Gothic Glam Haunted House by Tamara Tripodi

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Like a little bling? How ’bout a whole ’lotta bling! This Gothic Glam Haunted House has just the right amount of sparkle with a touch of spooky! This is sure to catch people’s attention as a decoration or party table centerpiece.

SVG Collections Used

Elmhurst Hollow SVG Kit
Gothic Flourishes SVG Collection
Halloween SVG Collection
Hazel’s Wicked Witch Crafts SVG Collection
Rosie’s Ribbon Strips SVG Collection
Spooky Silhouettes SVG Collection
Bella’s Halloween Strips SVG Collection

Supplies Used

  • Ultra fine glitter by Recollections
  • Solid black cardstock by Bazzil
  • Colored cardstock by American Crafts
  • Glue (hot and regular)
  • 20 gauge jewelry wire
  • Light and dark grey ink
  • Punkin’ Patch Stamps
  • Irock with clear crystals


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to the dimensions shown below. If chart only indicated width OR height, Use "Keep Properties" or "Aspect Lock" to size files.

Elmhurst Hollow SVG Kit
house_center_front.svg 5.50"w
house_center_left.svg 5.50"w
house_center_right.svg 5.50"w
house_center_back.svg 5.50"w
house_left.svg 11.00"w
house_right.svg 11.00"w
roof_trim.svg (only cut the two smaller sides) 11.00"w
chimney.svg 11.00"w
step.svg 11.00"w
(Extras folder) fence.svg 2.00"h
(Extras folder) bat_bottom.svg - Cut 2 1.50"w
(Extras folder) bat_bottom.svg - Cut 1 1.25"w
Halloween SVG Collection
tree.svg 8.50"h
tree.svg (weld two together) 6.60"h
Gothic Flourishes SVG Collection
window1.svg - Cut 2 .915"w x 1.835"h
window2_top.svg - Cut 2 1.819"w x 2.258"h
bat3.svg 1.812"w x 1.095"h
bat2.svg 2.469"w
bracket3.svg 3.295"w
window1.svg (weld two together) 1.050"w
flourish11.svg 2.06"w
window1.svg 1.00"w
window2_top.svg 1.957"w
flourish11.svg 2.050"w
candleabra.svg .785"w
chain.svg 6.677"w
Hazel's Wicked Witch Crafts SVG Collection
skull_top.svg 1.277"w
crow.svg 1.976"w
Rosie's Ribbon Strips SVG Collection
9.svg .75"h
8.svg .30"h
Bella's Halloween Strips SVG Collection (Extras folder - Jack O' Lanterns)
4.svg 1.25"h
5.svg 1.00"h
1.svg 1.00"h
3.svg 1.75"h
6.svg 1.15"h
7.svg 1.60"h
Spooky Silhouettes SVG Collection
ghost1.svg 3.00"w
ghost2.svg 3.00"w
Gothic Flourishes SVG Collection (for Jack o' Lantern stems)
flourish1.svg .75"h
flourish3.svg - Cut 2 .75"h
flourish2.svg .50"h
flourish7.svg - Cut 2 .886"w
Gothic Flourishes SVG Collection (chimney smoke)
flourish8.svg 2.00"h
flourish3.svg 1.25"h


