinder
top.svg 5.25" wide black
SCAL Basic Shape Library
rectangle.svg (top panel 1) 1.25" wide by 0.80" high white
rectangle.svg(top panel 2) 1.90" wide by 0.80" high tan
rectangle.svg (top panel 3) 0.80" wide by 0.80" high grey
rectangle.svg (bottom panel) 4.30" wide by 2.15" high brown
rectangle.svg (camera strap) 11.0" wide by 0.40" high brown
circle.svg (camera button) 0.70" wide (cut 10) black
circle.svg (camera lens) 1.96" wide acetate
circle.svg (lens opening) 2.009" wide this doesn't get cut


Rounded Luggage

  1. Open d1.svg and d2.svg at 13.4” wide. (See diagram A – not shown to scale, but this is what it should look like) This will form the lid of the suitcase. Break apart, delete one of the D, delete the inside cut of the other D, and parts associated with inside. Regroup each piece separately. (diagram B)

    Diagram A

  2. Arrange the side panels so that they all are lined horizontally. Adjust the height to 1.00” high. Cut all the pieces.
  3. Now, open d1.svg and d2.svg at 13.3” wide. This will form the bottom of the suitcase. Redo exactly what you did in step 1, but you do not need to change the height. Cut.
  4. If you are planning on inking/sanding or machine stitching – do before assembling.
  5. Arrange the side panels around the ‘D’ – making sure that you get the orientation of the panels correct. Adhere the thin strips from step 1 to the larger D. Adhere the thicker strips onto the smaller D. The glue panels on one side that are not adhered need to be trimmed off. Do this carefully. (You can also trim it off before adhering – just need to make sure you’re cutting off the correct sides)

    Diagram B

  6. Once you have the top lid and bottom assembled, you will need to adhere them together. In order to do this, cut a slit through both corners such that the straight side panel no longer connects with the rest of the sides. Glue the inner straight side and adhere to the outside of the bottom D.
  7. Cut lid_top.svg from Ryan’s Play Date SVG Kit (scrap piece of paper is okay) and place this where you would like the handle to be. (Do this with the lid closed so that the handle does not get in the way of the lid) Mark the points and using a tiny circle punch, make an opening. Cut the handle.svg, assemble and attach to the suitcase.
  8. Making a buckle closure: Cut buckle pieces out and glue on top of each other. Punch a small hole through the front lid and using a brad, attach the buckle to the back of the lid through the upper buckle opening. (Make sure that the lower opening is fully exposed, and the bottom of the buckle should hang down.) Place another brad through the bottom D where the opening of the buckle from the top meets. The suitcase is kept shut by having this buckle around the brad on the bottom D. (I used larger brad, but you may want to resize the buckle depending on your brad size.)

Rectangular Luggage

  1. Cut box_bottom.svg and lid_top.svg as indicated.
  2. Open the box_sides.svg, and break apart. Resize the large side to 9.91” wide by 2.80” high, and the small side to 6.25” wide by 2.80” high. Cut two each. These will form sides for the box_bottom.svg. Reopen the box_sides.svg again, break apart, and then reside the larger side to 10.0” wide by 1.0” high and the smaller side to 6.37” wide by 1.00” high. Cut two of these. These will be for the lid_top.svg. If you want to add stitching or inking, do it now.
  3. Assemble the lid and the bottom, and adhere to one another by cutting a slit in the two corners of a longer side of the lid, just like in the rounded luggage.
  4. Repeat step 7 from the Rounded Suitcase Instructions. If you are advanced, you can always delete the frame off of the lid_top.svg and place the grouped circles onto one of the bottom side panels and have the machine cut it out.
  5. Making straps: Cut all the strips out, and on the shorter strips, you can make the ends pointy if you’d prefer. Stitch and ink if desired. Adhere the shorter strip on the lid, starting from where the lid sides begin at the back. Glue down the strip over the front of the luggage except for the side with handle. Take the longer strip (stitch and ink) and wrap a little bit of the belt through the buckle and glue at the back. Start where the lid meets the box and glue the strip from the non-buckle end by wrapping around the bottom of the luggage. You should be left with the buckle end enough to insert through the belt from the top (keep this side unglued).
  6. Making corner protectors: Cut 8 circles. Fold in half, and in another half. Cut a slit through one of the fold into the center. Fold one of the flaps into the other side, making it into a three-sided ‘cup’ (Do this for 6 of them). Attach this to all corners except for the luggage corner the opens. For this, cut a quarter out from what you’ve folded and glue it exactly onto those corners.


Cut pieces out. Adhere the acetate to the frame cut-out. Then, adhere the frame onto the tag only on three sides, so you can insert a label inside.


  1. Open outer_box.svg and place the circle.svg (lens opening 2.009” wide) and place it over where you would like the lens to sit. Cut.
  2. Place rectangle.svg (bottom panel) directly on top of the first cut. Delete the outer_box.svg., select both the circle.svg and the rectangle.svg, right-click, and choose ‘front minus back’. You should be left with a rectangle with a portion of your circle deleted. Cut this panel out.
  3. Open top.svg and resize. Break apart, and regroup each cut separately. Take the side strip, rotate it so that it lies horizontally. Copy and paste, rotate the copy by 180 and weld. You should now have glue side strip on both sides. Cut all pieces. Assemble the lens by gluing acetate between the two circle ring to form the ‘lens’. Attach this ‘lens’ onto the outer_box.svg by gluing the flaps onto the back. Assemble the rest and make the inner_box.svg. Adhere the rest of the panels and the strap (adhered by a brad). The camera button circles need to be glued on top of each other.

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  1. To get the worn feel of the luggage, I used the Core’dination cardstock. They can be sanded down to expose different color of the inner core. You can also ink the edges to give similar distressed feel, or do both! If you don’t like the distressed look, you can even use fun bright colors without inking to make a simple décor for kids’ rooms!
  2. Stitching the box gives it more realistic feel. If you don’t have access to a sewing machine, you can either make stitch marks with a pen or even get ‘faux-stitch’ stamps.
  3. Many different collections are used for luggage stickers, but feel free to make your own! There’s Statue of Liberty that is perfect for New York, or you can use elephant from Exotic Indian treasures for India, or even cherry blossoms SVG for Japan. Get creative!
  4. You can even make inside pockets and compartments inside the box to make it even more realistic! These pockets can be a perfect spot for gift cards and tickets!

These boxes can also be filled with travel items, such as candies and little activity books, mini maps, notebooks and pen. Or use it as a “have a great trip” gift. It would be perfect for newly weds going away on their honeymoon, or to a newly retired couple going away for the first time. The luggage can also resemble a suitcase by making it more masculine and omitting the luggage labels. A suitcase would make a perfect gift box for Father’s Day!

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