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With Teacher's Appreciation Week and the end of school year coming up, we (SVGCuts DT members) thought that it would be perfect to put together project ideas to get you thinking about making something special for your kid's teacher.  The teachers work so hard to teach and inspire your children, and it would be a kind gesture to show them how much you appreciate everything they do.  A simple thank you card or a little gift from the student (and parents) is so meaningful to the teachers, and will be something that they will cherish forever.  For my little project, I thought that it would adorable to make a card shaped like a teacher's desk. I used two armoires from Amelie's Accessories SVG Collection with a card on top!

SVG Collections Used

1.  Amelie's Accessories SVG Collection 2. Back to School SVG Collection


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used.  Size to the dimensions shown below with “Keep Proportions” checked in the Shape Properties window.
Amelie's Accessories SVG Collection (Camille's Armoire)
exterior_front.svg 5.558" wide (cut 2)
exterior_back.svg 5.558" wide (cut 2)
exterior_top_bottom 5.558" wide (cut 2)
drawer1.svg 5.951" wide (cut 2)
drawer2.svg 5.951" wide (cut 2)
drawer_bottoms.svg 5.951" wide (cut 2)
interior1.svg 5.951" wide (cut 2)
interior2.svg 5.951" wide (cut 2)
Back to School SVG Collection
handwriting.svg 6.19" wide white
award_top.svg 1.56" wide yellow
award_bottom.svg 1.56" wide green
a_plus.svg 1.46" wide red
compo_bk_top.svg 1.53" wide black
compo_bk_bottom.svg 1.53" wide white
glue_top.svg 0.74" wide white
glue_bottom.svg 0.74" wide orange
calc_top.svg 0.92" wide grey
calc_mid.svg 0.92" wide green
calc_bot.svg 0.92" wide dark grey
books_top.svg 1.75" wide green
books_mid1.svg 1.75" wide yellow
books_mid2.svg 1.75" wide grey
books_bottom.svg 1.75" wide white
chalkboard_frame.svg 3.42" wide white
chalkboard_gray.svg 3.42" wide patterned lined paper
lunchbox_red.svg 1.69" wide red
lunchbox_white.svg 1.69" wide white
lunchbox_green.svg 1.71" wide green
ruler_top.svg 2.11" wide yellow
ruler_bottom.svg 2.11" wide grey
scissors.svg 0.99" wide grey
apple_top.svg 0.86" wide red
apple_mid.svg 0.86" wide green
apple_bot.svg 0.86" wide white


1.  Cut all pieces required for the armoire and assemble as shown in Mary's video. 2.  Cut cardboard (8" x 4") and cardstock (8" x 8").  Fold the cardstock in half, and make a card. Adhere all necessary cuts onto the card. The inside note area is 7" x 3" rectangle. 3.  Adhere the card to the cardboard, and then adhere that to the two armoires, such that each armoire is supporting the end of the card.

Design Tips

Thienly - Former SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • I used wood patterned paper to give wooden furniture look.  You could even use silver cardstock if you want the metal desk look.
  • I inked the edges, which adds to the "used" table look and also hides the white core of the patterned paper.
  • Instead of using the drawer_pull.svg from the armoire collection, I punched a hole 0.75" apart on the drawer face and used twine to create the drawer pull handle.
  • The "best teacher" stamp is from Studio G (Michaels) and was heat embossed with white embossing powder.
  • A ribbon was used to tie around the desk to hold the card in closed position.
This is a VERY simple project, but it is really cute!  For my desk, I added push pins, staples, clips in the drawers, and in the last one, I filled with a little treat to the teacher.  How special a teacher would feel to receive something like this!  I hope that you enjoyed my project and are willing to give it a try! - Thienly

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