  1. Open house_center_front.svg. Break apart and remove windows. Add window1.svg, break apart and remove the pieces that create the frame. You will want the outline only! Each new window will be sized to .915w x 1.835h. Rotate these slighty as shown on the example in SCAL.
  2. The ’frames’ for these windows will be cut from window2_top.svg sized to 1.819w x 2.258h. Cut two and add glitter. Adhere over the top once your vellum is added.
  3. Layer bat3.svg over the door as shown in my SCAL example. DO NOT WELD or it will not cut right.
  4. Open house_center_left.svg. Break apart and remove eyes.
  5. Add bat2.svg in place of the eyes.
  6. Open house_center_right.svg. Break apart and remove eyes. Open bracket3.svg and break apart. COPY and paste the ’window opening’ in place of the eyes as shown in my SCAL example.
  7. Cut bracket3.svg and glitter. Add over the window on house_center_right.svg after you add the vellum.
  8. Cut house_center_back and assemble the center of the house.
  9. Open house_left.svg. Break apart and remove the windows.
  10. Open skull_top.svg and resize to 1.277w. Rotate slightly and add to the side of the house. You will want to figure out your placement and then remove the outline so only the eye and nose cut out for the light to glow through. Cut skull_top.svg and glitter. Layer over the holes for the eye/nose to line them up after the vellum has been added.
  11. Open window1.svg and resize to 1.050w, break apart and only keep the outline as shown. Copy, paste so you have two. Weld these two together as shown in my SCAL example. Rotate slightly and add to the house_left.svg. DO NOT WELD THE WINDOWS TO THE HOUSE OR THEY WILL NOT CUT PROPERLY.
  12. Make two copies of the welded windows. You will use this to create a frame. With one copy of the welded windows, add a rounded shadow and set it to 2.00. Layer your other copy of the welded windows over it so when it cuts, it will have an ’opening’.
  13. Open flourish11.svg and size to 2.06w. Rotate and weld to the frame of the window as shown in my SCAL example. Cut the frame, add glitter and adhere it over the large window after you add vellum.
  14. Open house_right.svg. Break apart and remove windows.
  15. Open window1.svg and size to 1.00w. Remove the inner pieces that create the ’frame’ and just keep the outline as shown. Add this in place of the front ’jack-o-lantern’ window. Make a copy of this window and size down to .955w.
  16. Open window2_top.svg and size to 1.957w. Layer this with the window1.svg copy the you resized. This will create the frame as shown in my SCAL example. Add glitter to the frame and adhere to the house after the vellum has been added.
  17. Open flourish11.svg and resize to 2.050w. Rotate and add to the side as shown.
  18. Cut Candelabra. Adhere to the vellum in the window of the right side.
  19. Cut the chain and trim to fit behind the large window on the left side. Do this BEFORE adding vellum.
  20. Finish assembling the house.
  21. Open Rosie’s Ribbon strip 9.svg. Break apart and remove circles.Cut several ribbon strips at .75h. I think I used about 14? I didn’t add them to the back of the house. Only sides and front. Add glitter and layer them on the roof. You will need to trim these two fit.
  22. Cut 3 ribbon strips 8.svg at .30h and add glitter. These small ones will be used on the chimney.
  23. Trim to fit glittered rectangles for the roof.
  24. Add crow.svg to the roof. Helps to use hot glue.
  25. Cut two rectangles sized 11.00w x 5.00h. These will be the ’yard’.
  26. Cut the two rectangles size 11.00w x 5.00h. Then open the fence.svg file. Size to 2”h and cut six. Make a small score line to fold the bottoms of the fence under. Layer the folded fence part between the two rectangles. You will need to trim to fit your fence pieces. Leave an opening in the front and do NOT add any to the back behind the house or else you won’t be able to get the tealights in.
  27. Adhere the rectangles together. Then adhere the house to the ’yard’. Hot glue works best.
  28. Open the tree.svg file and size one to 8.50h. Cut and adhere to the back of the house. I cut two and trimmed off the branches on one and adhered to the other. Now, size the tree to 6.60h, make a copy and flip it. Weld the two trees back to back. This tree will go in the back right corner.
  29. Cut the ghosts, add white glitter and adhere to wires then around the house.
  30. Cut a circle at 4”. Glitter and adhere to the roof of the house. Add a few bats!
  31. Cut the jack o’ lanterns and glitter them. I also ’broke the apart’ and removed everything but the outline and then cut those in black and added them to the back of the jack o’ lanterns. Then cut the flourishes and adhere them as stems after glittering them. Adhere the finished jack o’ lanterns around the house.
  32. Cut the flourishes for the ’smoke’ and glitter. I used a light and dark silver. Adhere these with hot glue to keep them standing upright. I hand cut a little tombstone and used the ’Trick or Treat’ stamp from Punkin Patch Stamps.

Design Tips

Tamara Tripodi - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

1. Glitter is messy! Try to stick to one glitter color at a time and cut all your pieces first. or, just cheat and buy glitter paper! I think the look of hand glittering is awesome though!
2. I added light grey ink to look like fog to the ’ground’.
3. Ink and emboss the fence if you’d like!

I hope you give this one a try! It’s not as difficult as it may look, I promise! When designing this house I wanted to keep it fairly simple with solid black and only add glitter to everything that was not black. You can take this Elmhurst Hollow house and add a totally different feel to it with a couple modifications and lots of glitter! Enjoy!

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