Tackle Box Gift Set by Tamara Tripodi

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If you’re like me, you’re always stumped on what to get him. Your husband, dad, son-in-law, etc. I came up with this fun idea to create a tackle box gift set for the outdoorsman in your life! You could adapt this to any theme; camping, boating, hunting, etc. Have fun with it! It’s sure to surprise him!

SVG Collections Used

Ryan’s Play Date SVG Kit
Attic Treasures SVG Kit
Forest County SVG Collection
Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit

Supplies Used

Echo Park Paper – This and That ’Charming’ collection
American Crafts solid cardstock
Memento Ink
Brown wire
Twine (Trendy Twine and The Twinery)
’Screw’ brads
October Afternoon buttons
Canvas Corp. kraft paper bags
Dark brown thread for machine sewing
Jillibean Soup wood label
Tan twill ribbon
October Afternoon ’bear paw’ flair


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to the dimensions shown below. If chart only indicated width OR height, Use "Keep Properties" or "Aspect Lock" to size files.

Ryan's Playdate SVG Kit (Playful Box)
handle.svg 6.10w brown patterned w/ green pattered on 'top'
lid_sides3.svg 11.50w plaid
lid_top.svg 11.50w plaid
lid_sides1.svg 11.50w plaid
lid_sides2.svg 11.50w plaid
lid_liner.svg 11.50w tan
bottom_sides1.svg 11.50w wood pattern
bottom_sides2.svg 11.50w wood pattern
bottom_sides3.svg 11.50w yellow pattern
bottom.svg 11.50w green pattern
bottom_liner.svg 11.50w green pattern
Attic Treasures SVG Kit
shelf_exteriors.svg 11.00w dark brown and 'paper' print
shelf_interioris.svg 11.00w wood pattern
sectioned_frame.svg 7.246w green pattern
nameplate_top.svg 5.50w dark brown
nameplate_bottom.svg 5.50w paper print
label_top.svg 2.00w dark brown
label_bottom.svg 2.00w tan chevron pattern
tag_bottom.svg 1.75w brown pattern
tag_top.svg 1.75w tan
oval_bracket.svg 2.50w dark brown
cigar_band.svg 3.449w light aqua blue (will weld with band.svg)
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit (Crate)
crate_board.svg 4.638w dark brown (cut 2)
Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit (Matchbox)
outer_box.svg 10.00w dark brown
inner_box.svg 10.00w wood number pattern
band.svg 10.00w light aqua blue (will weld with cigar_band.svg)
Forest County SVG Collection
Bass (flip)
eye.svg 1.274w off white
fins.svg 1.274w light blue
fish_top.svg 1.274w light green
fish_bottom.svg 1.274w dark green
Long Bobber
top.svg .697w orange
bottom.svg .697w grey
Regular Bobber
red.svg 1.060w red
white.svg 1.060w white
Fishing Hat
lure_top.svg .75w orange
lure_mid.svg .75w green
lure_bottom.svg .75w grey
hat_top.svg .75w tan
hat_bottom.svg .75w dark brown
hook.svg 1.00h dark grey
top.svg 1.00w black
bottom.svg 1.00w white
Lure 3
top.svg 1.323w orange
middle.svg 1.323w cream
bottom.svg 1.323w grey
Prine Spring
pine_spring.svg .50w dark and light green (cut several for embellishing)
pine_spring.svg .342w dark and light green (cut several for embellishing)
Pine Trees
top.svg .724w green pattern
bottom.svg .724w dark brown
metal.svg 3.50w grey
color_accents.svg 3.50w green
pole.svg 3.50w tan
top.svg 2.75w light brown
middle.svg 2.75w medium brown
bottom.svg 2.75w dark brown
Basic Shapes Library (rectangle)
1.542w x 2.465h
Pocket - Free SVG (Click Here To Download)
pocket_bottom.svg 3.372w book print pattern
Panfish - Free SVG (Click Here To Download)
fish_bottom.svg 1.796w tan
fish_top.svg 1.796w teal
Vest Card - Free SVG (Click Here To Download)
card_base.svg 9.00w tan
pockets_bottom.svg 9.00w green pattern
pockets_top.svg 9.00w paper patten
Waves Element - Free SVG (Click Here To Download)
waves_bottom.svg 2.50w light aqua blue
waves_top.svg 2.50w light blue
Dad text - Bernard MT font


