Baby Memoir Keepsake Stand by Thienly Azim

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It is just amazing what you can do by altering SVG files. If you’re not comfortable with welding, breaking apart/deleting/grouping or placing another file within your file, it's okay. For this project, I transformed a "crate" file from Caramel Apple Pie SVG kit into a bookcase stand, only by changing the width and height of the SVGs. I embellished it with baby items and added storage boxes at the bottom to create a little keepsake stand.

SVG Collections Used

Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit
Crush on You Boxes SVG Kit
Bundle of Joy SVG Kit
Little Sweet Peas SVG Collection

Supplies Used

AC Cardstock
Patterned paper (I used the Girl’s Paperie Vintage Whimsy collection)
Scotch Quick Dry Glue
Heat Glue Gun
Linen cord
Crinkled ribbon
Cotton lace
Pearl stickers (for shoes)
Wire hanger (or you can make one)
Ink for distressing


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to the dimensions shown below. If chart only indicated width OR height, Use "Keep Properties" or "Aspect Lock" to size files.

Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit (Crate)
crate_board.svg 10.80 " wide by 1.35" high (cut 2) greyish beige
10.50" wide by 1.35" high (cut 2) greyish beige
crate_bottom1.svg A) 4.18" wide by 1.60" high greyish beige
B) 4.18" wide by 2.30" high greyish beige
C) 4.18" wide by 3.00" high greyish beige
D) 4.18" wide by 3.70" high greyish beige
crate_bottom2.svg A) 4.18" wide by 2.18" high greyish beige
B) 4.18" wide by 3.10" high greyish beige
C) 4.18" wide by 4.04" high greyish beige
D) 4.18" wide by 4.97" high greyish beige
Crush on You Boxes SVG Kit (Hot Air Balloon Doorhanger)
box.svg 9.75" wide by 2.86" high patterned paper
Bundle of Joy SVG Kit (Baby Block Box)
letters_top.svg 2.40" wide patterned paper
box_top.svg 3.00" wide (cut 4) patterned paper
box_bottom.svg 3.00" wide (cut 4)
Bundle of Joy SVG Kit (Baby Shoe)
shoe.svg 3.00" wide (omit strap, cut 2) patterned paper
liner.svg 3.00" wide (cut 2) patterned paper
Little Sweet Peas SVG Collection
rattle_bottom.svg 0.75" wide patterned paper
Little Sweet Peas SVG Collection (Backgrounds)
background_hearts.svg 2.50" wide cream
Nora's Frame (Free SVG - Click Here)
noras_frame_bottom.svg 1.50" wide baby pink
noras_frame_top.svg 1.50" wide patterned paper
Nora's Romper (Free SVG - Click Here)
noras_romper_a.svg 1.76" wide patterned paper
noras_romper_b.svg 1.76" wide patterned paper


  1. Cut all the crate_board.svg pieces and assemble. The longer one is the diagonal board.
  2. Cut all the crate_bottom1.svg and crate_bottom2.svg pieces and assemble. The letters indicate which pieces should be glued together (same letters assemble together). It should form 4 shelves, all having the same width, but gets longer as it becomes bigger.
  3. Ink as necessary.
  4. Place the two boards (long and short) on the table as shown in the diagram. Important: Make sure that the bottom of the two boards line up – this is crucial in making sure it stands properly. Place the top shelf (smallest crate_bottom.svg) and make a faint pencil line on the crate_board.svg where it should be glued.
  5. Take a ruler and mark another line through the two crate_board.svg 1 7/8” down from the first line. Repeat again for another shelf 1 7/8” down, and another 1 7/8” down. There should be 4 lines marking where all the shelved should be placed. Refer to the diagram.
  6. Glue each of the crate_bottom.svg onto the crate_board.svg starting from the top.
  7. Adhere the last two crate_board.svg on the top to complete the stand.
  8. Cut all embellishments and glue them into place, except for the boxes. (The boxes at the bottom, when assembled will not glue perfectly (and this is because of the altered size) but will the bottom will be still closed. If this bothers you, you can cut another rectangle to cover the bottom.)

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Decide upon what theme the project is going to be. Is this going to be modern? Vintage? Retro? Pick papers that would suit your needs. Go through your crafty stash and pick out any embellishments that may fit your project. (You don’t need to use them all, but helps you focus on a style)
  • If you’re doing something different from my project – make a list of everything that you would want to incorporate into your project. It’s a good idea to keep each shelf to one or two items, you don’t want to clutter the look.
  • By inking the boards and the bottoms (shelves) it creates a distressed furniture look. If you use glossy or plain colored paper without inking, it will make it look more modern. I inked all the embellishment cuts as well. You can even emboss the boards which will give it a country style. I also inked the clothespin, too!
  • For attaching the cord onto the box, I reinforced the hole with an eyelet.

There’s so much you can do with this stand! It's totally customizable for any theme and occasion! You can even personalize the baby blocks to spell out a name. It would be so cute to hang up pennants and make it into a birthday stand up card. This is a really simple project to make and hope that I’ve got you thinking about "thinking outside the box" to create something totally different!

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