3D Letters SVG Kit

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SVG Kit Description

Now you can use your cutting machine to create custom word art for your home!  Create baby names and kids' names for childrens' rooms or create your last name for your family room.  Spell out any word to go with any theme in your kitchen or TV room.  Create "JOY" for Christmas or "BOO" for Halloween.

Spell out a team name for your favorite sports fan or create just one embellished letter representing your last name for your living room.  Spell out "HOP" for Easter and "LOVE" for Valentine's.  They also make fabulous gifts!  What word will you make first?

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Your download includes everything you need to make all 26 letters of the alphabet using any mat size!  Even 6x12 mat users can create up to 5.5" tall letters and 12x12 mat users can create letters up to 6.5" tall.  12x24 mat users can even create letters up to 11" tall if using 12x24 paper.  Letters shown in photos are 6.5" tall.

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