Letters to Santa Drop Box by Tamara Tripodi

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If you have children, you know how exciting it is for them to write their letters to Santa with a long list of fun stuff they want! Why not let them have their own personal drop box for all those letters? My kids write letters every other day it seems! And if you don’t have children that are still writing letters to Santa, then why not create this drop box as a decoration? Mine is on my fireplace and looks great! You can make it any ’style’ you want!

SVG Collections Used

A2 Lace Edged Cards SVG Collection
Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection
Christmas Morning SVG Collection
Robin’s Return SVG Collection
Santa’s Visit SVG Collection
"To Santa" Caption
Valentine’s mailboxes SVG Kit
3D Wintergreens SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • 9” round Styrofoam disc
  • 6” round Styrofoam disc (the one I got in more like 6.75”)
  • Styrofoam post or cardboard tube cut to 12” long
  • Craft wood spools
  • Canvas Corp stars
  • Dark brown buttons
  • Various fibers in blue and dark brown (Canvas Corp)
  • Paper twine in dark brown
  • Hot Glue
  • Black and cream gingham ribbon (May Arts)
  • Fake holly berries
  • Brads (Echo Park Paper)
  • Paper Collections, Echo Park Paper ’Seasons Greetings’ and DCWV ’Homemade Christmas’
  • Punkin’ Patch Stamps


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to the dimensions shown below. If chart only indicated width OR height, Use "Keep Properties" or "Aspect Lock" to size files.

Valentine Mailboxes SVG Kit (Basic drop box)
box1.svg 11.40w" red gingham print
box2.svg 11.40w" red gingham print
lid.svg 11.40w" green polka dot
bottom.svg 11.40w" solid red
Santa's Visit SVG Collection (Santa Card)
(extras folder) santa_base.svg 10.00w" red snowflake print
cap.svg 10.00w" brown polka dot
cream.svg 10.00w" cream snowflake print
gloves.svg 10.00w" drk. Brown
gown.svg 10.00w" green decorative print
lantern.svg 10.00w" light blue print
lantern_glow.svg 10.00w" light yellow
skin.svg 10.00w" tan/peach
white.svg 10.00w" white
3D Wintergreens SVG Kit (Poinsettia)
petals1.svg (cut 2 sets) 6.00w" deep red
petals1.svg 5.00w" deep red
petals2.svg (cut 2 sets) 6.00w" deep red
petals2.svg 5.00w" deep red
leaves.svg (cut 2 sets) 6.00w" green polka dot
leaves.svg 5.00w" green polka dot
3D Wintergreens SVG Kit (Holly and Berries)
holly.svg (cut 4) 3.00w" green pattern paper
holly.svg (cut 2) 2.00w" green pattern paper
Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection (Cookies Folder)
tree_green.svg (ungroup and size the tree) cut 6 6.50h" green
Christmas Morning SVG Collection (Ball)
bottom.svg 1.00w" striped
top.svg 1.00w" green
Christmas Morning SVG Collection (Dog)
red.svg 2.25w" red
cream.svg 2.25w" cream print
brown_light.svg 2.25w" light brown
brown_dark.svg 2.25w" drk. Brown
Christmas Morning SVG Collection (Drum)
base.svg 1.70w" drk.green
points.svg 1.70w" light green
rims.svg 1.70w" red print
sticks.svg 1.70w" gold
Christmas Morning SVG Collection (Jack)
jack.svg .70w" light teal blue
Christmas Morning SVG Collection (Nesting Doll - Santa)
red.svg 1.33w" red swirl print
robe.svg 1.33w" tan snowflake print
skin.svg 1.33w" peach/beige
white.svg 1.33w" white
Christmas Morning SVG Collection (Robot)
color1.svg 1.240w" lime green
color2.svg 1.240w" drk.brown
white.svg 1.240w" light grey (except for 'eyes' cut them white)
Christmas Morning SVG Collection (Teddy Soldier)
black.svg 1.533w" black
gold.svg 1.533w" gold
red.svg 1.533w" red print
teddy.svg 1.533w" brown
Christmas Morning SVG Collection (Top)
bottom.svg 1.396w" red print
top1.svg 1.396w" green pattern
top2.svg 1.396w" cream pattern
Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection
card_black.svg 2.75w" black
card_red.svg 2.75w" drk.red
card_yellow.svg 2.75w" gold
Robin's Return SVG Collection
ree_bottom.svg 4.00h" tan polka dot
A2 Lace Edged Cards SVG Collection
envelope.svg 8.167w" tan swirl print
"To Santa" Caption (Extras Folder)
to_santa_bottom.svg 3.00w" newsprint paper
to_santa_top.svg 3.00w" drk.red
Santa's Visit SVG Collection (Sleigh)
sleigh_face2.svg 11.50w" red print
accent_panels.svg 11.50w" tan polka dot
rail_accents.svg 11.50w" drk.brown


