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It's that time of year again! Teacher Appreciation day is coming up on May 3rd! Time to show those teacher's how much we appreciate them and what they do for our children! I came up with this little book cabinet that holds book goodie boxes! These are large enough for candy, giftcards, etc.

SVG Collections Used

1.  Big Boutique Boxes SVG Kit 2. Betty's Bags and Boxes II Collection 3. A2 Lace Edged Cards SVG Collection 4. Back to School SVG Collection 5. Stick Figure Families SVG Collection 6. Crafty Mice SVG Collection 7. December Doorhangers SVG Kit


Big Boutique Boxes SVG Kit (Rectangle)
lid_top.svg 3.50w x 4.50h various
box_sides.svg (see instructions) various
lid_top.svg (cut 2) 6.85w x 3.50h yellow
lid_top.svg 6.85w x 4.50 yellow
Big Boutique Boxes SVG Kit (Cube)
box_side.svg 4.039w x 5.144h yellow
A2 Lace Edged Cards SVG Collection
hearts_horiz_card_alt.svg 7.65w x 4.350h various
Stick Figure Families SVG Collection
socks.svg 2.00h grey
spot.svg 2.25h grey
Back to School SVG Collection
numbers.svg 3.900h pink
chalkboard_white.svg (see instructions) black
handwriting.svg 3.50w black
apple_bottom.svg 1.25w white
apple_mid.svg 1.25w brown
apple_top.svg 1.25w red
apple_bottom.svg .75w white
apple_mid.svg .75w green
apple_top.svg .75w red
school_yellow.svg 3.00w yellow
school_white.svg 3.00w white
school_blue.svg 3.00w blue
school_red.svg 3.00w red
p1.svg .319w yellow
p2.svg .319w tan
p3.svg .319w grey
p4.svg .319w pink
calc_bot.svg 1.50w grey
calc_mid.svg 1.50w white
calc_top.svg 1.50w blue
a_plus.svg 3.00w printed black
scissors.svg 1.00w grey
cray1.svg .371w various
cray2.svg .371w various
cray3.svg .371w various
glue_bottom.svg 1.00w orange
glue_top.svg 1.00w white
Crafty Mice SVG Collection
palette.svg 2.00w tan
palette_top.svg 2.00w various
pbrush_bristles_bottom.svg .263w off white
pbrush_handle_bottom.svg .263w red
pbrush_top.svg .263w brown
ruler_bottom.svg 4.50w black
ruler_top.svg 4.50w tan
Betty's Bags and Boxes II Collection
pointy_flap_bag.svg 6.650w light brown
December Doorhangers SVG Kit (extras)
box.svg 5.063w green polka dot
SCAL Shapes Library (basic)
rectangle (cut 4) 3.42w x 4.50h black
circle (cut 12) .80w green
rectangle (cut 5) 3.00w x 4.00h various
Fonts (Gungsuh)
Best 1.00h black
Ever 1.00h black
Teacher 3.849w black
Dog 1.00h grey
Fonts (Loved by the King)
Cat 1.00h grey


Note: ALL box files used need to be 'broken apart' before sizing! Size with 'keep proportions' UNCHECKED.
  1. You will start by creating the cabinet. Cut two lid files at 6.85w x 3.50h and one at 6.85w x 4.50h. The two 3.50h pieces are your top and bottom of the cabinet. The 4.50h piece is the back. You will need to cut the sides now. I have included a photo showing how I welded two side pieces. The sides are box_side.svg in the 'cube' folder in the Big Boutique Boxes SVG Collection. Make sure 'keep proportions' is unchecked and size two box_side.svg's to 4.039w x 5.144h. One of the files you will want to rotate clockise 4 times and layer them as shown in my example. 'Select all' and check 'weld'. Cut two of these. Score and adhere to the lid pieces to create the cabinet. I also cut additional lid pieces to layer to make the cabinet more sturdy!
  2. You will now create the cabinet doors. Cut four SCAL basic shape rectangles sized to 3.42w x 4.50h. You will have two 'tabs' left on the sides. This is what you will use to attach these 'doors'. You will sandwich the tab between two of the rectangle files. Make sure you line them up evenly! The red frame was created in SCAL by layering a smaller rectangle over the 3.42 x 4.50 piece so when it cut it created a window (Do NOT weld them, just layer!). I was going for a chalkboard look! Open and close the doors a few times to 'break them in'.
  3. Time to create the books! You will be working with the files from the Big Boutique Boxes RECTANGLE file. Open the lid_top.svg file and size to 3.00w x 4.50h. Open the box_sides.svg file. Break the files apart and make a duplicate of the longer and shorter side (so four sides total). Size the LONGER sides to 4.500h x 1.546w and the SHORTER sides to 3.440w x 1.546h. You will want to rotate the files and weld them as shown in my sample. Cut five of these and score and adhere the tabs. You now have the base of the book. To make the cover, cut your A2 Lace Edged Cards file as listed in the dimensions table. Score these at 3.20", then from that score line, score again at 1.25". Fold and wrap around the book base. If you're using a ribbon to tie them, make sure you sandwich it between the back cover and book base before adhering. To create the inside of the cover cut rectangles from your SCAL shapes library to 3.00w x 4.00h and adhere them to the inside of the cover and sandwich your ribbon between them. Now your books are done!
  4. Lastly, the pencil holder! Cut your December Doorhanger box.svg file as noted in the dimensions table. Score and adhere to the side. I centered mine and added a bow!
That's it! The base of your cabinet is complete and now you can decorate it!

Designer Tips

  • For the knobs I layered 6 circles and used a 3d foam adhesive to make them pop up! I embossed the top circle to give the knob some texture.
  • The 'A' on top of the cabinet is cut freehand from cardboard. A last minute add, but it came out cute and looks like a child could have done it!
  • Inking and embossing, as always!
  • The little lunch bag can also have a few pieces of candy or an eraser in it! It would be cute to write the child or teacher's name on it! I kept it closed with a piece of double sided tape.
  • I added glossy accents to the paint blobs and the 'glue'. I thought it looked really cute used as glue, we all know how messy kids are with it! I am pretty sure my 5 year old thinks it's lotion!
  • To help the text stand out a bit on the books I created a rounded shadow in SCAL in bright colors.

Products Used

Tamara Tripodi - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • ColorBox Ink
  • Pink by Design stamps
  • Stripe Ribbon from My Minds Eye
  • Ric rac trim from Joann's (only a buck for 6'!)
  • DCWV paper stacks Citrus, Blossom Song, Lemon Flower and Grade School
  • Solid cardstock is American Crafts - pumpkincartcrafts.com
Thank you so much for taking a look at my project! I truly hope it inspires you and gets you in the crafting mood to create something for you child(ren)'s teacher! if you giev this project a try, we'd love to see it on SVG Cuts Facebook page! Happy crafting, friends! --Tamara

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