Tropical Friends SVG Collection

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SVG Kit Description:

Feel the warm breeze on your skin and take it easy with our adorable new Tropical Friends!  Perfect for making summer cards and gift bags or scrapbooking your vacation photos.  Make your girlfriend a flamingo card, or create a mermaid-themed birthday party for your special girl.  Create a beautiful hummingbird gift bag for your garden lover or scrapbook your photos of Sea World or the zoo.  Teach little ones the names of animals and make some refrigerator or door decorations.  You can even use the cute turtle and whale on baby projects.

You get everything pictured, including the toucan, the tropical fruity drink, the hummingbird, the seagull, the hibiscus, the three captions, the parrot, the coral, the sea turtle, the mermaid, the tropical fish, the pelican, the flamingo, the dolphin, the octopus, the shark, the orca, the whale, the walrus, the starfish, the sea anenome, the clownfish and the tropical flowers.  Pour yourself some coconut water and get creative this summer!



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