Sinister Candelabra Decor by Thienly Azim

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Planning a Halloween party? Adore creepy table centerpieces? Or, do you just love anything Halloween? Well, this project is for you! This spooky candelabra is sure to frighten and impress your guests!

SVG Collections Used

Supplies Used

  • 7 sheets black glitter cardstock
  • 7 sheets black American Crafts cardstock
  • Paper clip or thick wire (used between the cuts to support the chandelier arms)
  • Acrylic Bead Drops (6 large, 12 small)
  • 8mm faceted plastic beads
  • Black wire (for stringing beads)
  • Crinkled Ribbon
  • Punch (to create a hole for the wires – I used a Crop-o-dile punch)
  • Acrylic Clear Spray
  • Scotch Quick-dry adhesive glue
  • Hot glue gun



Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Arrange all SVG files using x and y coordinates and then weld together. Cut the final welded Candelabra six times on black cardstock and six more times on glitter paper.

French Quarter Ironwork SVG Collection
flourish.svg 9.743" wide by 9.219" high (1.162, 0.313)
Gothic Flourishes SVG Collection
flourish1.svg 1.817" wide by 1.801" high (2.240, 4.004) flip side, (8.008, 4.004)
flourish3.svg 2.262" wide by 2.299" high (2.465, 1.374) flip side, (7.388, 1.374)
flourish 5.svg 3.286" wide by 3.702" high (0.290, 7.721) flip down and side, (8.504, 7.721)
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree SVG Collection
orn_bottom.svg 1.478" wide by 1.701" high (5.285, 3.745)
orn_bottom.svg 1.794" wide by 3.166" high (5.137, 4.517)
Birthday Elements SVG Collection
candle.svg 0.443" wide by 3.237" high (1.695, 3.612), (9.933, 3.612)
SCAL basic shapes
trapezoid (4th row, 2nd column) 0.770" wide by 0.385" high (1.533, 6.383), (9.782, 6.383)
semi-circle (3rd row, 6th column) 1.151" wide by 0.346" high (1.331, 6.744), (9.592, 6.744) both flip down

Candelabra Base

Free Candlestick SVG
candlestick.svg 4.009" wide by 6.780" high Cut 6 black cardstock, 6 glitter paper
SCAL basic shapes
circle 5.9" wide Cut 1 black glitter paper, 1 chipboard
Spooky Silhouettes SVG Collection
spider.svg 1.7" wide black glitter paper


  1. In SCAL2, using the dimensions and (x,y) coordinates given in the table, design a 2D candelabra.
  2. Cut 6 of the above in glitter cardstock and in regular cardstock. Cut the candlestick.svg – 6 in glitter and 6 in regular cardstock. Cut a circle from SCAL basic shapes in glitter and in chipboard as well.
  3. Acrylic spray ALL the glittered cuts 4 times.
  4. Glue straightened paper clip/thick wire to the backside of the glitter cardstock onto the arms of the chandelier (where the lower orn-bottom.svg welds onto the flourish.svg)
  5. Glue the black cardstock on the back of the glitter cardstock (the wire would be in between). The two layered paper gives a sturdier foundation.
  6. Glue all the candlestick black cardstock to the back of the glitter cardstock.
  7. Glue the candlestick piece to the main candelabra piece. A top portion will stick out of the sides – that’s okay. Make sure that all the candlestick cuts are glued right in the middle and in the exact location for all 6 pieces. (Match up the chandelier on top of one another to verify)
  8. Cut off the extra portion of the candlestick.
  9. Score down in the middle of each chandelier cut.
  10. Take the right side of one chandelier and glue to the left of another chandelier.
  11. Repeat until all the sides are glued together.
  12. Using a punch, make holes as per diagram (black outline circles)
  13. Hang down the beads (black circles) and acrylic drops (purple oval), using a black wire.
  14. Approximate the amount of wire that you would need around the candelabra by encircling the wires around the top of the chandelier, keeping in mind that each side will need to loop down a bit. (Cutting extra is better than being too short)
  15. Loop the wire around the first hole, secure the wire to that hole by twisting it a bit, and string the 8mm beads through it (number of beads per section is shown in the diagram) After each section, twist the wire around a bead to secure the wire into place. Repeat all sides. Do the lower loops. Cut off any extra wires.
  16. Glue the glittered circle cut to the chipboard, and adhere the candelabra base to the circle.

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • When cutting glitter cardstock on the Cricut, I found it best to use a regular blade with a depth of 6.
  • When beading, I found it best to hang the chandelier from the top using a bent hanger to prevent collapsing and weakening of the candelabra arms.
  • If there is a portion of the chandelier that seems weak or uneven, you can adjust the wires a bit to shape it better.
  • Adding a spider and cobweb to the candelabra adds to the creepiness of the décor.
  • Adding a ribbon at the base also brightens up the centerpiece as well.
  • Be creative – you can even add other flourishes to create your own candelabra. (Just make sure that the right/left side is the same distance from the middle and same height – otherwise, it won’t line up when gluing the pieces together)

Don’t be intimidated – it’s actually really simple to make once you've designed the candelabra (which I've already done for you!) Be patient, be gentle while you’re beading through it, and before you know it – you’ll have created a conversation piece. I hope that you give it a try!

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