Silhouette Cameo - Sure Cuts A Lot 3.011

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Sure Cuts A Lot 3.011 was released yesterday and with it came support for the Silhouette Cameo. By the way, it doesn't require jumping through a thousand hoops using the print method! This is a direct cut and only requires a few steps! It should only take you a few minutes, literally! Ready? Note: If you have SCAL 2, the upgrade to SCAL 3 is free! Click here to upgrade! 1. Visit CraftEdge's website download and install Sure Cuts A Lot version 3.011 or later! Be sure to close Sure Cuts A Lot before updating! 2. After updating to the latest version (3.011 or later), launch Sure Cuts A Lot. Click Cutter in the main toolbar and select My Cutter. 3. Select Silhouette SD/Cameo from the list of compatible cutting machines. 4. Place a test file on your mat and click Cut With Cutter. 5. Select Cameo from the Silhouette Model drop down menu and proceed with your cut. That's it!

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