  1. Start by cutting and assembling the ’Playful Box’ from Ryan’s Playdate. I inked all my edges in grey to give it a ’worn’ look. I LOVE the look of the ’screw’ head brads for this project! They worked great on the handle!
  2. Adhere the ’name plate’ to the front using glue and brads. Emebllish with pine springs and fishing pole. I ran some twine through the pole before adhering it.. keep it ’long’ so you can run it through the tag as well.
  3. Cut and assemble the tag. Add an eyelet. Cut a rectangle in your basic shapes library sized to 1.542w x 2.465h in tan paper. Adhere to the tag. Cut the hook and lure. String twine through the hook and lure then tie into a knot. Secure in place with adhesive. Finish off the tag with ’lettering’, button, and pine springs.
  4. Finish embellishing the lid with various buttons, twine, etc.
  5. Cut and assemble the curio shelf. This will fit nicely inside the box! I decorated mine with the ’label’, bobbers, twine, and wire. Set aside when complete.
  6. Cut and assemble two ’crate boards’. These are used to hold up the curio shelf inside the box. Adhere them towards the back and about 2.00” down from the top of the box. I marked where I wanted to adhere the boards with a ruler and pen so they would be even. Adhere boards inside the box.
  7. Cut the side pockets and embellish. Stitch, add eyelets, buttons, washi tape, etc. These are great for holiding a note or giftcards! Adhere one to each side of the box.
  8. Finish embellishing the box with fish, waves, loon, boat, hat, and pine trees.
  9. Cut and assemble the vest card. I sized it down to 9.00” wide so it would fit nicely inside the box. Stitching the pockets and embossing the vest make a ’simple’ card look great!
  10. Cut the matchbox ’inner’ and ’outter’ pieces and assemble. I inked the edges heavily in dark brown so it would look a bit ’worn’. I also embellished the ’inner’ part with wire and eyelets. For the matchbox band, you will want to weld on the cigar_band.svg sized to 3.449w. In eCal, SCAL, MTC, etc. layer the cigar band right over the middle of the matchbox band, group together and check the ’weld’ box. Cut and assemble. Cut the oval bracket in dark brown then ’break apart’ and just cut the ’inner’ oval piece in a wood print paper. This is going to create the ’wall mount’ for the fish. String twine through and tie around the matchbox. Cut panfish and pine springs to finish off. I adhered the panfish with adhesive foam for dimension.
  11. Finish off your gift set by filling with various candies, little gifts, photos, giftcards, etc. What a FABULOUS presentation, right?!

Design Tips

Tamara Tripodi - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • When creating this project I had originally picked some papers that just did not fit the ’theme’ or ’feel’ that I wanted for this. I wanted a slight vintage theme, muted colors, etc. So, pick out some subtle ’guy’ papers and got busy! If you want to go ’loud and outrageous’ then feel free to do so! Thinking about what your guy likes may help in choosing the feel and look for your design. Age could play into it as well! Little 10 year old Timmy might appreciate colorful and fun designs that are more ’childish’. Whereas, good ol grand-pappy Joe might like a good old fashioned look to it!
  • Do they like fishing, hunting, camping, etc? You could even turn this into a racing/toolbox theme for the ’car guy’!
  • Pick your embellishments! When I embellish I do it two ways, I either cluster things in corners/certain spots, or I add 1-2 little subtle things here and there. This has a little of both! I do like to keep things simple, solid colored buttons, solid ribbons, etc. I ’clustered’ some embellishments on top of the lid. Everything ’flows’ though. I like to stick to things in the same color tones as my paper choices, when making a project with so much going on, you don’t really want one single thing to grab your attention, think of embellishments that will work well and keep a nice ’flow’ to your project.
  • As I always say, ink the edges! I really feel with this particular project, it added a lot! Gives it a worn ’old’ look. I like it!
  • I kept the curio shelf very simple. Fill it up with giftcards, candy and such! A few small photos would be great, too! And when he’s used the ’gifts’ that were in it, it could be used to hold paper clips, pins, anything small!

I do hope you’ve enjoyed this project! I had a LOT of fun making it… I really could have added so much more to it! Take my design, tweak it and make it your own! If you give it a try, please share it with the SVG Cuts team! It’s always fun to see others take on the DT projects!

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