Valentine Treat Box By Cheryl Becker

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I have never been one to use traditional colors for holidays, not even Valentine's Day. I love the shades of coral and turquoise together, so I took the drum from the Santa’s Visit SVG Kit and used it as a treat box. Never would have known it was a drum! I'd love to see your take on this project!

SVG Collections Used

Santa’s Visit SVG Kit
Be Mine Valentines SVG Collection
Valentines SVG Collection
Scalloped Shapes SVG Collection

Supplies Used

  • AC Cardstock
  • Designer Paper – Cosmo Cricket’s Clementine
  • Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
  • Dimensional foam adhesive
  • Twine
  • Stickles glitter glue
  • Lace
  • Pearls – self adhesive type
  • White gel pen
  • Peppermint patty candies


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to the dimensions shown below. If chart only indicated width OR height, Use "Keep Properties" or "Aspect Lock" to size files.

Santa's Visit SVG Kit
Drum (cut all pieces) 11.5 W Ivory
Valentines SVG Collection
winged.svg (snip off the wings) 3.4 W Light Coral
convbemine.svg (break apart, remove letters, then regroup what is left) 1.295 W Aqua
Be Mine Valentines SVG Collection (Be Mine Oval Valentine)
red.svg (Be Mine heart only) 7.130 W Light Coral
red.svg (Be Mine heart blackout, see instructions, this is for the centerpiece heart on the front.) 7.652 W Dark Coral
red.svg (Be Mine heart, blackout, for peppermint patty candy, as many as needed. 2 for each) 6.548 W Coral/Aqua
red.svg(Be Mine heart blackout, see instructions. These are for the tops of the peppermint patties.) 4.25 W Designer Papers
pink.svg (use small heart only, not the flourish. These are for the hearts layering around the top rim.) 7.101 Designer Papers
Scalloped Shapes SVG Collection (Scalloped Heart)
m.svg 3.1 W Designer Paper


  1. Cut all pieces for the drum. Assemble as shown by Mary’s video. I would suggest if you haven’t made one of these yet, to make sure and watch that. It is easy, though. Use adhesive back pearls for over the holes meant for brads on the bottom rim. Cover each hole. Attach lace around the bottom rim.
  2. For the hearts around the top rim, use the file from Valentines SVG Collection, red.svg. Snip off the wings, keeping only the heart. For the heart layered on the top of that, use the file pink.svg, using only the single small heart. Save the flourish for another project. Ink the edges of the hearts as it adds a nice touch. Space out over every other hole along the top rim that was meant for brads. You could use any heart shape svg you’d like, these are just the ones I chose because they are a bit longer and more narrow to go between those holes. Attach adhesive back pearls to the holes not covered by a heart.
  3. Cut the pieces for the centerpiece heart. The scalloped heart, the Be Mine heart, and the Be Mine heart/shadow blackout. Ink the edges. Assemble with dimensional adhesive. Attach to the rim on an angle. Refer to my photo if that helps.
  4. The paper pack from Cosmo Cricket, Clementine, came with a pattern that had some vintage feel images. I cut those out as they were just squares. If you don’t have that paper, or use something else, fill in with what you have or cut some different hearts. I used these around the bottom rim. Again, refer to my photo.
  5. For the candy, I used the heart from Be Mine Valentine collection in the oval card. I used black out to get a solid heart. Cut two for every peppermint patty you use. Ink the edges. I used my ATG gun to attach these to the candy piece.
  6. Cut the same heart out at. Ink the edges. Use a foam dimensional to layer on the previous heart. I always use a white gel pen for accents, but you don’t have to. I also added Stickles glitter around the edges. Assemble the peppermint patty ”sandwiches”. Tie twine bows if desired to add to the top heart.
  7. Fill your box with some grass or other filler, or simply fill with different Valentine candies. Nestle you nice little peppermint patties on the top.

Design Tips

Cheryl Becker - SVGCuts Design Team

  1. Use papers from one collection, as they are designed to coordinate. Choose solid papers that match your designer papers.
  2. Take time to ink the edges, it really does make a difference. If desired, you can use your embossing folders as well. I did not use mine on this project.
  3. I love using my white gel pen. It’s just a look I like. You may or may not choose to do this. Me? I can’t leave it off!
  4. Fibers and laces always add a nice touch, especially for Valentines Day.
  5. REALLY take your time putting the drum together. The neater you do this part, the nicer the finished project looks. Watch Mary’s video if that helps, and it will help. She does a great job on her instructions.
  6. I used the same heart for several things. Referring to the chart will tell which size I used for which item. I would suggest doing all of one thing at a time. Do all the peppermint patties. Then do the centerpiece image and you will be finished with that particular heart. As I stated earlier, you can use whatever heart you would like for this project. If you refer to my photo, you should be able to see where I used what.
  7. Make this your own. Use your favorite colors, textures, and embellishments. Most of all, have fun crafting!

I love versatile containers! This drum is one of those, as is the pumpkin file. By changing up the papers and adding occasion-specific images, it will look totally different every time you make one. I hope you will give this a try. What a nice gift to give someone filled with their favorite sweet treat to let them know how much you love them. Happy crafting!


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