April Showers Bring May Flowers by Cheryl Becker

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Once again it’s time for something fresh on my front door. Here is a hat I made that I think is so fresh looking for Springtime. To me there isn’t anything more refreshing than stark white daisies with that bright yellow center! That is the inspiration for the color scheme of this project. Hope you like it!

SVG Collections Used

Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG Kit
Doilies SVG Collection
Breezy Meadow Butterflies SVG Collection
3D Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit
Free SVG File – 3D Bow
Bonus File – Ribbon

Supplies Used

  • Designer Papers
  • Pearl Accents
  • Canvas
  • Hot glue gun
  • Lace
  • Stickles glitter glue
  • Ink


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to the dimensions shown below. If chart only indicated width OR height, Use "Keep Properties" or "Aspect Lock" to size files.

Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG Kit (Picket Fence Card)
hat_top.svg (ungroup and use top section only, cut 8.481 W Yellow Patterned Paper
two. See instructions for details)
Doilies SVG Collection
2.svg 10.0 W White
2.svg (shadow blackout) 10.368 W Yellow
2.svg (shadow blackout, see not for details) 7.0 W Yellow
3D Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit (Black Eyed Susan)
petals.svg (cut 3) 3.549 W White
petals.svg (cut 7-9 as needed to fill) 2.5 W White
centers.svg (Cut 3) 3.5 W Yellow
centers.svg (Cut 7-9 as needed to fill) 2.5 W Yellow
leaves.svg (cut 2-3 per large flower) 6.375 W Green
leaves.svg (cut 2-3 per small flower, and extra for 4.498 W Green
tucking in spaces)
Breezy Meadow Butterflies SVG Collection
6_bot.svg (bottom of butterfly) 2.606 W Designer Paper
6_bot.svg (top of butterfly) 2.273 W Designer Paper
6_bot.svg (bottom of butterfly, cut 2) 2.235 W Designer Paper
6_bot.svg (top of butterfly, cut 2) 1.949 W Designer Paper
Free 3D Bow (ungroup three pieces)
bow.svg (long piece to create loops, see note) 12.888 W White
bow.svg (notched piece to create tails of bow) 7.485 W White
bow.svg (center piece for wrapping around all) 2.72 W White
bow.svg (long piece to create loops, see note. 12,888 W x 1.703 H Yellow
Uncheck "Keep Proportions"
Bonus File (See note for instructions)
bonus_ribbon.svg 11.419 W White
bonus_ribbon.svg (uncheck "Keep Proportions" 11.419 W x 1.467 H Yellow


  1. Cut out all pieces for the project of paper of your choosing. To cut the long ribbon piece, 12.888 W, you will have to rotate it on your mat. Ink edges, if desired. I recommend it, though.
  2. Take one of the two hat crown pieces. Fold on the score lines. You can always refer to the PDF for this file, as it shows how to fold the tabs as one overlaps the next, all the way around. Glue this down to the smaller scalloped circle that measures 7.0 W, the smaller of the two scallop circles. Take the second hat crown piece, fold on score lines, and glue this on top of the first hat crown piece. This gives a nice height to decorate around.
  3. I added lace to the underside of this scalloped circle. Not much may show, but you do get glimpses of it. If you don’t want to do this, you can skip it. Take this piece and glue it to the white doily piece. Now glue the entire thing to the largest yellow scalloped circle. You can decorate your hat at this point. Before going any further, flip your hat over and hot glue either ribbon or twine to the back for hanging.
  4. Assemble all of your flowers. Glue your leaves to the underside, two or three per flower. I spaced the three larger ones around first. One being in the center of the bow.
  5. To create the bow, take the white ”loop” piece first. Glue ends on the underside. Take the other ”loop” piece cut in yellow and layer over the white ”loop” making in looser as to look like a real bow would. Wrap the center tab piece around all and glue. Glue this to the white, shorter notched tails piece. Now take the bonus ribbon file and cut in half right in the center. Do this with the yellow one as well. Layer the yellow ribbon over the white to create tails that look layered, the yellow one a bit shorter. Refer to mine to see what I mean. Glue both of the ribbon tails to the back side of the bow loop part. Use your hot glue gun to adhere this to the rim of your hat.
  6. Adhere your flowers. I spaced the three largest ones first, spaced evenly. One of them being in the center of the bow. Now begin to add all the smaller daisies, filling in as you are able. Again, I used the hot glue gun for this. Also use extra leaves you cut to tuck in here and there. I also added some pearl accents I have in my stash. You could use anything as a little accent. If you don’t have anything, that is fine too. I just like that extra bling.
  7. For the butterflies, layer one smaller body onto the one that is a little larger. Bend up the wings for a nice 3D look. Do this to all three butterflies and then glue to your hat where you would like. I added a bit of glitter for added interest.
  8. I used two Pumpkin Patch Stamps and stamped onto canvas. I frayed it out a bit and then tied a piece of twine to one end to give a gathered look. Do this with two different sentiments. I also had some hat pins in my stash and stuck those into the gathered canvas. Attach to your hat with hot glue.

Design Tips

Cheryl Becker - SVGCuts Design Team

  • Take the time to ink your edges. It makes your elements look much nicer. You could also use embossing folders for added interest.
  • Take your time. Lay things in place before gluing down, you may want to shift things a bit. Add those extra goodies to give a nice, finished look to your piece.
  • Stick with fewer colors than more. It can become very busy very fast! I first had lots of different flowers in lots of different colors and it just didn’t look good. I stuck with just the white daisies and I think it is much more pleasing to the eye. So fresh!
  • Pick a patterned paper of a color scheme that is you. More of a subtle pattern is better.
  • Be careful with the hot glue gun! It can burn you very bad. Trust me, I speak from experience having been a florist.
  • Know when to stop. Adding to much can make your project look messy. Sometimes less is best.
  • Most of all, have fun and enjoy your crafting. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Sometimes just adding a nice little craft project to that little niche, end table, door, or empty spot is all it takes to lift your spirits. I like to come up to my front door and see something pretty. I always try to have a seasonal piece there. I hope you will give this a try and see how it brings a smile to your face. Happy Crafting! ~ Cheryl

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