Cricut CraftRoom and SCAL

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Yes, you can use SCAL and CraftRoom after updating your firmware!

Provo Craft (the makers of the Cricut) recently finalized and released their new Cricut CraftRoom software. Based on customer feedback, as well as our own tests, we've discovered that a firmware update is required in order to use the new CraftRoom. In the email below, a Provo Craft representative states that updating the Cricut's firmware will prevent users from using their machines with Sure Cuts A Lot software. Update 2/6/2013: This article was published over 12 months ago and it is possible that updating to the latest firmware can result in losing the ability to use SCAL. We no longer test Cricut firmware so we cannot confirm that this information is accurate with the latest firmware updates from Cricut. The new Cricut CraftRoom comes in two flavors. The online version ONLY allows you to design and save files and does not allow you to cut. You'll need to install the LOCAL version of CraftRoom in order to cut. The first time we ran the new Cricut CraftRoom, the program informed us that our Cricut Expression would need to be updated from version 2.34 to 2.43 (our Cricut Personal also required updating) The firmware update took about 15 minutes to complete. Below is a screenshot of the process. To our surprise, both the Cricut Expression and the Cricut Personal still worked with Sure Cuts A Lot version 2.044 despite Provo Craft saying otherwise. Is it possible that Provo Craft can block you from using Sure Cuts A Lot with a future firmware update? Yes, from a technical standpoint, it is. Would they do that? We really cannot say. Our guess is that they wouldn't as it would lead to a HUGE amount of complaints! Check out the video below and see it for yourself!

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