December Gifts SVG Kit

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SVG Kit Description

Give a gift they'll never forget!  Pack the Christmas Tree Explosion Box full of photos and fill the middle with candy for an incredible gift for grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, coaches, friends and parents!  When it's full of your photos, it becomes very special!  You also get four more containers, including two with see-through tops which can be used for any occasion.  Just use inexpensive page protectors from the office supply store for the clear plastic!  You can also make the adorable snowman container (his hat is the lid) and the festive chimney container.  How will you decorate it??

Making the Explosion Box?  Use as many photos as you want.  We used 26 for our project, which is the default/recommended number of photos, but you can use a bit more or a bit less if you'd like.  Best of all, let your machine cut the photos and decide exactly how you want them cropped!  Full instructions included in your download as well as right here in our how-to video!

Assembly Tutorial


Any software and cutting machine combination that cuts SVGs.  SCAL1 users cannot create the 3D items due to lots of score lines, which SCAL1 cannot cut (open paths).  Everything works on all mat sizes except for the Christmas Tree Explosion Box which is too large to fit on a 12x6 mat.

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