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Come March 31st, 2012, Facebook's all-new "Timeline" will be the default layout for all "fan" pages! We've heard mixed reviews from our community and we're here to put your concerns to rest and show you how cool "Timeline" really is!

As you have probably noticed, we've already converted to the new "Timeline" layout. Yes, we're embracing it! Initially (like everyone else), I was confused, but it only took a minute to figure out that it actually makes sense and will help keep our posts more prominent while still giving you the ability to see all of the content generated by our fans!

Where are the photos, videos and challenges?

Fig-A (Click)

Challenges, photo  and video galleries, events and other apps are at the top of the page now! (See Figure-A)  Under the old layout, these icons were tiny and barely noticeable! Our photos and challenges are so important to our community, why not make them more visible?!

Where did the fan posts go?

They didn't go anywhere! By default, the new "Timeline" prioritizes our content, but with two clicks of a mouse, you can see everyone's posts! Simply click on the drop-down located beneath the main header and select "Posts by Others" to see posts from the people in our community! (See Fig-B)

Fig-B, Fig -C (Click)

It's very simple and ensures that you don't miss any of our wonderful giveaways, promotions, products or design team projects! How many times have you kicked yourself for not getting a chance to enter to win a Sizzix eclips or a Big Shot? It usually happens because our posts get bumped down by fan posts. Those days are long gone!

In addition, we now have the ability to "pin" important posts so that they stay on top of our Facebook page. Next time we have a giveaway, you won't have to dig for it! We'll pin it and you'll be sure to see it!

I miss the old way!

You can still scroll through fan posts in a linear fashion! Simply click on the "See All" link next to the "Recent Posts by Others on SVGCuts" box! (See Fig-C) This will pop-up a window that displays recent posts in the good old way we are all familiar with! Cool right?

So it's not that big of a deal?

Nope! The new timeline moves around some icons, gives us a huge banner (which we love since we are so photo-centric) and ensures that you don't miss a beat! Unfortunately, we have no choice in the matter, but we can choose to embrace the change and realize that it's for the best!

See you on Facebook! ~ Leo

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