Count Dracula's Coach by Fleurette F Bloom

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When I think of Halloween the Headless Horseman and Count Dracula come to mind.  I thought to myself, how fun it would be to make a project that incorporated both!  That’s how I came up with “Count Dracula’s Coach” a table decoration that you can fill with treats, using just a few files.

SVG Collections Used

Bundle of Joy SVG Kit
Gothic Flourishes SVG Collection
Halloween SVG Collection
Monster Mash SVG Collection

Supplies Used

  • Paper
  • Markers
  • Twine (22” Black)
  • 20 Pop dots
  • Glue


Bundle of Joy SVG Kit
bag.svg (cut 1) 11.000" W X 9.161" H Black
hood.svg (cut 1) 9.200" W X 4.253"H Red
wheels1.svg (cut 1 set) 9.200" W X 2.173"H Purple
Gothic Flourishes SVG Collection
healess_horsman.svg (Cut 6) 6.500" W X 6.914" H Black
jack_o_lantern.svg (Cut 2) 1.500" W X 1.178" H Orange
bat4_bottom.svg (cut 2) 2.000" W X 1.195" H Purple
bat4_top.svg (cut 2) 2.000" W Black
Halloween SVG Collection
skelletons.svg (cut 2) 8.514" W X 4.385" H White
Monster Mash SVG Collection
eye.svg (weld 1 eye to each side of chalice) or cut 4 2.224" W X 1.384" H Yellow
chalice_top.svg (weld chalice between eyes) or cut 2 0.620" W X 1.184 Yellow
(if you weld the pieces together) cut 2


  1. Weld the files form Monster Mash collection.  Weld one eye to each side of the chalice_top (cup).  You could also cut all pieces separate and glue them together on the carriage, if you don’t want to bother with welding in SCAL.
  2. Cut all other files
  3. Assemble Baby Buggy Bag  (carriage) gluing all pieces together as shown in Mary’s video.  (Only difference is, glue the center in backwards, so the scalloped edge is at the lower front edge of the carriage)  This is optional but will give it a more horse drawn carriage look, rather than a baby buggy.  It takes a little more maneuvering, just be patient. Save the wheels, as we will glue these on later.
  4. Glue on Bat and your welded eye cup combination onto each side of the carriage.
  5. Glue your wheels onto the carriage
  6. Cut two of the skeletons, out of the group of skeletons, to be your drivers.  The one with his hand out works best to hold the reigns.  Use the other skeletons for other projects. (Or you could cut them out in SCAL if you do not want the extra ones)
  7. Glue your skeleton drivers into the carriage, one on each side, as seen in photos
  8. To assemble your Headless Horseman, you will use 20 Pop Dots.  Use 4 dots between each layer, sticking two Pop Dots together to give them more width.  Adhere one doubled up Pop dot between the horse’s shoulders, and one doubled up Pop dot at the rear thighs.  Continue building your layers. When you are finished you should have six layers, so it stands up. (You may need to maneuver the feet a bit to ensure it stands)
  9. Glue the pumpkin head onto the two outer sides of your completed horseman.
  10. Cut 22” of black twine, fold in half
  11. Glue U shaped end of twine onto your horse’s mouth forming the reigns, glue the other side into the driver’s hand.

Design Tips

Fleurette - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  1. Adding detail and shadow with markers can really make a project pop and add extra dimension.
  2. Have fun and create!

I hope you enjoy making Count Dracula’s Coach as much as I have!

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