Snow'Mam Treat Box by Cheryl Becker

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Want a table piece that doubles as a goodie box? This cute Snow’Mam looks fabulous sitting on an end table, but wait, lift off the top section and the bottom is filled with treats! Who knew?

SVG Collections Used

Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit
Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection
Snowmen Village SVG Kit
3D Wintergreens SVG Kit
Basic Shapes Library
Holiday Traditions Stampables
Bonus SVG Files - Click Here To Download

Supplies Used


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to dimensions shown below with "Keep Proportions" checked in the Shape Properties window, unless otherwise noted.

Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit
Big Ghost Pumpkin (no stem) 5.0" wide White
Big Ghost Pumpkin (no stem) 7.0" wide White
Pumpkin wih lid (no stem) 9.0" wide White
3D Wintergreens SVG Kit (Holly and Berries)
holly.svg 5.0" wide Red Designer Paper
3D Wintergreens SVG Kit (Poinstsettia)
petals2.svg 6.32" wide Red Designer Paper
Basic Shapes Library
circle.svg (basic shapes library) 2.25" wide Green Designer Paper
circle.svg (basic shapes library) 3.5" wide Green Designer Paper
Snowmen Village SVG Kit (Mrs. Snowdrift)
nose.svg .50" wide Orange
Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection
branch (cut 2, flip one left to right) 3.037" wide Brown
rectangle.svg (basic shapes library, Uncheck .67" wide x .20" high Brown
"Keep Proportions", Cut 2, Refer to note for
instructions on this step)
Holiday Traditions Stampables
Have_yourself_merry.svg 2.5" wide White
Have_yourself_merry.svg (shadow .50, Uncheck 2.7" wide x 1.9" high Designer Paper
"Keep Proportions)
Bonus SVGs
hat_band.svg 7.8" wide Plaid pattern
skirt_bottom1.svg 9.4" wide Red
skirt_bottom2.svg 9.4" wide Red
skirt_top.svg 10.7" wide Plaid pattern
skirt_trim.svg 3.5" wide Green


  1. Cut all pieces for the pumpkins, embossing if desired, recommended though
  2. Assemble pumpkins, no stems! Watch Mary’s videos!
  3. Hot glue 5 inch pumpkin bottom to the top of 7 inch pumpkin. Note: Be sure they are lined up properly, can't undo it!
  4. Cut pieces for the skirt that are included as a download. These will be adhered to the lid part of the 9 inch pumpkin.When finished, you can hot glue the bottom of the 7 inch pumpkin to the top of the lid for the 9 inch pumpkin. Note: Be Sure things are centered and lined up correctly before hot gluing, you can't undo it!
  5. To create the arms (branches) I welded a tiny rectangle to the end of the branch. This little piece allows you to fold that back and glue to the 7 inch pumpkin. I cut two little circles and embossed those to glue over this little piece that folds back. It helps a bit to hide where you had to glue it.
  6. Tie twine to buttons for down the front. I used 4. Hot glue on.
  7. Cut components for the flower and holly. Add white gel pen dots and twine bow. Attach flower to hat (see step 8) with hot glue. For the holly, I cut the leaves apart and tucked in around the bottom lid, (see note 9).
  8. For the eyes I used a large glue dot on the back of the button and stuck short pieces of twine for the eye lashes. Attach with hot glue to the face.
  9. Ink the carrot nose, add white gel dots, adhere to the face.
  10. Gather up several different twines and floss and wrap around her neck several times till it looks like a nice sized scarf. Tie.
  11. Tie several little bows out of twine or floss and attach around the skirt layer in between sections.
  12. To make the hat, score the long strip/hat band right along the tiny tabs on both edges. Take your time gluing this around the 2.25 inch circle. Glue the end shut when you get that far. Lastly, glue the 3.5 inch circle to the opposite tabs, centering it as best you can. Decorate with white gel pen if desired.
  13. NOTE: I added the holly after I had glued the sections together. Easier to see where to put it.
  14. Cut Stampable and stamp with sentiment, or use your own. Attach twine for hanging over the branch/arm.

Design Tips

Cheryl Becker - SVGCuts Design Team

  • Take your time and assemble pumpkins following Mary’s video tutorials!
  • Emboss, ink, add white gel dot accents. All of these sort of things take your project to the next level.
  • Take your time, this may not be something you do in one sitting. If you go slowly, being as neat as possible, your project will turn out great!
  • Try to use Designer papers from one collection as they are meant to go well together.
  • Be creative, let your personality come through. This is where your paper choices can reflect your style.
  • Hot glue is the best way to attach one pumpkin to another. Just be sure you have them lined up nice and straight, you won’t have but a second or two, to move it around.

I had so much fun making this! I have used these pumpkin files so often and love them! Coming up with this idea may not have been my own as I’ve seen them around, but I tried to make it my own by having the bottom one open up to put snacks or goodies in. I hope you will give this a try as it would be a fantastic decor piece from year to year if you store is safely. Also, how much would someone love to get this from you as a gift?! Have fun paper crafting!

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