Thienly's Corner - Happy Spring Waterfall Card

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Spring is just around the corner, so I decided to enjoy the prettiest season early by making this card.  I used my new paper kit from Echo Park - Springtime (beautiful paper!), took the ever popular Waterfall Cards SVG Kit and of course, put my signature twist on them!

SVG Collections Used

1.  Waterfall Cards SVG Kit
2.  Robin's Return SVG Collection
3.  A2 Gatefold Cards and Envelope SVG Kit
4.  Sunny Weekend Purses SVG Kit
5.  3D Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit
6.  Moonlight Garden Party SVG Collection
7.  Strawberry Lane SVG Collection
8.  Lil Peeps SVG Collection


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used.  Size to the dimensions shown below with “Keep Proportions” checked in the Shape Properties window (unless otherwise noted)

Waterfall Cards SVG Kit (Cupcakes Card) *delete all cupcake elements
color1.svg 9.2" wide various cardstock
color2.svg 9.2" wide various cardstock
color3.svg 9.2" wide various cardstock
color4.svg (also delete the tag) 9.2" wide various cardstock
background.svg (delete frame) 9.2" wide raindrops patterned cardstock (replace frame with Shape Library rectangle below)
Robin's Return SVG Collection
bud_top.svg 1.11" wide dark pink
bud_middle.svg 1.11" wide light pink
bud_bottom.svg 1.11" wide tea green
tree_top.svg 2.35" wide tea green
tree_bottom.svg 2.35" wide (shadow pointy 0.1) brown
cloud_top.svg 1.73" wide white
cloud_bottom.svg 1.73" wide blue
nest_top.svg 1.70" wide white
nest_middle.svg 1.70" wide (shadow rounded 0.1) brown
nest_bottom.svg 1.70" wide light brown
scalloped shapes
cloudy_top.svg 3.75" wide (cut 2, but one mirror image) light blue, light pink
cloudy_bottom.svg 3.75" wide (cut 2, but one mirror image) light blue, light pink
cloudy_bottom.svg 3.5" wide by 1.9" high tea green
cloudy_bottom.svg 3.0" wide by 1.5" high white
eyelet_lace_thin.svg 7.25" wide (cut into two at 6th eyelet) light pink (shorter - front of card, long - inside of card)
robin3_bottom.svg (delete feather) 1.84" wide (shadow rounded 0.1)
A2 Gatefold Cards and Envelope SVG Kit
style5.svg 9.43" wide various cardstock
Sunny Weekend Purses SVG Kit (Lynnie's Purse)
butterfly.svg 1.5" wide
3D Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Collection (Extras)
16.svg cut 2 - 0.43" and 0.93" wide
Moonlight Garden Party SVG Collection
petals1.svg 1.2" wide (cut 2) dark pink
petals2.svg 1.2" wide bronze
Strawberry Lane SVG Collection
bike_top.svg 1.68" wide light brown
bike_bottom.svg 1.68" wide dark grey
branch_top.svg 3.3" wide tea green
branch_bottom.svg 3.3" wide dark brown
strip_short.svg 4.00" wide cream yellow
Lil Peeps SVG Collection (Rain Gear )
umbrella.svg 1.75" wide white and yellow stripe
handle.svg 1.75" wide dark brown
Free SVG - Spring Daffodil Flourish - 02.15.10
daffodil_flourish_top.svg 1.69" wide yellow
daffodil_flourish_middle.svg 1.69" wide white
daffodil_flourish_bottom.svg 1.69" wide tea green
Free SVG - Garden Boot - 07.01.09
boot_top_layer.svg 1.34" wide dark pink
boot_bottom_layer.svg 1.34" wide light pink
SCAL Shape Library
rectangle 4.23" wide by 5.5" high raindrops patterned cardstock


  1. Cut all pieces from Waterfall Cards SVG Kit (except for the background.svg), and trim off the streamers on the side of the squares.  Take the background.svg, break apart and delete the frame.  The two dots should only remain, and place them over the SCAL Shape Library rectangle at the location where it would've been on the original background frame.  Cut.
  2. Assemble the waterfall feature on the rectangle background.
  3. Cut A4 5.svg card and fold as trifold.
  4. Adhere the waterfall feature to the inside middle of the card.
  5. Attach a ribbon (I used double-sided adhesive) so that the ribbon runs from the front right edge (leaving enough to tie a bow) and around the back of the card only (again leaving enough on this side as well to tie a bow). Do not adhere to the inside middle flap.
  6. Cut the 2 scalloped shapes cloudy_bottom.svg and place them on the front of the card and the exact back, covering the ribbon.
  7. Cut rest of the files, adhere and embellish as your heart desire.

Design Tips

Thienly - Former SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Using the same paper collection and the matching colored cardstock keeps the project uniform and simple.  Be careful about over using the patterned cardstock - as fun as it may be to use every single patterned paper from the collection, keep in mind that it may get too busy!
  • For the strips, I wrinkled it up a little, put a double-sided adhesive to the card, and adhered it crumpled up in some areas to add to the "antique lace" look.
  • If ever you want to cut intricate cuts, but would be too thin for the size you want to cut, you can adjust in SCAL to mark as shadow but keep it to 0.1 and would be just enough to add some body to the thin portion (like I did here for the tree, the nest and the bird)
  • Waterfall feature can be placed anywhere, not just at the front as it was in the kit.  Use your creativity and make the waterfall portion into frames with pics in them, embellish with other SVGs to fit your theme or with sentiments/quotes.  Attach the waterfall card feature to the shaped cards, inside of the card like I did here, onto a cover of an album, or even onto a bag!  Endless possibilities!
  • (The "happy" stamp was from Fancy Pants "Doodles & Things" and "spring" was individual letters together.)

Hope that I was able to inspire you, and make you feel springy!  Happy Spring! - Thienly

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