Blossom Bunny Decoration by Tamara Tripodi

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Who doesn’t love to whip up a quick and easy decorative piece? I love decorating for the holidays, and sometimes decorations can be pricey! You can make a whole family of bunnies (or even other animals!) with a few SVG collections and paper!

SVG Collections Used

Happy Birthday to You Kit
Cuddly Animals SVG Collection
3D Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit
Spring Bunnies SVG Collection
Free 3D Bow 2/24/12
Hippity Hoppity SVG Kit (Optional Carrot Crackers)

Supplies Used

  • Adhesive (glue, adhesive foam, and hot glue)
  • My Little Shoebox floral print paper
  • Echo Park polka dot paper
  • American Crafts solid cardstock
  • Epiphany Crafts Shape Tool (round)
  • Googly eyes
  • Ink
  • Craft knife


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to the dimensions shown below. If chart only indicated width OR height, Use "Keep Properties" or "Aspect Lock" to size files.

Happy Birthday to You Kit
party_hat.svg 11.40w floral print
Cuddly Animals SVG Collection (Bunny)
body.svg 11.00h ivory
pink.svg 11.00h pink
eyes.svg .85w dark brown
3D Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit (Extras Folder)
6.svg 1.50w blue/teal
6.svg 1.25w
6.svg 1.00w
3D Bow - Free Download
bow.svg 4.275w light blue polka dot
bow.svg 4.20w light blue polka dot
Spring Bunnies SVG Collection (Tulip Bunny)
pink.svg 11.00h dark/light pink
green.svg 11.00h dark green


  • Cut and assemble the party hat. This will be the ’body’ of the bunny.
  • Open body.svg and size. ’break apart’ and remove the ’body’. Cut everything but the arms.
  • Weld a rectangle to the bunny arms that is about 3-4” wide and 1.20” tall. This will make the arms longer so they can stick out a bit.
  • Cut the bows, flowers (6.svg), and tulips. Set aside.
  • Assemble the bunny face and adhere a bow. It looks cute to curve the ’tall’ ear a little! Adhere to the top of the party hat.
  • Using a craft kife, cut slits on the side of the party hat. This will be where you slide the arms in.
  • Adhere tulips and bow to bunny’s arm. The ’tails’ on the bow were hand cut.
  • For the legs, you will cut two strips 10.50” wide and 1.25” high. Accordion fold these every .50”. Adhere feet and then adhere to the inside of the hat.

Design Tips

Tamara Tripodi - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • When using white on white cardstock (or any ’light’ colors) I like to ink my edges a bit to add some contrast some everything doesn’t ’blend’.
  • Have fun making a ’family’ of bunnies.. a boy and girl, etc. The bow would be cute for a bow tie!
  • Use foam adhesive to layer facial features and tulips for dimension.

I hope you enjoyed my cute little decor piece and it puts you in the mood for some fun spring crafting! This will look darling on a fireplace, shelf, etc! Try to use other animals as well! See ya next time!


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