How to Make a Card for a Man - DOs and Don'ts

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These masculine cards are from our SVG Kit simply called "Guy Cards."  I used paper by BasicGrey called the Oliver Collection Pack and some coordinating AC Cardstock from (the Earth Tones pack).  But it got me to thinking...  Just what IS it that makes a guy card?  We get this question ALL the time - "Are you guys going to come out with some more 'guy' designs?" Making a card for a man or a teenage boy can be difficult.  You feel restricted from using all your favorite pretty papers, flowers and butterflies, and your ribbons, bows, bling and pearls.  You know exactly what NOT to use, but you're left feeling like you have nothing TO use.  What's a crafty cardmaker to do?


Mary's Dos and Don'ts for Making any Masculine Card

Some of these tips are no-brainers, but I think we can all use all the help we can get with guy projects!
  • DO use a bold pattern as a focal point.
  • DO use Earth tones, neutrals, blues, greens and orange.
  • DO keep your embossing, patterns and embellishments minimal.  Let the design speak for itself.
  • Don't use too many bold patterns.  One very bold pattern or two semi-bold patterns are perfect.  Any more than that and it will start to look too embellished and busy.
  • DO use word art as a focal point.
  • DO feel free to use semi-frilly fonts for your word art sometimes.
  • Don't feel like you have to add a die cut or stamp of the man's interest (a sport or hobby or favorite item).  Just because you're taking away flowers and butterflies and bows doesn't mean you have to replace those objects with "man objects."
  • DO use dimension.  Layers lifted up by 3D Zots or pop dots look great.
  • DO add dimension to your letters by adding two to four more layers to them (cut them out three to five times and glue together to make thick letters).
  • DO use coordinating buttons and brads with matte and brushed or antiqued metallic finishes (nothing real shiny).
  • DO think "fashion."  Men's fashion.  Use patterns you might see on boxer shorts.  You can even use floral patterns, as long as they're not pink or purple or lacey.  If you do use a floral or "flourish-y" pattern, make sure the rest of your paper choices are subdued and mostly solid-colored.
  • DO use plaids and stripes.
  • DO ink the edges of your shapes.
  • DO choose straightforward embossing patterns for your solid-colored cardstock.
  • Don't make your card too busy, or it will not look masculine.
  • DO use flat, simple pieces of ribbon in subdued, coordinating colors.
  • Don't tie ribbons into bows and don't use ribbon that's ruffly, sparkly or overly textured.
  • Don't use pearls, glitter, bling or anything shiny.  Be careful with anything "stitched" which can start to look cutesy.
  • DO simplify your design if the occasion or relationship is more formal (i.e. a graduation card or a card for a colleague).
  • DO feel free to embellish your card a little more for a  casual occasion or relationship (i.e. a birthday card for your husband or your nephew).
  • Do simplify your design if the man's personality is more conservative.  Embellish your design a tad more if the man is super easygoing or not so conservative.
  • DO feel free to use pink and purple as an accent if you think you can pull it off.  (Think of men who can pull off a pink or purple shirt.)
  • Don't use sheer or see-through buttons, paper or ribbon.  (Again, think fashion.  There's really no masculine fashion that's sheer.)

Artist - Mary Rudakas

I hope that helps!  I spent the last few days pondering "man" designs and I think I've de-mystified it a bit!  If you make any guy cards or projects, DO share them with us in our SVGCuts forum or on our Facebook page!  Happy "man crafting!"  ~Mary  :) Buy this file

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