St. Patrick’s Day Explosion Box by Kristin Courtney

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Surprise someone this St. Patrick's Day by giving them an explosion box with a Pot o’ Gold inside! I filled mine with chocolatey goodness and attached a card to one of the sides! Give this project a try, it’s sure to bring you good luck and delight anyone!

SVG Collections Used

Explosion Box SVG Kit
Robins Return SVG Collection
My Happy Garden Hideaway SVG Collection
Party On Elm Street SVG Kit
Celtic Knots and Clovers SVG Collection
St. Patrick's Day Country Home SVG Collection
St. Patrick's Day Elements SVG Collection
Celtic Card SVG Kit
Lucky Day Bags and Boxes SVG Kit
Charm and Chance SVG Kit
Rainbow Free SVG

Supplies Used

American Crafts Cardstock
Gold Cardstock from Recollections
Green Shimmer Cardstock from Bazzil Basics
Sticky Gems
Foam Pop Dots
Cuttlebug for embossing
White Gel Pen


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to the dimensions shown below. If chart only indicated width OR height, Use "Keep Properties" or "Aspect Lock" to size files.

Explosion Box SVG Kit (Exterior Layer)
plain_exterior (break apart and keep only box part) 11.800" wide light blue
Explosion Box SVG Kit (Lid)
plain_lid (break apart and keep only lid part) 11.800" wide white
Robins Return SVG Collection
cloud_top (cut 4) 2.500" wide white
My Happy Garden Hideaway SVG Collection
grass (cut 4) 4.250" wide green
Party On Elm Street SVG Kit (Cauldron)
bottom 6.690" wide black
sides1 6.690" wide black
sides2 6.690" wide black
sides_top1 6.690" wide black
sides_top2 6.690" wide black
tabs 6.690" wide black
Celtic Knots and Clovers SVG Collection (Clovers)
3_bottom (cut 12) 0.850" wide green
St. Patrick's Day Country Home SVG Collection
button1botn (cut 4) 1.500" wide dark green
button1top (cut 4) 1.350" wide light green
St. Patrick's Day Elements SVG Collection
large frame 4.000" wide light green
large frame (blackout) 4.000" wide dark green
so damn lucky 2.000" wide gold
Celtic Card SVG Kit
clovers 1.656 " wide light green
darkgrn 3.750" wide dark green
text 2.920" wide gold
celticknot (cut 2) 4.000" wide green
celticknot (for outside top of box) 4.000" wide white
Lucky Day Bags and Boxes SVG Kit (Leprechaun Bag)
black 6.300" wide black
buckle 6.300" wide gold
clover 6.300" wide green
face 6.300" wide nude
hair 6.300" wide orange
hat 6.300" wide dark green
hat_band 6.300" wide light green
teeth 6.300" wide white
tongue 6.300" wide red
Charm and Chance SVG Kit (Lucky Shamrocks Card)
dark_green 6.750" wide green
gold 6.750" wide gold
kelly_green 6.750" wide dark green
light_green1 6.750" wide white
light_green2 6.750" wide green
Charm and Chance SVG Kit (Extras)
interior (cut 2 - flip one horizontal) 6.750" wide white
Rainbow Free SVG
green 4.500" wide green
light blue (break apart and make clouds white) 4.500" wide blue & white
orange 4.500" wide orange
red 4.500" wide red
yellow 4.500" wide yellow


  1. Cut out box bottom, core and fold.
  2. Cut out lid, score, fold and glue.
  3. Cut out clouds. Ink edges slightly with blue ink. Glue the big cloud on all 4 sides of lid. Pop out the smaller cloud with foam pop dots in front of the big one.
  4. Cut out grass and attach to the bottom of each side of box.
  5. Cut out cauldron pieces and assemble. Follow Mary’s video for help:
  6. Cut out 12 clovers. Add green sticky gems to the center of each. Attach the clovers to the 12 panels on the cauldron.
  7. Tie twine around the top of the cauldron and make small bow.
  8. Glue the cauldron to the center of box.
  9. Cut out button clovers and glue top and bottom together. Tie a green ribbon through the holes and make a bow. Attach these to the 4 sides on outside of box using pop dots.
  10. Cut white Celtic Knot and attach to top of outside lid.
  11. Cut pieces for rainbow and assemble. Attach it to the top of lid on top of Celtic Knot cutout using pop dots.
  12. Tie twine around the clouds and attach to rainbow using pop dots.
  13. Cut both green Celtic knot pieces and attach to insides of box opposite each other. Embellish the corners with green sticky gems.
  14. Cut pieces for Leprechaun. Ink edges and emboss if desired and assemble. Attach on top of green Celtic Knot using pop dots.
  15. Cut pieces for Lucky Shamrock Card, ink and emboss if desired and assemble. Tie twine around end of clover and add a button to the middle of card.
  16. Cut pieces for the ”So Damn Lucky” side. Ink edges if desired. Attach the top clover frame to the blackout background piece. Add gems.
  17. Cut pieces to the ”Luck O’ the Irish” side. Ink if desired, assemble and attach. Add gems and twine.

Design Tips

Kristin - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • If you like the look of white gel pen touches, don’t forget to add those to your cuts along the way.
  • Add gems to give it some sparkle.
  • Twine and little bows add some extra cuteness to the project.
  • Depending on the size of your foam pop dots and any extra embellishments you may add, you may want to size your cauldron just a little smaller. After everything I added, I could have sized mine smaller so when it is closed with the lid, my sides don’t slightly push out. Just keep that in mind when embellishing!
  • I kept my papers simple and stuck to white and 3 shades of green to keep it less busy looking since I knew there was going to be a lot going on inside. Embossing helps to add that little extra!
  • Fill up your pot of gold with gold coins! The receiver will feel Lucky to have received such a fun gift!

This would be a fun project to make for a variety of different holidays. Just change up the elements and the main surprise inside! Add an Easter basket filled with eggs for Easter or a tree inside for Christmas. Whatever you choose, there will always be a fun surprise inside!

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