Santa Treat Cone By Fleurette F Bloom

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Santa Clause is coming to town! Here is a fun way give some treats, ornaments or both. Hang this fun and whimsical treat cone on the wall, doorknob or on your tree! Also makes a great gift! It’s fun to make and share!

SVG Collections Used

Party On Elm Street SVG Kit
Santa’s Visit SVG Kit
Merry and Bright SVG Kit
Breezy Meadow Butterflies SVG Collection

Supplies Used

  • Card Stock
  • Paper Glue
  • Silver Wire
  • Pliers
  • Wired Ribbon
  • Black Marker
  • Spray Glitter (Optional) – I used Krylon Glitter Blast – Diamond Dust (available at Hobby Lobby and most craft stores
  • Embossing Machine and folder (I used Cuttlebug – Floral Fantsy)
  • Ink (optional) for added interest


Party On Elm Street (Treat cone)
Cone.svg (cut 1) 11.118"W x 8.427"H Light Dusty Grey Blue
boo_background.svg (cut 1) *place 3 snowflake_top.svg, as seen in photos before cutting (dimensions below) 7.362"W x 11.034"H Medium Dusty Blue
Merry and Bright SVG Kit (Joy Card) ( place 3 into boo_background.svg) 1.800"W x 1.175"H Medium Dusty Blue
Santa's Visit SVG Kit (Santa Card)
card_base.svg (cut 1) 9.000"W x 5.404"H Red
cap.svg (cut1) 9.531"W x 2.696"H Red
cream.svg (cut 1) 9.537"W x 5.289"H White
skin.svg (cut 1) 9.526"W x 1.816"H Flesh tone
gown.svg (cut 1) 9.533"W x 2.802"H Crem and Tann Patterned Paper
white.svg (cut 1) 9.527"W x 2.607"H white
gloves.svg (cut 1) 9.526"W x 0.918"H Black
Breezy Meadow Butterflies SVG Collection
6_bot.svg (cut 15 ) 1.960"W x 1.488"H White


  1. In SCAL place the three snowflakes files onto the cone overlay (boo_background) file before cutting, refer to photos of Santa cone for placement.
  2. Cut all pieces
  3. Emboss all Santa pieces (excluding face)
  4. Emboss all butterflies
  5. (optional) Ink cut pieces for added dimension and interest.
  6. Glue Santa card_base together – since we will not be using it as a card (this will make it stronger).
  7. Assemble Santa (you will not need the lantern base/glove piece) just glue the gloves on to the cuffs .
  8. Add eyes to Santa face with marker.
  9. Assemble Treat cone (with snowflake top accent piece).
  10. Glue finished Santa onto the back, inside, top section of the treat cone (approximately ½” down).
  11. Glue butterflies on all different angels, overlapping them, to form a rim around front and sides of cone, leaving back plain (see photos for placement) remember to keep your side holes open.
  12. Lay assembled “Santa Treat Cone” flat on a scrap piece of cardboard, in a well-ventilated area and spray with Glitter Blast. Use more glitter on the cone and butterflies and lightly spray over Santa. (This is optional, but really adds a delicate, beautiful sparkle.
  13. Let dry
  14. Cut 38” of silver wire
  15. Fold wire in half
  16. Twist wire loosely, to form a whimsical hanger (see photos).
  17. Bend a hook in each end of your wire, then slip into holes on sides of treat cone (to form hanger).
  18. Cut desired amount of ribbon and attach to wire, on one side.
  19. Curl ribbon around a pencil, for pin-curl look.
  20. Add treats, ornaments or whatever you like and enjoy!

Design Tips

Fleurette - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • For this project, I inked all my edges using a medium dusty blue, to keep the entire piece cohesive, plus this makes all your color papers work well together.
  • Embossing makes plain papers beautiful and interesting
  • Pick one embossing folder and use it for all your pieces, to give an elegant look.
  • I love the Krylon Glitter Blast – Diamond Dust, because it is colorless and will pick up the colors in the papers you use. Glitter Blast also gives it a very delicate sparkle.

I love creating things that I can share and give as gifts! I think this one fits the bill well. If you decide to make this or another version of this treat cone, please share a picture on the SVGCuts Facebook page, we would love to see. Happy crafting!

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