Kristin's Corner - Father's Day All-In-One Surprise

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Give Dad a fun, all-in-one, gift this Father's Day that includes a greeting card, goodies, and a gift card. I came up with this cute design that you can surprise Dad with by hanging on his door, knocking and running away! Won't he be surprised when he opens his door! Or set it on his tray with breakfast in bed!  This gift can either hang or sit by itself, it works great both ways.

SVG Collections Used

Panda Picnic Party SVG Collection
All About Dad SVG Kit
Pirate Birthday Party SVG Kit
Easter Morning Egg Hunt SVG Collection
Christmas Gift Bags and Boxes SVG Kit
SCAL Shapes Library


  • Solid cardstock (American Crafts) - Get it at
  • Silver Mirrored cardstock (bought at Joann's)
  • Patterned Paper (Making Memories-Kids)
  • Pop Dots-small
  • Hot Glue
  • Ink


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to dimensions shown below with “Keep Proportions” checked in the Shape Properties window, unless otherwise noted.

Panda Picnic Party SVG Collection
apron.svg (I cut 2 and glued together for added strength) 8.045" W White (bottom)/Patterned (top)
apron.svg (pocket only) (ungroup, then "Keep Proportions" unchecked) 4.00" W x 3.355" H Blue
spatula2.svg (BBQ Tools) .480" W Grey
tongs.svg .684" W Grey
oven_mitt.svg .750" W Red
paper_plate.svg .850" W White
mustard.svg 1.675" W white for card shape, red, yellow
All About Dad SVG Kit (Shirt and Tie Card)
dad_top.svg 2.654" W White
dad_bottom.svg 2.749" W Black
Pirate Birthday Party SVG Kit (Treasure Chest Favor Box)
box.svg 11.3" W Black
gold_accents.svg ("Keep Proportions" unchecked) 1.076" W x 3.200" H Silver Mirrored (cut 6 altogether)
Easter Morning Egg Hunt SVG Collection (Strips)
grass1.svg 5.365" W Green
Christmas Gift Bags and Boxes SVG Kit (Pillow Box)
box.svg 6.250" W Green
SCAL Shapes Library
square 2.00" W (cut 2) Black
circle .50" W (cut 4) Silver Mirrored
circle .25" W (cut 4) Silver Mirrored


  1. For the Apron -Import and size to 8.045"W. Break apart. Move pocket to the side, select apron and merge. I cut 2 of these out so it would be extra stable and then glued them together.  The back is white with the patterned paper on top. I wanted the pocket to be bigger, so this is why I sized it differently. (see size above)  When adding the pocket, only glue sides and bottom so you can slide the card in. I inked the edges of the apron & pocket all around.
  2. For the mustard/ketchup Card -Import mustard svg and size. Copy and paste another, slightly overlap the two lining them up, group them and then weld.  Copy and paste that grouping, flip, (It is important to flip the grouping!) slightly overlap, and then weld those together.  Just to give you an idea of the size...when all 4 mustard's are lined up, it should be approx. 6.569"W x 4.443"H. Score in half to make the card. Then cut a yellow and red and glue on top.  I added the sentiment and stamped Happy Father's Day inside.
  3. For the BBQ -Make the box using the treasure chest, just as it shows.  I scored the black 2” squares on two sides at ½”.  On one scored side, glue that to the inside edge of the box and repeat on the other side.  The 6 “gold accent” pieces are all stacked glued together to form a handle.  I put tiny pop dots on just the two ends of the handle; otherwise it would get in the way of closing the box tabs and I wanted the handle to stick out.  Glue the small circles on to the larger circles to form the knobs and glue into place.   Then I added the necessary “tools” to the BBQ shelves…mitt, tongs, spatula and paper plate!  I embossed the mitt with dots just to give it a little dimension.
  4. For the Grass Pillow Box –Add the grass strip to the straight edge of the box svg, overlap, and weld.  Score at the grass edge to make a clean fold up.  You can skip the welding part and just glue a separate grass strip on the edge of the box.

Kristin - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

Design Tips

  • I used hot glue to attach the BBQ to the pillow box and then attached the back of the BBQ to the front of the apron.  Hot glue insures it will hold very well.
  • I embossed with the Cuttlebug only on the mitt, just to give it a little more dimension.
  • I love inking around the edges of paper; I really think it gives it a nice touch.
  • Add a gift card to Dad’s favorite place inside the pillow box and put candies or nuts or some other goodie inside the BBQ!
  • Use the BBQ all by itself; it would make a cute decoration.  Or just use the Apron with the card and attach on top of a wrapped gift.

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