Amy's Corner - Gingerbread House

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Christmas in June? When the Peony Cottage SVG Kit came out Leo said he was doing a Halloween version and asked if any of the design team would like to create a Christmas version. I volunteered and must admit it was a bit hard to get into the holiday spirit at the end of May but once I jumped into the project I had a blast with it. I decided to do a Gingerbread version. It fits three cookie cutters perfectly. I also created a Gingerbread holder for a Gingerbread Cookie Recipe. If you would like to download the recipe here it is in PDF format.You could also include a gift card for a local kitchen store or even dinner out.

SVG Collections Used

Peony Cottage SVG Kit Winter Bliss SVG Collection Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection Give A Gift Card SVG Kit



Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to dimensions shown below with "Keep Proportions" checked in the Shape Properties window, unless otherwise noted.
Peony Cottage SVG Kit - Peony Cottage Box
house1.svg 10.300" w x 9.349" h brown
house2.svg 7.000" w x 6.642" h brown
house_face.svg 7.000" w x 7.413" h dark brown
roof1.svg 10.300" w x 9.084" h light brown
roof2.svg 10.300" w x 9.743" h light brown
roof_accents.svg 6.500" w x 2.861" h dark brown patterned paper
roof_shingles.svg 7.000" w x 5.302" h white
accents1_pattern.svg 6.000" w x 4.517" h dark brown patterned paper
accents2_solid.svg 8.000" w x 6.871" h dark brown
accents3_pattern.svg 6.000" w x 5.838" h striped
accents4_solid.svg (break apart & delete leaves) 4.000" w x 5.318" h red
window_frames.svg 5.000" w x 2.897" h brown
Winter Bliss SVG Collection
icicles_short.svg (cut 2) 1.310" w x 1.696" h white
star_circle_bottom.svg (cut 2) 1.256" w x 1.263" h red
star_circle_top.svg (cut 2) 1.240" w x .941" h white
Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection
peppermint_bottom.svg (cut 2) 2.329" w x .267" h white
peppermint_top.svg (cut 2) 2.329" w x .267" h red
Give A Gift Card SVG Kit (Gingerbread Man)
brown.svg 4.200" X 5.253" w brown
white.svg 4.202" X 1.066" w white


  1. Cut all the elements for the Cottage, ink and assemble. Please refer to the chart - there are few of the files you do not need for the Gingerbread house (porch.svg & flowers.svg). I would highly recommend you watch Mary's video when creating this - you can pause the video while you create.
  2. Cut the other holiday elements and adhere to the house.
  3. Cut the gift card holder and print the recipe card. I finished off the top with some twine.

Design Tips

Amy - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Ink the edges of all the elements.
  • Add embellishments to the SVGs.
  • I added twine to the house and recipe holder.
  • Add dimensional tape when adding peppermint sticks & circular elements to sides.
  • I embossed the shingles on the roof to add interest.
Get a jump on your holiday crafting and start now. If this nice weather outside does not get you motivated for holiday crafting then tuck this one away and pull it out before the holidays. - Amy

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