Asian Theme Lantern By Fleurette F Bloom

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I have always been drawn to the beauty of Asia. That’s what compelled me to design this paper lantern that is fun to make for Chinese New Year, to beautify your home or give as a gift. I gave this lantern the delicacy of Cherry Blossoms and butterflies with the strength of the dragon and tiger (yin and yang). I also incorporated delicate Asian designs. It’s fun, simple and beautiful.

SVG Collections Used

Chinese New Year SVG Kit
Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit
Breezy Meadow Butterflies SVG Collection
Cherry Blossoms Mini SVG Collection

Supplies Used

  • Card Stock
  • Copy Paper or Velum
  • Gold wire hanger
  • Wire cutters
  • Paper Glue
  • Optional – Copic Marker (R20 Light Pink) (YR12 Yellow Orange) (0-S Copic Sketch Marker Colorless Blender) You can substitute ink if you prefer.


Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit Size Paper Color
lantern1.svg (oak leaf lantern, extras) (cut 1) 11.784 W x 10.925 "H Asian themed paper
lantern2.svg (oak leaf lantern, extras) (cut 1) 10.211"W x 11.73"H Asian Themed paper
velum1.svg (cut 1) overlay dragon and symbol as seen in screen shot 10.750"W x 3.866"H Gold
velum2.svg (cut 1) overlay tier as seen in screen shot 10.750"W x 3.866"H Gold
velum2.svg (cut 3) 11.750"W x 4.226"H Copy paper
Chinese New Year SVG Kit
(these pieces will be overlayed on the lantern pieces as shown in the screen shot)
dragon_bottom.svg (dragon note card)(cut one into small velum1.svg as shown in screen shot) 3.500"W x 2.828"H cut into the above gold paper
dragon_top.svg (dragon note card) (break apart and overlay elements shown in screen shot) 3.500"W x 2.828"H cut into the above gold paper
Symbol.svg (extras) (break apart and overlay pieces as shown in screen shot) 2.500"W x 2.500"H cut into the above gold paper
Orange_parts.svg (tiger treat bag) (overlay on one of the cut into the above gold paper
white_parts.svg (tiger treat bag)(break apart and overlay as shown in screen shot) 8.400"W x 1.529"H cut into the above gold paper
Breezy Meadow Butterflies SVG Collection
9_bot.svg ( Cut 3) 1.930"W x 1.758"H blue
9_top.svg (Cut 3) 1.930"W x 1.758"H pink white polkadot
Cherry Blossoms Mini SVG Collection
petals.svg (3D sakura) (cut 48) 1.500"W x 1.451"H pink and white polkadot


  1. In Ecal or Scal overlay your Asian designs from the Chinese New Year SVG Kit on top of velum.svg file. To do this, you will need to break them apart, select the pieces you want to use, than lay them on top of the window sections. (See Diagram)
  2. Cut all your files
  3. Glue the cut out window sections (gold paper) to the larger window sections (copy paper or velum).
  4. Assemble lantern as shown in Mary’s video ”Crisp Days Of Fall” the only difference will be the way you attach the window sections. Attach them on the outside rather than the inside. This will give you a nice white boarder around the edge. (I used copy paper for the window/velum sections, because I felt it gives it a true paper lantern look and you don’t have to make a special trip to the craft store for velum).
  5. Using your Copic markers or ink the sides of the lantern, window designs, flowers and butterflies to give added dimension.
  6. Curl your flowers – there is a great video demo by Mary on 3D flowers that gives great tips.
  7. Glue on your Cherry Blossom flowers, to the top of the lantern, draping and overlapping them for a 3D look.
  8. Glue your butterflies together, remember to only glue the center body section to give them a fluttery look. then glue them on.
  9. Wire Hanger – Use the bottom section of your gold wire hanger, you can cut it with wire cutters or just bend it back and forth a few times and it will give a nice clean break. Then bend to fit your lantern. (You could also use any wire you like)
  10. Insert your battery powerd L.E.D light and enjoy. ☺

Design Tips

Fleurette - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  1. Use double sided paper on the flowers and butterflies, so the underside is just as pretty as the topside.
  2. I love using the Copic markers to edge my projects, as opposed to ink because, I have so much more control, it’s just so much easier (using the Copic blender on top of the marker, will really give it a beautiful blended look).
  3. I like to use copy paper instead of velum, because I always have it on hand and the light glows nicely thru it.
  4. I used Asian digital papers that I found at (Garden of Hope Art Papers for the body of the lantern (village scene), Garden of Hope Papers for the butterflies (blue with touches of pink) and (gold) for the window sections. I brightened these up in Photoshop.
  5. I used Digital paper from for the Cherry blossoms (Vintage Findings – Pink Paris Digital Papers By Jen Allyson) Pink polka-dot pattern.
  6. Using the digital papers gives you complete control over color and hue along with the ability to make any paper double sided.

The SVGCuts “Crisp Days Of Fall” lantern lends itself to so many creative themes. It makes a great gift or just a beautiful piece to add to your home. I hope you enjoy creating this Asian themed lantern as much as I did. If you make one, I would love to see it. Share it on the SVGcuts facebook page. Open your mind, be creative and have fun!

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