S'mores Gift Package by Kristin Courtney

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Turn this cute milk carton into a yummy gift for someone special! Adding a window makes it even more fun to see the goodies inside. This would be a great hostess gift for that last summer BBQ or surprise your kids with a family night S'mores Party before they go back to school!  Whichever way you present this, it is going to be a hit!

SVG Collections Used

Spring Birdhouses SVG Kit
Breezy Backyard Lever Cards SVG Kit
Camping at Fox Ridge SVG Collection
S'mores (Freebie)
Gothic Flourish Tag (Freebie)
Slime (Freebie in Forum)

Supplies Used

  • AC Card stock
  • Foam Pop Dots
  • Glue
  • Twine
  • Ribbon
  • White Gel Pen
  • Hole Punch
  • Clear Window Sheets (Clear Acetate)
  • Ink Pad (brown)
  • Natural stick
  • S'more Ingredients for inside!


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used.

Spring Birdhouses SVG Kit (Large Milk Carton)
part 1.svg 8.500" x 10.873" white
part 2.svg 8.500" x 10.873" white
Breezy Backyard Lever Cards SVG Kit (Sweet Cupcake Card)
sweet_bottom.svg 2.557" x 0.906" dark brown
sweet_top.svg 2.415" x 0.765" cream
Camping at Fox Ridge SVG Collection
roasting_mm_bottom.svg (cut 2) 0.750" x 4.990" dark brown
roasting_mm_top.svg (cut 5) 0.770" x 0.879" cream
fire_bottom.svg 3.700" x 1.788" dark brown
fire_middle1.svg 3.229" x 3.313" orange
fire_middle2.svg 3.700" x 1.787" light brown
fire_top.svg 3.700" x 2.714" yellow
S'more (Freebie)
cheeks.svg 3.500" x 0.617" pink
graham_cracker.svg 3.500" x 2.521" light brown
chocolate.svg 3.500" X 1.663" dark brown
marshmallow.svg 3.500" x 2.914" cream
Gothic Flourish Tag (Freebie)
gothic_flourish_tag_bottom.svg 1.500" x 3.081" light brown
Slime (Freebie in Forum)
slime.svg (cut 4) 4.027" x 1.759" dark brown
Shapes Library in SCAL
square (this is used to cut a window) 3.250" x 3.250" n/a
rectangle (cut 2) 8.000" x 0.500" light brown


  1. Import the first svg (part1.svg) of the milk carton.
  2. From the shapes library, make a square (3.25").  Place this square inside the milk carton svg and center from the top down.  This part is going to be cut out, so you can have your see-through window.
  3. Cut out the other piece for the milk carton.
  4. Cut a piece of clear window sheet approx. 3.60" x 3.60"
  5. Attach the 2 pieces of the milk carton.  A piece of the tab will show through part of the window--just carefully use scissors or a craft knife to cut that part away.
  6. Tape or carefully glue the window sheet to the inside of the milk carton.
  7. Finish assembling and folding  the rest of milk carton.
  8. At the top of the carton, I punched 2 holes all the way through. You want to do this so you can use your ribbon or twine to keep closed.  You wouldn't want to glue, since you have to take ingredients in and out.
  9. Finish cutting and assembling all the other pieces. Do your inking on the edges, and white gel pen touches, if desired.
  10. I added some ribbon and wrapped it several times all around the box. Then I used foam pop dots to "pop out" the fire and marshmallows.
  11. The chocolate dripping is attached to the long rectangles.  I wanted it to look like chocolate dripping off a graham cracker.  Those are then attached to each side at the top of the carton. You will need to do some trimming here and there to make it all even.
  12. I had a little piece of chocolate drip left over , so I used that on the tag under the word "Sweet".
  13. I just added a little stick I found in my back yard, to give it that outdoor feel, through the top of the hole in the tag.

Design Tips

Kristin - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  1. Ink some of the edges on the marshmallows to give some dimension.
  2. Use different embellishments and ribbon or twine to give it lots of character.
  3. Use a white gel pen to add some highlights.
  4. Add a box of matches and some store-bought wooden sticks to the package.

There are so many different ways to use this milk carton and there is also a smaller version which would be perfect to use as individual place settings and/or gifts! If it is too hot outside to make a fire, use your stove!  It works perfect and it is fast!  Enjoy~


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