Kristin's Corner - Patriotic Peony Cottage

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Get ready for 4th of July! It's time to start decorating, well at least decorating this cute, little cottage! I love this little cottage and the decorating possibilities are endless, so I chose to go Patriotic!  Wouldn't this be cute to add to the food table to maybe hold rolled up napkins and plastic ware?

SVG Collections Used

Peony Cottage SVG Kit
Main Street USA Mega Pack
Uncle Sam's Extravaganza SVG Collection Part 1
Uncle Sam's Extravaganza SVG Collection Part 2


  • Solid Colored Cardstock from American Crafts - Get it at
  • Pattern Paper from BasicGrey
  • Rhinestone Stickers from Recollections
  • Strand Floss-White
  • Clear Window Sheets
  • Hot Glue
  • Ink


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to dimensions shown below with “Keep Proportions” checked in the Shape Properties window, unless otherwise noted.

Peony Cottage SVG Kit - (Peony Cottage Box) Size Paper Color
accents1_pattern.svg 6.00" W Pattern
accents2_solid.svg 8.00" W Blue
accents3_pattern.svg 6.00" W Pattern
accents4_solid.svg (I omitted the leaves) 4.00" W Pattern
house1.svg 10.3" W White
house2.svg 7.0" W White
house_face.svg 7.0" W White
porch.svg 3.0" W White
roof1.svg 10.3" W Red
roof2.svg 10.3" W Red
roof_accents.svg 6.5" W Pattern
roof_shingles.svg 7.0" W Pattern
window_frames.svg 5.0" W Red
Main Street USA Mega Pack (House Bag, Extras,12x12)
blue_2_999.svg (cut 5) 3.136" W Blue
red_0_765.svg (only used half circles) (cut5) .765" W Red
white_5_367.svg (only used half circles) (cut 5) 5.367" W White
Uncle Sam's Extravaganza SVG Collection Part 1
banner_top.svg 2.50" W White
banner_bot.svg 2.50" W Blue
star_top.svg (cut 2) 1.50" W Red
star_bot.svg (cut 2) 1.50" W Dark Red
st_top.svg (cut 2) .60" W Blue
st_bot.svg (cut 2) .60" W White
Uncle Sam's Extravaganza SVG Collection Part 2
swag_top.svg (cut 2) 1.50" W Red
swag_mid.svg (cut 2) 1.50" W Blue
swag_bot.svg (cut 2) 1.50" W White


  1. Cut 5 banners. One of the banners, cut 2 of the "swags" off and attach a piece to 2 of the other banners to make them longer.  These longer banners are hanging in the front on the house. The other 2 are on the side.
  2. I used Clear Window Sheets for my windows and "sandwiched" them in-between the paper and cardstock.  I wanted my house to have "real" windows. This also helps to keep anything from poking out the windows if you fill this up with goodies!

Kristin - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

Design Tips

  • I embossed the roof tiles with my Cuttlebug to add a little more dimension.
  • I inked a lot of the edges with either blue or a deep red ink. I love the look of inking!
  • For the bows, I just tied tiny bows and hot glued them to the ends of the banners.
  • Add little gems to give it some sparkle!

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