Amy's Corner - Teacher Shadow Box

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Let your favorite teacher know that you think he or she ROCKS! This shadow box collage is 10" wide x 8" high. I got the frame at Michaels in a 3 pack. My son is so excited to give this to his Kindergarten teacher. Give it a try - would make a really cute card too or a decoration on a gift box or bag.

SVG Collections Used

Back to School SVG Collection Rosie's Ribbon Strips SVG Collection Birthday Elements SVG Collection Guy Cards SVG Collection Jonathan's Bears SVG Collection


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to the dimensions shown below.
Back to School SVG Collection
numbers.svg (Cut 4 Times) 2.472" w x 1.424" gold
p1.svg 6.458" w x 0.608" h gold
p3.svg 2.585" w x 0.6.08" h gray
p4.svg 1.646" w x 0.608" h pink
Rosie's Ribbon Strips SVG Collection
7.svg 10.247" w x 1.139" h gray
4.svg 10.247" w x 1.296" h gray
Birthday Elements SVG Collection
pennantstop.svg 7.205" w x 3.251" h red
pennantsbot.svg 7.205" w x 3.251" h light blue
Guy Cards SVG Collection (Just Cuz You Rock Card)
you_rock.svg (Do not need the first Y & O) 2.521" w x 1.483" h gray
Jonathan's Bears SVG Collection (Super Bear)
body.svg 3.859" w x 5.415" h brown
brown.svg 0.426" w x 5.354" h dark blue
cape.svg 2.037" w x 5.363" h gold
circle.svg 1.080" w x 5.351" h gray
leotard.svg 1.794" w x 5.351" h dark blue
mask.svg 1.504" w x 5.353" h dark blue
star.svg 0.870" w x 5.352" h gold


Amy - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  1. Apply 10 x 8 paper to base of shadow box frame.
  2. Cut the pencil shapes, assemble, ink, hand write the teacher's name & "No. 1" and apply.
  3. Cut all the U ROCK Banner elements and assemble. I put foam tape under the letters. I also put foam tape under the banners.
  4. Cut borders, add twine or ribbon and apply to the shadow box.
  5. Cut and add the numbers.
  6. Cut, assemble, ink and apply bear. I embossed some of the pieces and made this suit match our school colors.
  7. Add the buttons. I used foam tape under them to add dimension.
Make your Teacher's Day and Happy Crafting! - Amy 

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