Cut The Craft - Provo Craft Vs Craft Edge & Beta Testing

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With so much going on in the world of personal cutting machines, we are up to our heads with news and information! Instead of writing everything out (BORING), we've decided to present the information in the form of a  podcast / internet radio show.

I discuss the recent Provo Craft lawsuit and how it may impact users of Sure Cuts A Lot software. I also discuss the progress we are making with machine beta testing (Silhouette SD, eCraft by Craftwell, and the Lynx by Black Cat). I also answer various questions from our fans and customers.

The first episode of Cut The Craft was not broadcast live, but that may change depending on the feedback we get. We have lots of cool ideas floating around and hope that we are able to bring them to life! Here are just a few of them;

  • Interviews with crafters, bloggers, craft celebrities and companies
  • Product reviews (cutting machines, paper, embellishments etc)

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