Sizzix eclips Scoring Video Tutorial

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Sizzix eclips

The Sizzix eclips has a unique scoring feature that has the potential to give your projects a more polished look! Instead of cutting perforated score lines, you can tell the eCAL software to score these lines instead! The Sizzix eclips scores by "lightly" pressing the blade against the paper instead of cutting all the way through! It's a very delicate cut that doesn't penetrate through the paper, and the final result is wonderful!

In this video tutorial, you'll learn the following:

  • Importing SVG files
  • Viewing layers and sublayers
  • Showing and hiding layers
  • Selecting specific layers
  • Changing Cut Line Type (specifying if something should cut or score)
  • Deleting layer
  • Creating score lines using basic shapes
  • Changing Line Style
  • Editing Line Style
  • Specifying Dash and Gap values
  • Creating single-line score marks

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