Mother’s Day Printers Tray by Thienly Azim

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Printers tray (shadowbox) is so popular right now – as you can customize to your theme/occasion, and they make a great gift too! Have you ever thought to make one of these out from SVG Cuts files? Mary has made one of these recently (Curio Box from the Attic Treasures SVG Kit) but I’ll show you how it can also be done with the Classic Advent Calendar SVG Kit!

SVG Collections Used

Classic Christmas Advent Calendar SVG Kit
Kate’s Silhouettes SVG Collection
Crush on You Boxes SVG Kit
Doilies SVG Collection
Amelie’s Accessories SVG Kit
Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG Kit
Antique Skeleton Keys SVG Collection
Window Townhouse SVG Collection
Crafty Mice SVG Collection
Sew Crafty SVG Kit
Celeste’s Cutesy Corners SVG Collection
An Afternoon at Auntie Elaine’s SVG Collection
Iris Fold Cards SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • American Crafts Cardstock (white)
  • Patterned Papers (I used My Mind’s Eye: Stella & Rose and Miss Caroline collections)
  • Eyelets
  • Twine
  • Crinkled Ribbons
  • Lace
  • Buttons
  • Pearls
  • Mini Pearl Strand (purse handle)
  • Pins
  • Hitch Fastenator (Tim Holtz) – used as a knob to hang the cameo
  • Stamps (Unity Stamp Company, Martha Stewart and Basic Grey)
  • Ink (for stamps and distressing)
  • Scotch Quick-dry Glue
  • Heat Glue Gun
  • Foam Tape


Printers Tray Face (Click Here To Download)
printers_tray_face.svg 11.6" wide white
Classic Christmas Advent Calendar SVG Kit
sides. svg 0.8" wide by 11.6" high (cut 2), 0.8" wide by 6.764" high (cut 2) (IMPORTANT: see instructions before cutting) white
back.svg 11.6" wide by 6.764" high white
interior_boxes1.svg 17.25" wide (see instructions before cutting) white
interior_boxes2.svg 17.25" wide (see instructions before cutting) white
Kate's Silhouettes SVG Collection
Mom1 with Baby
dress.svg 2.02" wide pink patterned paper
figure.svg 1.297" wide dark brown
top1.svg 0.707" wide dark navy
middle.svg 0.984" wide cream
bottom.svg 1.129" wide dark brown
Crush on You Boxes SVG Kit
rose.svg 3.16" wide, 3.41" wide and 3.91" wide pink, light pink, butter yellow
Doilies SVG Collection
1_long_corner.svg 2.823" wide white
3_long_corner.svg 3.067" wide white
Amelie's Accessories SVG Kit
Adele's Purse
purse.svg 2.75" wide pink patterned paper
Sabine's Shoe Card
shoe.svg 1.282" wide cream patterned paper
sole.svg 1.281" wide dark brown
card_base.svg 2.459" wide tan
Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG Kit
fence.svg 3.125" wide wood patterned paper
Antique Skeleton Keys SVG Collection
1.svg 2.38" wide gun metal grey
Window Townhouse SVG Collection
1.svg 1.911" wide white
1_bottom.svg 1.911" wide blue patterned paper
Crafty Mice SVG Collection
ruler_top.svg 0.456" wide kraft
ruler_bottom.svg 0.456" wide dark brown
safety_pin.svg 1.452" wide silver
thread_spool2.svg 0.745" wide (blackout) beige
thread_spool3.svg 0.802" wide (blackout) tan
Sew Crafty SVG Kit
tag.svg 1.344" wide kraft
Celeste's Cutesy Corners SVG Collection
easel1_top.svg 0.955" wide tan
easel1_bottom.svg 0.962" wide brown
An Afternoon at Auntie Elaine's SVG Collection
teacup_top.svg 1.112" wide tan/brown
teacup_bottom.svg 1.112" wide green patterned paper
teapot_top.svg 1.243" wide dark brown
teapot_bottom.svg 1.243" wide green patterned paper
flatware.svg 1.40" wide (blackout) silver
Iris Fold Cards SVG Kit (Baby Buggy Card)
Extras - Simple Baby Carriage
awning.svg 2.736" wide pink patterned paper
bottom.svg 2.736" wide floral patterned paper
handle.svg 2.736" wide white
wheels_bottom.svg 2.736" wide grey
SCAL Basic Shapes Library
rectangle_vertical.svg 2.875" wide by 0.5" high wood patterned paper (for tea set box)
Background Box Liners (see instructions for simple way to do this, but here's the measurements for your reference)
rectangle_vertical.svg Box 3: 2.349" wide by 2.531" high various patterned paper
Box 4: 2.875" wide by 1.227" high various patterned paper
Box 6: 2.348" wide by 3.098" high various patterned paper
Box 7: 2.875" wide by 2.646" high various patterned paper
Box 8: 2.875" wide by 1.260" high various patterned paper
Box 9: 5.021" wide by 2.288" high various patterned paper
Box 10: 3.239" wide by 3.341" high various patterned paper
Box 11: 1.296" wide by 3.341" high various patterned paper


  1. Cut the printers_tray_face.svg and back.svg.
  2. Cut the pieces needed from interior_boxes1.svg and interior_boxes2.svg. To do this, resize both of the svgs to 17.25” wide. Break apart, then select each of the interior boxes with scoring marks and group them together. It’s easier to work with if you delete the unnecessary boxes. You’ll be needing boxes: 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. To cut boxes 9 and 10, you’ll need to rotate the file diagonally to fit into the mat.
  3. Open the sides.svg on the mat. Do Not Resize. Select break apart, and select each strip with its scoring lines and group. Then, you resize to the measurements given and then cut.
  4. If you would like a string at the top (allows you to hang), make two holes on one of the longer sides.svg (mine was 4.5” apart) and reinforce with eyelets. String through the holes and tie on the inside.
  5. Assemble the printers tray.
  6. Cut background box liners: take the printers_tray_face.svg, break apart and delete the frame. You can cut these rectangles with various papers to form the background liner for each boxes.
  7. Embellish as needed.


Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Think of each box as one ‘message’. What kind of message do you want to convey? What items would signify your message? Then look of items that would fit that space. Don’t choose too many items – or else, it gets way too busy!
  • Each box has its own message, but they are all part of one story. Do each of the messages flow to another? Even if it doesn’t, using similar colors/styles of paper will bring it together.
  • Have a focus point (or points)! It grabs people’s attention. It makes the project more interesting. For my project, the initial focus point should be the silhouette. Then, hopefully you see the flowers. Finally, you see all the details inside all the boxes.
  • Don’t be afraid to use some texture! Ink it! Tie with ribbons! Dress up with lace! Instead of round little circles, can you use some pearls? Eyelets? Get creative! As long as you can adhere it – anything goes!
  • Use foam adhesive! In these types of projects, it’s important to have dimension. Instead of adhering all embellishments all at one level, give it some style by making some items pop! I even used several layers of foam adhesive for some items!
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, you can adjust the depth of the boxes by widening the sides.svg and the interior_boxes.svg. (If you make yours deep – you will need to trim off the tabs a bit between the boxes to fit).

By using this method, you can totally customize your own printers tray! Don’t panic about the number of collections/kits that I’ve used – all you need is the Classic Christmas Advent Calendar SVG Kit to make the tray! Think of mine as an example, and you can make it exactly like this, or if you’re feeling adventurous – how you want to embellish the tray is up to YOU!

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