  1. Use a craft knife and ’trace’ a circle in a dark brown polka dot paper to fit over the top of your Styrofoam. Adhere. Cut strips in a green gingham paper to fit along the edges of the Styrofoam. Adhere. Then, adhere both Styrofoam discs together to look like ’stair steps.
  2. Cut your cardboard tube or Styrofoam tube (I would go for Styrofoam for sturdiness) to 12” long. Wrap a music paper pattern around and adhere with hot glue. I cut a little hold into the Styrofoam disc to help support it. With a good amount of hot glue, it will hold really well! Embellish with ribbon bow and button.
  3. Cut and assemble the drop box. Adhere to the top of the post with hot glue. Make sure the top of the post is cut straight or else it will tilt a bit. Embellish the drop box with envelope, caption, holly, brads, twig and cardinal.
  4. Using an eyelet setting tool, add dark brown eyelets to the canvas stars. (you can use paper, too!) Stamp with Punkin Patch Stamps. Use dark brown fiber and a button to embellish the drop box. Add a little dab of glue behind the stars to help secure them to the drop box if needed.
  5. Cut the ’cookie tree’ and score all 6 pieces down the center. trim the bottoms a bit so it’s a little more flat. Adhere back to back to create a 3D tree. Add white ink or use a snow writer to create ’frost’ or ’snow’. Adhere to the back of the Styrofoam discs and to the side of the post. This is for extra support.
  6. Cut the Santa. I used a fuzzy cream yarn on all the ’white’ pieces to give some texture. Looks great!
  7. Cut the sleigh and all the toys, poinsettias, holly, etc. and adhere in misc. spots around the base to create a toy scene. To get them to ’stand’ you will just use a little line of hot glue and hold it for a second to dry. The piece will stand freely and be pretty secure!
  8. I cut thin strips of paper and adhered them around wooden craft spools to look like rolls of ribbon. One of them is the ’nice list’. Add your kids names to personalize!
  9. Add touches of fiber bows, buttons and fake holly berries.

Design Tips

Tamara Tripodi - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • This piece is so fun with so much to look at and can become quite ’busy’ if you are not careful. Watch your placement with the toys and embellishments. Stagger the diecuts to give LOTS of dimension. Try not to ’cluster’ anything. When I made this, I cut most everything out before assembly and played with placement several times before I felt like it looked right.
  • I used a dark grey ink to add a ’vintage’ look. Rub in on most the light pieces.
  • Go for texture! I pulled in yarn, ribbon, wood buttons, different fibers, ’sugared’ fake berries and paper twine.
  • A handwritten list of names is a nice touch and personalizes it a bit.
  • Stamp on canvas! Yes, you can! It’s a lot of fun and I love the look of it! I used Memento black ink and it worked great!
  • Hot Glue is a must! This entire project was built with the help of sturdy hot glue! It’s quick and really keeps things in place.

I hope you just love this fun project! Make a dropbox for each child and have them decorate it for a fun family night! Look around your house for inspiration! My inspiration for this was my main Christmas tree, it matches it perfectly! How cute would this look sitting next to a matching Christmas tree? Play around with colors and patterns to fit your style. Most of all, have fun with it! If you give the drop box a go, I’d love for you to share on the SVG Cuts Facebook wall! Enjoy and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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