Attic Treasures SVG Kit

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SVG Kit Description

Create brand-new paper projects that capture the fun of rummaging through a family attic, discovering old treasures.  Create both cards, the Antique Book, the Curio Shelf and the 12x12 Scrapbook Page!  Decorate the Curio Shelf with as many or as few photos as you'd like and have fun adding kitschy little knick-knacks to the shelves.  Or get creative and make it with a modern twist, or give it a holiday theme.  It makes an adorable decoration and a fabulously special gift!  Best of all, you can use your cutting machine to cut photos for each project to the perfect size.  We've included templates that make it super easy to have your photos cut exactly where you want to on the picture itself, framing people and faces perfectly.

Dimensions: Cards measure 3 x 5.5" and 4 x 8". Book measures 5 x 5.5 x 1.3", Scrapbook Page measures 12 x 12, and Curio Shelf measures 7.5 x 4 x 1".

Assembly Tutorial


SCAL2, SCAL3, ECAL, MTC, etc. Works with all cutting mat sizes, except for the cards' envelope, which is too large to fit on a 12x6 mat.

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